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Friday, January 19, 2018

Sneaker Styling 1

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I admit not being much into sneakers, even the #dressandsneakers trend. However, I disagreed with the trend that somehow everything goes with sneakers; or as I call it: "just add sneakers." Shoes can make or break ANY outfit. Shoe choice can affect the character of an outfit about as much as a blazer would. You do not want to ruin the balance of an otherwise properly structured outfit. Sometimes when I disagree with or dislike a style, I feel I have to offer something positive to show I am not completely one-sided unless I just don't like a trend at all. So this is my chance to prove myself and offer something who may disagree with me not liking sneakers being paired with any outfit. I want to offer my thoughts without being completely one-sided.

Sneaker Styling: An Introduction

Let's get a picture up to set the mood for this blog post:

sneaker styling trend
^ from: (best I could find) - How many ways can you style a pair of sneakers? Ask those who believe in the #dressandsneakers trend, and there are infinite ways according to such fashionistas.

Let's get one thing straight- I am not totally opposed to sneaker outfits. If I was, then there would be certain active outfits I think would be ugly. Sneakers are perfectly fine footwear. My only problem is, some outfits could benefit from a better pair of shoes. Sometimes, the problem can even come down to what kind of sneakers are worn.

The trend of wearing dresses with sneakers helped fuel the style of pairing sneakers with almost any kind of outfit. Sneakers are evolving as a chic shoe to compliment almost any outfit. Some fashionistas are seeing sneakers as a shoe that is just as stylish as any feminine shoe. In fact, some even replace their high heels or pretty shoes with a pair of laid back sneakers. Even my blogging friend Olga of "My Blonde Gal" even mentioned sneakers being chic shoes in one of her blog posts: Siberia: Polka dot (My Blonde Gal).

Sneakers are completely casual or active. You have your fair share of fashion sneakers and active sneakers. Some wish they could live and die in sneakers. While sneakers are mostly casual, some have tried to make sneakers a chic pair of shoes with almost any kind of outfit or garment. Therefore, fashionistas who dared pairing sneakers with any outfit have come up with outfits of mixed levels of chic to me. Some outfits with sneakers were to my liking. Some others... basically ruined what would have been better with some other kind of shoes. A lot of others would argue that sneakers are better footwear choices than your average flip-flop/thong sandals. But even then, some basic flip-flops are better footwear choices despite their lazy appeal. A good pair of lace-up shoes to go with if you don't fancy sneakers would be oxford shoes or brogues. I also prefer sneakers over combat boots.

So if I am so not a sneakers person, how come I'm posting this blog entry featuring sneaker outfits I put together? If I am not into the "just add sneakers" idea, why am I attempting to come up with sneaker styling ideas? I sometimes consider myself a solutions oriented guy. So to that end, I decided to test my creativity and offer up some sneaker styling ideas. Rather than some of the more obvious outfits to pair with sneakers, I am attempting some unlikely combinations. Some unlikely fashion combinations result in surprisingly chic outfits. I feel like I am disrespecting some of the outfit ideas you're about to see by going with sneakers.

My inspiration to discuss this fashion topic was when I looked up a Second Life outfit someone put together. Without getting into specifics, there was one silky, romantic, short dress... which was then paired by sneakers. I felt the balance was ruined whereas it could have better benefited by a chic pair of pumps, sandals, or even some boots. IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: This was the Second Life blog post I made mention to as far as "right dress, wrong shoes" is concerned: Twist Dress and Low Sneakers (maitreya).

I felt like if you wanted to wear some lace-ups with certain outfits, elegant balance can be maintained with a classy pair of oxford shoes or brogues. Don't ruin things with some sneakers.

How This Post Works.

I haven't used the service in a while, but I will be using Polyvore to share a series of outfits. The focal point is on the sneakers and whatever garments they are paired with. My goal here is not to judge fashion or tell people how to dress. Most of you know I am not any fashion expert. I am not a stylist. I am just someone who tends to follow fashion and has a certain take on any style that comes by. If it were up to me, I'd tell fashionistas that not every outfit works with sneakers. Resist the urge to pair every outfit with sneakers! But because I'm just a semi-random dude talking fashion, my suggestions bear little importance than what stylists would suggest.

