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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sock Boots

John Marine | 2:31 PM | | |
Ankle boots are hot; sock boots might be hotter. These mid-calf boots are called sock boots because they are knit boots that you roll up like socks. Most sock boots are kitten heeled or high heeled. These are understandably hot for cold weather times. It is almost as if you are wearing socks with soles rather than wearing a pair of proper shoes. While most sock boots are mid-calf, there are some that even go up to the knees and even above the knees. Just slip into them and pull up the legs. THAT simple. What do I think about these sock boots? Find out in this post! But for now, let me set the mood for a moment:

sock boots
^ from: (Amazon) - Think of sock boots as stylish socks with soles and heels.

Sock Boot Styling.

Here is one YouTube fashion personality who shares how she styles them:

^ how to style SOCK BOOTS!! WHAT TO WEAR with the sock ankle boot trend!

But of course, this is just one person's opinion on how to style them.

Sock Boots: Final Thoughts.

I don't really like mid-calf boots much, but I do admit these sock boots are very cool. Nearly effortless chic offered for your feet. It does seem fairly lazy to have such shoes you basically slip on and pull up. You still can dress up pretty stylishly with these boots. If you prefer jeans-into-boots or pants-into-boots looks, sock boots may be something you want to stay away from. Find some more sturdy boots to wear. Alternatively, you could go with certain cropped jeans or cropped pants to wear with sock boots. You possibly could even go with some cropped flares and wear some sock boots with them. So I say to go get yourself a pair of sock boots if they interest you.

If sock boots interest you, let me invite you to this next section...

Sock Boots Online

I would appreciate your business if my post on sock boots interest you. So take a look at these items below and help yourself:


All of my Shopstyle picks are my own personal picks to please as many fashionable types as possible. Take a look around here:

This item, along with similar items, may constantly be updated to replace sold out goods.


Here are more sock boots for your pleasure:

Happy shopping! :)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. So what do you think?

What do you think about sock boots? How would you style them?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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