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Monday, July 10, 2017

Wrap Garments

John Marine | 2:57 PM | |
(UPDATED: July 17, 2017)

Wrapped garments offer abounding amounts of appeal. Wrap blouses, skirts, and dresses are among many kinds of wrap garments that make wonderful outfits. This blog post will certainly appeal to you fans of various wrap garments. I am hopeful you get to enjoy this post and all wrap dresses, skirts, and blouses have to offer.

This topic is actually one of many topics I started to make a blog post about long ago, but never completed until now. So some of the material here may be a bit outdated.


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Wrap Garments

Various wrap garments allow for one to simply get in and out of while also being fashionable. As their name implies, you fasten these garments by wrapping them around your body. The level of comfort can be immense unless you feel they constrict your body to some degree. Most appealing to most wrap garments is the slimming effect and almost body-conscious appeal to them when worn. You can tell a wrap garment usually if you can spot a bow or something tied to try to keep the garment together. At least you can properly tie up a wrap garment to look hot while not feeling too risqué- unlike, for example... trying to wear a scarf as a top. So what you are getting with wrap garments is feminine and chic charm. All that remains is how to style certain wrap garments you wear. I'll leave that up to you fashionistas.

Wrap Garment Examples

If you see any items you like from the image sources, you are free to visit that site to shop for that item if it interests you.

Wrap Tops.

wrap top
^ from: - This is a top that has a wrap detail to it.

Any basic top with a wrap-front design offers anything ranging from flirty appeal to slimming appeal. Some wrap tops can range in style from casual to some night-out fashions. Dress some of them up with formal-type pants or skirts, or dress some of them down with denim jean bottoms. Some wrap tops can even be hot to wear for going to the nightclub or for some dates out on a hot day or hot night.

Wrap Blouses.

wrap blouse
^ from: A beautiful bow on a wrap blouse can do wonders for your figure and your style. This specific one is a plus size wrap blouse.

Nothing says sophisticated quite like a blouse. A wrap blouse offers classy (and sometimes sexy) chic for women who wear them. These are feminine tops that can nicely compliment any sort of bottoms ranging from pants and shorts to skirts. Many have some pretty designs and some pretty sleeve designs. Some even have a sleeveless or or even off-shoulder designs to them. Certainly the off-shoulder design is trendy in these warm weather times. So go ahead and snap up a wrap top of some kind to wear with your favorite bottoms.

Wrap Dresses.

wrap dress
^ from: Wrap dresses can be both elegant and beautiful.

Originally, this blog post was supposed to be about just wrap dresses and wrap skirts. But knowing me, I try to offer a full spectrum on a trend or style. There is still a lot to be desired in regards to wrap dresses. Any dress that makes a female feel like a princess or a fairy is surely worthy of love. That is even if the dress is a wrap dress. I personally find wrap dresses to be as beautiful as wrap blouses. Wrap dresses offer the charm of both a body-wrapping appeal while also being ridiculously easy breezy to wear. Some wrap dresses could also be good for semi-formal or even formal outings. They can also be a boon for date night or Girls Night Out outings. It is also possible to have wrap dresses as coverups for the beach. You can look stylish in a wrap dress before unwrapping it to show off your fine swimsuit. Either way, wrap dresses are things of beauty.

Wrap Skirts.

wrap skirt
^ from: Wrap skirts are as chic as wrap dresses, only you get more versatility with a skirt.

A wrap skirt can be just as fashionable as a wrap dress. Really, wrap skirts can be like more wearable sarongs (if you're familiar with beach/surf/resort fashion). Wrap skirts can either be fine casual pieces or coverups for beach style fashion. There are a number of styles and a number of ways to go with wrap skirts. So feel free to find yourself a stylish wrap skirt to suit your fashion needs.

Is that enough wrap inspiration for you? I tried to find some blogger examples of wrap garments, but I couldn't find a whole lot to make into a segment. So the next section features some final thoughts on wrap garments. Read on...

Wrap Garments: Final Thoughts

I actually love wrap dresses the most. The blog post was to originally be about wrap dresses and wrap skirts; but considering this is a very old topic I finally got around to completing, there aren't too many wrap garments I dislike. Wrap garments are completely feminine and charming. Some even can be on the sexy side with more daring styles and more body-hugging appeal. Unless you just make poor styling choices, you can't really do wrong with any sort of wrap garment. Find yourself some stylish wrap garments and rock your style as best as you can!

Wrap Garments Online.

Do you want some wrap garments after reading my post on them? I can help you! Take a look at the widget below. I picked out a number of items that I found might interest you. So if interested, take a look at the following items:

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For wrap dresses:

For wrap skirts:

For wrap blouses:

Happy shopping! :)

Well, that's a wrap (pun semi-intended).

Do you like wrap garments? What do you think is/are the most stylish element(s) of such garments?

This post is *officially* my 375th post on "StyleSpace by JBM." As with all of the posts I create, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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