Each featured garment or outfit then has a section featuring sneakers I think go best with each outfit. It doesn't mean each outfit goes best with the sneakers I've chosen, but they are merely options for each one. Also, not every garment goes best with all featured sneakers. I try to feature so many of outfits and sneakers for diversity as well as to think of what kinds of sneakers go with the outfits in question. So if you see six different sneakers choices, that means each of the garment/outfit choices would look great with the sneakers I chose for each outfit or garment. And you may see the same pair of sneakers from one outfit section for different outfits/garments. You may also find that the same pair of sneakers may appear more than once in other outfit/garment collages.

My Goal(s) With This Blog Post.

This blog post is a challenge to come up with ways to style sneakers, mostly with outfits and garments that may not normally go properly with sneakers. The items I feature in these Polyvore collages all consist of various examples of certain outfits. It's all about finding the best possible sneakers to compliment various outfits. And maybe, and just maybe... come up with unexpected and unlikely combinations that ultimately are considered stylish or cute.

As an author's note, I didn't start going crazy with sneaker choices until I found that one dress would look great with a number of different sneakers. Some outfits and garments you wouldn't think would go with sneakers or could look nice with sneakers will be featured here. I tried to find the best possible garments that can't be destroyed with sneakers as a footwear choice. Try to follow each of the descriptions to know what I was trying to accomplish for each featured sneaker styling.

I actually practiced trying to use Polyvore after years not using it in a while.

Special Request 1!

If you use Polyvore, feel free to add me and see my work! You can find me on Polyvore at:

So let's begin!

Sneaker Styling: Outfits

Before I begin...

I apologize in advance for ruining these outfits with sneakers. Please don't unsubscribe or anything after seeing these! Blame it on the ones who think sneakers go great with every outfit!

Fashionistas who prefer and enjoy wearing sneakers with outfits will find quite a few samples from me here. This post is not so much about all occasion sneaker outfits, but more like for those who test the waters of trying to pair outfits with sneakers, especially some unlikely style options. I will try to mix things up as I can and as I see fit.

There are going to be some of you who may feel these are horrible fashion ideas. With what I do, though, I have to appease to certain audiences who may otherwise disagree with me. These are NOT fashion ideas which I readily approve for those looking to try certain sneaker outfits together. If it were up to me, I would suggest not trying most or all of these outfits and instead go with a better pair of footwear to compliment such outfits. But again- I am here to give hope to those who love the "just add sneakers" approach.

NOTE 1: Each idea featured here was not created with respect to budget, category (such as plus-size outfits, for example), or anything of that nature. I did NOT design these outfit ideas as far as complete outfits are concerned. So for example, I did not include things like outerwear, accessories, handbags, etc. in mind with these outfits. I just mostly focused on key items rather than full outfits. I'll leave the accessories up to you.

NOTE 2: By the way, if you like any of my styling ideas, thank you! :) Let me know if you like any of these styles and if you would actually try some of these outfits. You may even share with me your outfit in a blog post if you were inspired by my Polyvore collages.

Sneaker Styling 1: Casual Dress or Skirt and Sneakers.

Dresses and skirts with sneakers are not taboo. It is just that they are more paired with footwear other than sneakers. Take a look at this first outfit to get things started:

Sneaker Styling - Casual Skirts and Dresses

This first outfit I will feature is a simple casual dress paired with some sneakers. A lot of casual dresses can benefit from flats, pumps, sandals, or even boots (even combat boots). The design of certain dresses lend themselves to whatever kind of shoes would go best with them. The idea here is comfort when it comes to casual outfits. This outfit is all about girly innocence and comfort. So therefore, I went with the sneakers I did to compliment this dress.

If you read my blog post on two-piece dresses, you may know that I don't qualify two-piece dresses as proper dresses. So I included them among the skirt outfits. While this is a two-piece dress perhaps better suited with sandals, I tried to find sneakers to go with the "two-piece dress." A black floral deal like this one made me think of some options ranging from sporty to casual. And we all know- you can't get any more casual with shoes than Converses.

