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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Over-Knee Peep-Toe Denim Boots

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Some fashionistas have rocked over-knee, peep-toe denim boots lately. There was a time I actually hated peep-toe boots and booties. There were few over-knee boots I loved. Now add denim. No- not denim bottoms, but denim boots. What do I think about these over-knee, peep-toe boots? You're about to find out in this post. So welcome to another post of "StyleSpace by JBM!"

Over-Knee Peep-Toe Denim Boots

What kind of boots am I talking about? Here is an example:

over knee peep toe denim boots
^ from: (Pinterest) - Are over knee peep-toe denim boots stylish? Find out in my post on these boots.

Boots can be either tough or chic depending on the application. Over-knee boots have been loved by many a fashionista. Some, though, think of over-knee boots as *adult entertainer* material. Only a few times have I complimented a pair of over-knee boots. Otherwise, I never really liked those over-knee boots much.

While there was a time I despised peep-toe boots and booties, I eventually grew to love them. Well... not LOVE them, but not be as hateful of them. Only certain few peep-toe boots or booties have been to my liking. I just don't like peep-toe boots or booties as much as I do a regular pair of peep-toe pumps.

Then there's denim. Some love denim as a fabric- even to the point of footwear. I have seen things such as denim sneakers and even denim sandals. Fashionistas may probably wish they live in denim- ranging from intimates to maybe even getting married in denim (some have made denim wedding dresses before). If you love denim, does that love even include footwear?

See where I'm going with this? We got three elements working together- the appeal of over-knee boots, the girly charm of peep-toe footwear, and all with denim. Over-knee peep-toe denim boots. Let that thought sit in your mind a bit before I discuss my thoughts on these boots. If that isn't enough, these denim boots are styled a lot like your favorite denim, even to the point of details like busted knees, damaged details, distressing, and the like. So it almost like you are wearing a pair of jeans... while not wearing jeans.

The next section explains how I feel about combining these three.

Over-Knee Peep-Toe Denim Boots: Final Thoughts.

Just because you love denim doesn't mean everything looks good in denim. I don't care what anyone thinks- this is an atrocious combination of denim with over-knee peep-toe boots. I would rather just some basic over-knee peep-toe boots in a material other than denim. And even then, I'd prefer any BELOW knee boots instead and be selective on peep-toe or open-toe boots. I know there are those who have a denim obsession or enjoy denim as a whole. However, it doesn't mean EVERYTHING is better in denim; and surely not denim boots, let alone denim boots that go above the knees and have a peep-toe design. I can't believe I'm saying this as a guy, but I would rather see tall gladiator sandals than see these denim over-knee peep-toe boots. If you like these boots (or even gladiator sandals), fine. I am not here to tell people how they should dress or what to wear. With that said, though, these over-knee peep-toe denim boots should be burned- even if you love denim.

I haven't liked over-knee boots because many of them simply don't look all that stylish to me to either one's silhouette or to compliment certain outfits. Many are not as stylish to me in the least sense no matter what styles are out there no matter who proudly wear over-knee boots. I certainly think flat or low-heel over-knee boots are horrid. Add the fact these have a peep-toe design and make them in denim, and you add to the abomination these boots can be. Two wrongs don't make a right; three (or more) wrongs absolutely DO NOT make a right. Absolutely awful boots these over-knee peep-toe denim boots are.

If you want to wear jeans, wear jeans. If you want to wear over-knee boots that have or don't have a peep-toe design of some kind, wear those boots. Both over-knee boots made of denim? NO NO NO!!! Here's a better idea- wear some skinny jeans with some peep-toe booties (preferably with high heels of either of the wedge or stiletto variety). DON'T wear these denim over-knee boots with a peep-toe design. Do people a favor and prevent them from losing their sanity or eyesight- stay FAR away from over-knee peep-toe boots!

Over Knee Peep Toe Denim Boots Online

Maybe you disagreed with my views. That's perfectly fine because I am here to express my own thoughts on fashion the way I see things. That includes making unpopular opinions on the hottest styles. Whether I love or loathe styles, at least I am willing to offer material to viewers so that I don't seem completely one-sided. If you like these denim boots while I overly trashed them, here is your chance to score yourself some of these boots if they appeal to you. Please use this item below and proudly rock your style with these over-knee peep-toe denim boots:

Happy shopping! :)

...or at least, this is how I feel about them. What say you?

What do you think about over-knee peep-toe denim boots? Would you wear them (or HAVE you worn them) or recommend them with any sort of outfit?

Remember that I freely agree or disagree with whatever styles are out there. That's what I do here. Subscribe/Follow if you enjoy my fashion commentary on this non-traditional fashion blog. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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