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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Body Acceptance

John Marine | 4:30 PM | |
Do you accept your body? For some females who don't accept their bodies, they dislike their own body proportions. Society and pop culture often times undermine or disregard those who are not slim and slender and sexy. Not every female is doll-perfect in body proportions. So those not accepting of their bodies often times feel disappointed and saddened. Not loving yourself for your body size can lead to depression and a loss of self-esteem. However, there is a way to deal- accept your body and accommodate your proportions!

Do you have body proportions like these:
slim and slender bodies
^ from: - These are the body types celebrated on and admired by others.

Or do you have body proportions like these:
curvy bodies
^ from: - These are the body types often discouraged by a lot of people.

Even speaking as a male, I know that not every beautiful woman is slim and slender. I have even grown to appreciate that beauty comes in many forms. Every female is beautiful in her own way(s). So what if one lady isn't Barbie doll perfect? Does it make her any less of a woman? Absolutely not. It just means she is different as a whole body-wise, and to look and feel beautiful, she must work around any such imperfections of hers.

Fashion and beauty allow all of us- both males and females- to work around our imperfections in an attempt to look fabulous. There are many things that we can wear to help us look more attractive or provide certain illusions to help us look stylish. For example, there is hosiery and other intimates that allow some females to have a better shape. Shorter females often wear skin-tone pumps to provide the illusion of longer legs. So even if you do not like your body, at least you can do and wear a number of things to help yourself look and feel better.

A lot of us let body size determine whether or not someone is beautiful, rather than consider things like self-worth and being beautiful WITHIN in addition to being beautiful on the outside. Body acceptance is no sort of cop out. Instead, accepting your body means that you still consider yourself great-looking no matter what anyone considers beautiful regarding one's size. It is just like accepting that you are good at things, but bad at other things. A female who accepts her body neglects what others regard as what a beautiful body looks like. Accepting your body means you love your body and your looks and rather than lament not being what mainstream society deems attractive, you embrace your body and love yourself for who you are. So in closing...

Love yourself and your body. Accept yourself and your body.

One such campaign online helping others to be more accepting of their bodies is called LOVEYOURBODY.ORG. For more information on this site, visit

Are you accepting of your body, or do you not accept your body for whatever reason? Thank you for reading!

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