The skirt choices I made primarily were of girly skirts that can be vastly dressed down. Originally, I had planned on just the high-slit floral maxi skirt. I later decided to feature a lacy skirt along with a pleated, metallic, long skirt. Since the concentration was on casual style outfits, I thought of fashion sneakers exclusively. I didn't really have sporty sneakers in mind, though sporty/active sneakers are not off-limits to such a style.

Sneaker Styling 2: Casual Maxi Dress and Sneakers.

Try this one:

Sneaker Styling - Maxi Dresses

I found a certain liking of a maxi dress with sneakers. Not just any sneakers, though- wedge sneakers. Most of you know I have disliked wedge sneakers even though I am a fan of wedge footwear. Well, not all wedge sneakers are bad. I managed to find a pair I think were kind of cute to pair with such a girly maxi dress. If the combination of whites and pinks were too much, I decided to go with a pair of golden sparkly sneakers to offset the light colors. Most of my maxi dress concentration was on a floral maxi dress, and I later went to feature some more elegant (but not too elegant) maxi dresses and then try to find sneakers for those as well.

I tried a more basic (if you can call it that) maxi dress also. Because this dress is so basic, the sneaker choices have to be choices to jazz up the appeal. So I went with some glittery and sparkling sneakers. I also dared try an aggressive pair of platform sneakers for those who want to be a bit hard with such a sweet dress.

Sneaker Styling 3: Evening/Party Dresses or Skirts With Sneakers.

Remember when I told you that the inspiration for this blog post was on an elegant outfit done HORRIBLY wrong with a poor choice of shoes? Well, that inspiration ties into this idea. Perhaps you feel it is best to pair sneakers with an elegant type outfit. If so, the ideas expressed here may tickle your fancy. I was reminded of a music video from Demi Lovato a long time ago where she wore Converses with a formal-type dress. I chose not to go that route. The route I DID go, however, was to find a decent pair of sneakers that doesn't exactly ruin an otherwise elegant dress. I define elegant dresses as those which have elements such as off-shoulders, slits, or any exclusively feminine details (such as a backless design or a plunging neckline). These are outfits suitable for a night out as opposed to being dressed down with casual sneakers, denim jean jackets, and the like.

Pumps, chic sandals, or chic boots- NOT sneakers or not combat boots to go with elegant dresses. But if you feel you HAVE to wear sneakers to complete an outfit with an elegant dress, I guess I'll go challenge myself to come up with a sneaker outfit to pair an elegant dress without poisoning the loveliness of an elegant dress. So here you go:

Styling Sneakers - Evening/Party Dresses and Skirts

HONEST TRUTH- I got carried away trying to pair party/formal-type clothing with various sneakers! Poking around on Polyvore and mixing and matching different items made me go stir crazy here! This is where I went from picking one outfit to putting together several options for the outfit and the sneakers.

I initially selected a party-style mini dress that I thought had a sporty feel to it (to an extent). That is why I thought it would be the perfect candidate to have sneakers worn with them without ruining the elegance or hotness of the mini dress. As important to maintaining balance was finding proper sneakers that keep it hot (and maybe a bit cute). The dress just spoke to me in a certain way that I thought casual or chic sneakers will not hurt its balance. I wanted to keep things as night out as possible without making this outfit sporty or daytime. The best I did to maintain the balance was to pick some trainer-type luxury sneakers. Later, I decided to add more elegant mini dresses to try to pair with sneakers. Remember that I considered this dress to have a somewhat sporty vibe to it. So therefore, this is more like "sexy sporty," if you will. Because I tried to keep the sneaker choices to be more night-appropriate, I mostly went with a lot of sparkling or metallic sneakers even though pairing shiny/sparkly sneakers with shiny/sparkly dresses would be a bit of overkill. Just remember that each dress have those options among sneakers I like pairing the dresses up with if you fancy wearing sneakers with such dresses. One of the elegant mini dresses or mini skirt outfits I selected had a model that wore sneakers with it. So in a way, since I didn't like that sneaker choice, I found better ones for one of the outfits. I hope you appreciate my experimentation.

