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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


John Marine | 8:46 PM |
AZZA VERA is a Turkish fashion designer into vintage-type fashion. Their offerings range from Bohemian styles to fabulous bell bottom pants. I learned of this designer on Instagram. Even if you don't understand Turkish, their fashion translate well in any language, especially if you adore vintage fashion. This is just my own sort of introduction and focus on AZZA VERA.

Notes to Pass Along...

I came up with this post on my own. I was not contacted by, or endorsed by this designer to come up with this post. All thoughts are my own.


Here is a sample of their fashion:

^ from: (Twitter - and the best I could find/use) - These bell bottom pants are among AZZA VERA's many different offerings.

AZZA VERA is a designer based in Izmir, Turkey. Their work is headed by its founder- Irem Onarim. Her company offers up delightful fashions for the free spirited types. I usually look up bell bottoms on Instagram, and I usually see a lot of AZZA VERA's flared pants and bell bottom pants. Their flares features many colorful and bold bell bottom pants. What I love most about AZZA VERA is their colorful fashions and lovely fashion pieces. While there is nothing "cute" about their clothing, they do offer some fun and charming fashions. Their fashions will definitely appeal to types into ethnic type fashion and even those who want a stylish pair of bell bottom pants to go with a cropped top or something. Besides their eccentric bell bottom pants, AZZA VERA offers dresses, skirts, tops, and more.

My Thoughts...

I think AZZA VERA is a fine designer with some wonderful clothes. One way to stylishly stand out in a crowd is to wear bold and detailed clothing. AZZA VERA knows this and has put out a number of fine designs to make almost any lady stand out. Since I adore bells, ruffles, and bell bottoms; AZZA VERA has you covered with their many different offerings. Especially if you are the Bohemian or vintage type, this is a fine choice to build your own vintage style wardrobe with. The bold patterns and colors make these some fine clothes to wear. So consider AZZA VERA if their style of fashion suits you best.

For More Information...

To learn more about AZZA VERA, visit The website is available in Turkish and English. Same applies to currencies for their items.

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