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Thursday, July 6, 2017

5 Years of StyleSpace by JBM!

John Marine | 11:21 PM |
Established in 2012, StyleSpace by JBM is now five years old! This blog post is a celebration and thanks to everyone who supported my fashion blog. Fashion was a topic in my main blog before StyleSpace by JBM came along. I eventually decided to make a more focused blog regarding fashion and beauty when I came up "StyleSpace by JBM." I took my own brand and style of discussing fashion spread well over 300 posts. To this day, StyleSpace by JBM remains my fastest-growing blog I've ever run with over 224K views all-time in its five-year history.

Why did I start "StyleSpace by JBM" and not keep my material in my main blog? Well for one, I wanted to make a niche blog focused on fashion and beauty. I do have a deeper reason. Mainly, one of the motivating factors for coming up with "StyleSpace by JBM" was because I was part of fashion communities where I felt like my opinions were somehow different from how most other people see fashion. For example, if I love almost everything about a certain outfit but dislike certain accessories or footwear, I'll say it. I'll mention if I feel indifferent about something added to an outfit that I think either kills it or doesn't make me like it as much. I will mention if I don't like a certain lipstick color or maybe if I dislike some kind of hairstyle. I don't care if (for example) people think a female's dress outfit goes great with sneakers yet I think the sneakers kill the outfit. One person on LOOKBOOK even questioned why I think I am telling somebody how to dress. Everyone makes fashion mistakes, and I don't have to agree with every element of an outfit or an outfit itself. So rather than concentrate my fashion opinions in certain communities, I decided to blog about my thoughts. At least I know I am responsible for myself rather than have to put up with certain communities whose fashion opinions are different from the mainstream. If I don't like certain styles or trends, at least I can share it here and not face any sort of punishment or backlash just because I don't see things the same way others do. I also usually express like and dislike with class. I am not here to hurt anyone. There are too many sources for where hate can be spewed to where no one honestly cares. You want to visit one of those places? Go right ahead. But here, this is fashion commentary the way I see fit.

What has made my blog different from other fashion blogs? Well for one, I am not anybody fashionable, so I don't post outfit posts. I instead use my time to discuss trends and styles in my own way. I like to be informative and educational, so I don't just use this blog to ridicule others. Do not ask for me to be your personal stylist. I am not going to be able to build the perfect wardrobe for anybody. Even if my life depended on providing a quality wardrobe for somebody, I doubt I would be anybody special. I know nothing about beauty. I don't follow fashion shows much. My discussion of fashion even goes into matters of social and LGBT issues. Some may even delve into religious matters, including when I discussed modest dressing. Because I am not any kind of fashion expert, I basically try to offer fashion the way I see it. Everything all eventually points back to fashion and beauty. This is a fashion blog- but an unconventional one. Regardless, I am thankful people visited my blog to get their fashion fix the way I provide it.

Another positive to this blog is my inclusion of other fashion bloggers and even other fashion personalities. To provide the educational backing of my fashion posts, I link to other personalities. I may do Showcase posts where I focus on a certain trend or a certain theme. For example, I could only focus on little black dress outfits and link to various little black dress outfits. I even take time to mention certain people and their blogs. This is just a way to get more exposure while also showing my respect for certain personalities in fashion. It is the least I can do to express myself.

Because I am a male, it doesn't mean I should only focus on male fashions, nor should I mostly concentrate my fashion insights on male fashion. I actually feel more comfortable discussing feminine fashion. It doesn't mean I lack knowledge of male fashion, though. I just choose to mostly discuss feminine fashion.

So what does the future hold for "StyleSpace by JBM?" I am not sure. All I know is that I will keep offering fashion discussion here until I feel like I can't contribute anything further to my fashion-savvy public. This has been a wild ride. I am just hoping to continue this wild ride offering various fashion commentaries. I am glad you have been along for the ride also.

Bonus! Most Popular SS by JBM Posts.

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• 4th Most Viewed: Converse: The Sneakers
This blog post features perhaps the most popular sneakers worn equally by males and females- good old Chuck Taylor All-Stars from Converse. (IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING) The title suggests just Converse, but I had planned long ago to discuss other Converse products. You may see a similar post on this in the future. For now, though, enjoy this classic post of mine.

• 3rd Most Viewed: Plus-Size Modeling
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• 2nd Most Viewed: Gaucho Pants and Culotte Pants
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• 1st Most Viewed: Sweater Dress With Boots
The blog here relates to the look of sweater dresses paired with boots. This is a cold weather style that is quite lovely for cool and cold weather.

As always, thank all of you for your support in making these blog posts popular.

I am thankful for all of the support I have garnered for this blog and my others. Most importantly, I'm glad I've been able to offer my fashion commentary for five years now with this blog. Maybe this blog will be better and better respected in the future. Thank you for reading for five years now! Take care and be well.

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