Next was to find a party-style midi dresses or midi skirts and again- find sneakers that keep things chic without destroying the elegant balance. The choices I made were girly and cute while making sure to keep things remotely evening-style. I don't want to destroy the elegance of any of the midi dress/skirt choices I made. The final challenge was to maintain balance of elegant long dresses and long skirts. I think you would want something comfortable as these sneakers would hide under your floor-draping, elegant long skirt or long dress. The choices kept things fairly elegant and chic without them feeling like daytime outfits or casual outfits. Since I was struggling to find more midi-length dresses, I decided to combine my midi dress/skirt and maxi dress/skirt selections into one section and then combine the sneaker choices for them.

Again- I advise against sneakers with the items featured here in this collage. However, if you feel you absolutely feel you have to pair elegant skirts/dresses with sneakers, I hope my ideas helped. I actually researched a few elegant outfits and saw some one of them paired with sneakers. I tried to keep things elegant without making these night-out outfits look like daytime casual outfits. or any sporty outfits. Because... I don't think elegant outfits make for workout clothes.

Sneaker Styling 4: Dressy Pants with Sneakers.

Let's get away from skirts and dresses and go with pants. Here is an example of a classy pants outfit paired with sneakers:

Sneaker Styling - Dressy and Chic Pants

Pumps would be better, but this would be something for the classy casual set. Sort of like Casual Friday style while still being remotely professional in dress. I had a proper outfit in mind previously. Later, all I did was feature a decent pair of dressy pants for an office setting. I later found a pair of jean trousers to try to pair with sneakers. The emphasis on all of these outfits in this blog post are on sneakers. Some females have a pair of active sneakers available to walk in when tired of wearing heeled shoes in an office setting. The sneaker choices kind of reflect a sporty emphasis. The silhouette of the sneakers are mostly fitting to maintain a lovely balance while not making the outfit seem overly casual. Almost as if to say these would be sneakers that would be okay to wear in an office setting. I found a pair of sneakers in my Polyvore experimentation from Robert Clergerie that were perfect for these women's slacks. However, if you prefer lace-up shoes, oxford shoes or brogues keep things classy. But no- you want sneaker outfits with unlikely fashion options. So there you are. Take it or leave it.

The other outfit utilizes ruffled pants, palazzo pants, and some flared pants with some wild sneakers. I chose wild sneakers because there is something special about ruffled pants or cropped pants. You can afford to try a wild pair of shoes with such jeans or pants that are cropped. So I went outside of usual sneakers and tried these wild platform sneakers to compliment these pants. The goal was to make these pants as chic as possible without being overly casual or be a sporty outfit. I went mostly with rugged platform sneakers and some sporty chic pair of sneakers. Go ahead and try a wild pair of shoes to show off cutely and elegantly in a chic pair of pants!

Sneaker Styling 5: Casual or Classy Shorts and Skorts With Sneakers.

Time to go with shorts now. I am not counting jean shorts with this outfit, but more non-jean shorts here. Don't get your hopes up seeing some kind of jean shorts outfit here. Instead, I am referring to some shorts that have a classy, chic touch to them. So check out this one:

Sneaker Styling - Classy or Chic Shorts and Skorts

There was actually a blogger who made an outfit wearing a blouse, some wool shorts, some tights, and some sneakers that looked classy. That was my inspiration behind putting this one together. I went with shorts and skorts for this one. Believe it or not, one pair of shorts that looks like a super-cute mini skirt with a ruffled hem is actually a cute pair of shorts! I think scalloped items can be cute, so I included them among my shorts options. The original idea I had in mind was a chic pair of wool shorts. I ended up finding two of these to include. The rest were skorts of different styles.

With the shorts/skorts, I included two different styles of sneakers to go with them. What I classified as "casual" or "chic" relates to the sneakers. The casual type sneakers are pretty good to dress down these otherwise chic shorts. The classy or chic type relates to a pair of sneakers that I think keeps an elegant or fashionable touch without being casual or lazy. I avoided outlandish details or accents in coming up with the options I came up with. Of the shoes, I was torn between casual and classy with some slip-on sneakers. Because the sneakers had a quilted design to them, I felt quilted designs are mostly of the chic variety. So I moved it to my "classy/chic" section.

Sneaker Styling 6: Romper/Playsuit or Jumpsuit With Sneakers.

We stay with sneaker outfits with shorts, but this time, the stylish one-piece shorts we like to call rompers or playsuits. We also go mention jumpsuits with sneakers as well. These items can be either casual or classy. To this end, I looked at a set of both casual and chic rompers and jumpsuits. And of course, I tried to find sneakers to compliment all items. This is my end result:

Sneaker Styling - Rompers/Playsuits and Jumpsuits

Since rompers have become stylish again starting in about the mid-2000s, rompers almost make fashionistas get away with what appears to be scandalously short mini dresses. But of course, rompers keep you covered. I tried to find rompers ranging from cute daytime rompers to a few that might be some you'd wear for a night out. Or maybe some of the rompers I found could be worn for both day AND night. I wouldn't rest on the romper front until I found a bell sleeve floral romper to feature. I was determined! I also made an attempt at including maxi rompers. You know- the short rompers that have a long dress design? It was the same story for jumpsuits as I tried to find jumpsuits I liked and then tried to find some sneakers to go with them. There were so many rompers I liked that I included so many!

What about those sneakers, though? With a combination of casual to chic, I felt this was the opportunity to mix things up and try different sneaker combinations to compliment [all] the romper choices. I actually experimented using bow sneakers. I felt these would work best to go with the different sneaker options for these rompers. Because there wasn't an emphasis on maintaining elegance, it meant I could try some different sneaker types from sneakers I like as I was poking around Polyvore.

IN CASE YOU ARE INTERESTED: Maxi rompers offer maxi dress appeal while (most importantly) covering you. If you want to read my blog post on maxi rompers, I prepared this blog post: Maxi Rompers/Playsuits (StyleSpace by JBM).

I define jumpsuits here as one-piece pants. Rompers are technically jumpsuits and technically dresses, but I went ahead and looked up sneakers for a set of jumpsuits I liked from my Polyvore research. There weren't too many I liked. I was also careful to include only full-length pant jumpsuits. I mostly chose wide-leg or palazzo jumpsuits, which can serve as great pants alternatives to long dresses. Just like with the rompers, I made sure that my jumpsuit choices were complimented by a pair of sneakers that I think would go well with each one. That even included sneaker choices that could either enhance or compliment the beauty of each jumpsuit. And again- there was no real emphasis on maintaining elegance.

Sneaker Styling 7: Cropped Jeans or Pants with Sneakers.

Flared jeans and flared pants are totally fine with sneakers. The emphasis on this is on rather classy or cute cropped bottoms or cuffed bottoms. So check these out:

Styling Sneakers - Cropped Casual, Chic, or Classy Pants

You know, I always liked the combination of short pants with big shoes. So I tried something different here. I went with some cropped pants to go with some platform sneakers. I am actually someone who like the cropped flares trend. There is just something uniquely cute about cropped pants with some big shoes. When it comes to cropped jeans or pants, there is a certain sweet spot that I tend to like most before pairing any shoes. My sweet spot for cropped jeans/pants are below mid-calf and above the ankles. A nicely-designed pair of cropped jeans/pants will offer an amazing bottom look. Since you have some cropped jeans or pants, you can afford to jazz things up with a wild pair of shoes. So I hope you enjoyed this one!

Sneaker Styling 8: Gaucho Pants or Culotte Pants With Sneakers.

This is an outfit centered around gaucho pants or culottes. The pants mentioned here are pants with skirt-like wide legs. So was the case with gaucho pants and culotte pants. I even included cropped palazzo pants into this section. Both are perfectly fine to wear with sneakers. Since both gaucho pants and culotte pants could be versatile for night wear, it would seem foolish to pair either with sneakers. Really, only a few times have I seen gaucho pants paired with sneakers. I have certainly seen culotte pants paired with sneakers. So the chances of me coming under fire for trying to pair sneakers with gaucho pants or culotte pants will be minimal. This is still the effort I put in finding some culotte pants and trying to pair them with different sneaker options:

Sneaker Styling - Gaucho Pants and Culotte Pants

I originally had this as the final sneaker styling exercise, but I instead put this after my cropped pants sneaker styling. Gaucho pants have a silky style to them as many of them are made from materials like jersey, modal, and bamboo among other materials. The silky and skirt-like flow of gaucho pants give them their appeal. Culottes can be very stylish as well whether for casual or classy applications. Just like with cropped pants, you can afford to try some wild shoes if you like. Only few shoes could overpower the appeal of gaucho pants or culotte pants. My sneaker choices were careful. I tried to mix up things with different sneaker types, but I mostly tried to keep up an elegant feel if I could. These pants can be stylish either in the daytime or at night. If you elect to with classy gaucho pants or classy culotte pants for night, some of the sneakers will not throw off the elegance of those pants too much. So go ahead and try some interesting shoes to show off your ankles and (of course) your shoes!

Sneaker Styling 9: Feminine Outfits with Sneakers.

Some outfits are truly girly and/or feminine. Outfits better served with pumps, sandals, or some other cute kind of shoes could be dressed up with sneakers. Remember- I'm a guy. Despite this, I did try to go with girly outfits and find sneakers that would go well with each clothing option. Take a look at this:

Sneaker Styling - Feminine Outfits

I didn't know how to describe this one, honestly. The focus was on uniquely feminine and chic fashions. The fashions featured are mostly of the chic variety, but not exclusively night out fashion. Because the outfit choices were not exclusive to elegant or formal style, I could afford to try out sporty sneakers to pair with these outfits. So there are the handful of options ranging from sporty sneakers to some more elegant types of sneakers.

Sneaker Styling 10: Dreamy or Silky Outfits With Sneakers.

Because some fashionista wants to wear a dreamy outfit and ruin it with sneakers, I give you this collage. The emphasis here is on items such as lace skirts/dresses, satin skirts/dresses, tulle skirts, and the like. Enjoy:

Sneaker Styling - Dreamy or Silky Outfits

One time on Instagram, I saw someone pair sneakers with an intimate babydoll dress. This post is all about girly and dreamy outfits. So the emphasis is a lot on sheer, satin, and things like that. To that end, I put together as many different dreamy or silky outfits together while also finding sneakers that are fine options for each. I kind of got carried away as I had more ideas- kind of like when I did my collages on evening/party outfits and rompers/playsuits and jumpsuits. One probably wouldn't leave the house with such garments; but if one did, I at least provided some sneakers that I think would compliment each one.

Now you've seen all the different sneaker styling options I've put together! I will share some thoughts on creating these Polyvore collages now. Go to the next section as I further explain my sneaker styling choices.

Sneaker Styling: Debrief

When I came up with these outfit ideas, I had lots of styling options in mind. Remember that I would advise against trying the whole "just add sneakers" thing. This is even if sneakers are fast becoming chic shoes to wear rather than being something completely casual.

I do admit there are some sneakers I liked when putting these together. Some sneakers appeared more than once in the different outfit ideas I posted. That must mean that there are some that I liked for whatever reason(s).

Favorite Outfits.

Of the ten sneaker styling collages I made, I must say it was the one on elegant/party outfits that I found the most joy in styling. And really, sneakers should NEVER be paired with elegant outfits, even those who say that sneakers go better with certain evening outfits than your most fabulous high-heels. I mentioned one of the outfits I looked up in my Polyvore research actually had an evening-type outfit with the model wearing sneakers with it. It was some glittery "two-piece dress" that had the model wearing suede sneakers.

Favorite Sneakers.

Trying to come up with options for sneakers to pair with outfits was a unique challenge for me. This meant I could afford to get creative with non-traditional sneakers. I looked for a few different options to make more interesting sneaker choices to go with certain outfit types. Everything from basic canvas sneakers to sporty sneakers and classy sneakers were all considered by me. Sneakers are almost always casual; however, some sneakers are styled in such a way that they could actually go with more elegant and classy pieces. So I was somewhat unapologetic in trying to pair certain classy and elegant pieces with equally elegant sneakers. Or "sorry, not sorry" as we'd say in today's world (besides "unapologetic").

If you noticed from the different sneaker pairings, I didn't include too many high-top sneakers. I guess you can say I tend to like low-top sneakers than I do high-top sneakers. I also didn't go too crazy with atheltic-type sneakers. Not to say I dislike active sneakers, but there weren't too many that I thought went too well with some outfits. I also primarily went with more minimalist sneakers. I didn't try to pair every single outfit with Converses or any popular casual sneakers. Only one pair of sneakers have I had to rely on a Pinterest picture because I couldn't find a decent pair of any on a store featured on Polyvore- the Converse sneaker boots in my "Dreamy or Silky Outfits" collage.

Here are some of the ones of mention (NOTE: Some of these items may be featured in future blog posts)...

• PUMA Fenty Bow Sneakers
I must admit- I think the PUMA Bow Sneakers are pretty cute. The popular sneakers designed by music superstar Rihanna (who I used to like) are famous for the sporty sneakers complimented by a huge bow. Very girly. Very sweet. In fact, they are so popular that every time I tried to fine more pictures through my Polyvore experimentation, the sneakers are sold out!

• Ash Lucky Star Sneakers
These wedge sneakers have a great silhouette to them and some nice designs to compliment them. They have a sporty design to them while also being rather cute to compliment girly outfits. These sneakers are more like for the chic girl who wants to add a sporty touch to her wardrobe.

Robert Clergerie Pasketv Leather Platform Sneakers
Of the various minimalist sneakers I picked out for elegant type outfits, I must say I felt a certain connection with the "Pasketv" sneakers from Robert Clergerie. Sneakers are in no way elegant. These sneakers, though, are more classy in design, so you can almost afford to sport these for some semi-formal style. Better bring money for those sneakers, though.

• (various Skechers sneakers)
Skechers has some of the most unique footwear options. So if I could afford to offer some diversity of sneakers, let it be with Skechers. Some of the Skechers options are fairly casual or sporty. That would make them not as elegant with more refined pieces. Still, Skechers are a fine company with their footwear choices. They are also rather affordable for some mainstream shoes.

• (various Lacoste sneakers)
Lacoste sneakers are casual but have a somewhat classy touch. That's why I paired certain elegant-type outfits with Lacoste sneakers, especially their low-top sneakers. It is like Lacoste sneakers are casual without being TOO casual.

• (various Michael Kors sneakers)
While Michael Kors is known for luxurious handbags, MK also offers some quite luxurious and sporty sneakers. I featured a few Michael Kors sneakers with some outfits. Quite cool stuff MK offers with sneakers.

It was still pretty good to try to come up with these outfit and sneaker pairings.

Sneaker Styling 1: Final Thoughts

Okay. I'll admit. So I got carried away at times trying to pair unlikely outfits with sneakers. I just didn't prescribe to the whole sneakers trend. What I did in this post, though, was put together as many outfits as possible along with various sneaker choices for some of the ones I made different sneaker options for.

That being said, I still prefer most of these outfits be paired with flats, pumps, espadrilles, sandals, boots, or whatever. So why did I go through the trouble of putting these outfits together if I didn't like the trend? Call it being solutions-oriented. I knew there were people who were going to think I'm wrong for not being fond of this fashion trend. However, there was something within me that wanted to put together outfits regardless. That's the difference with me and some other fashion bloggers. If I somewhat have interest in a trend I may not like fully, I still give some kind of encouragement who want to try something out.

Even for someone who doesn't like sneakers all that much, I at least made an effort to share sneakers paired with outfits. Many of these unlikely pairings were my own imagination working vividly. I actually did have fun trying to experiment with picking pairs of sneakers to compliment certain categories of outfits. So while I asked for forgiveness for poisoning these outfits with sneakers (do you still forgive me?), I at least tried to find some fun factor in pairing mostly unlikely outfits with sneakers.

Special Request 2!

If you like any of my ideas and tried out any of my ideas, show me a blog post or an outfit post of yours showcasing my ideas. Just remember that you got the ideas from me. Make me a cool kid for once! :)

This was a big project that I am glad you were to be a part of. Let's do some discussion, if you like:

What do you think about my sneaker pairings? Would you try any of my ideas (or have you tried outfits similar to my ideas)?

This post is called "Sneaker Styling 1" because I plan on doing a "Sneaker Styling 2" post based on a different approach. Rather than pairing sneakers with outfits in this post, I instead shift the focus on types of sneakers to pair with outfits. So stay tuned to that post should I complete it. Meanwhile, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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