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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedge Sneakers

John Marine | 11:30 PM | | |
(UPDATED: July 16, 2017)

The latest sneaker trend among females is wedge sneakers. Wedge sneakers, like any other wedge shoe, offers a comfortable alternative to basic heeled shoes. One of the first to look fabulous in wedge sneakers was Victoria Beckham in a pair of Dries van Noten wedge sneakers. Today, it's various females who are adored by the appeal wedge sneakers have to offer. What do I think about these sneakers? You're about to find out here on StyleSpace!


JUL 16 2017 - updated look of post and added extra material

Wedge Sneakers at a Glance

Here are some pictures of wedge sneakers to let you know what kinds of sneakers I will be discussing:

(pictures updated: December 24, 2012)

hidden wedge sneakers
^ from: - Hidden wedge sneakers have seriously trended recently. They are an average pair of sneakers that offer a little bit of height with the wedge heel. Also of note is their sporty style. You either love these girly wedge sneakers, or you loathe them.

wedge sneakers
^ from: - Sneakers + wedge heel = this. These sneakers are the popular Ash "Thelma" wedge sneakers secured by buckles rather than shoelaces.

sporty wedge sneakers
^ from: - This is a more sporty pair of wedge sneakers. The multi-colored sporty sneakers are among the hottest styles among those who love today's wedge sneakers.

Rock and Candy Lulu
^ from: - The "Lulu" sneakers from Rock and Candy.

Dolce and Gabbana wedge sneakers
^ from: - In case the other sneakers look too outlandish to you, here are some more down-to-earth, sporty wedge sneakers.

Uniquely girly in their appearance and charm, wedge sneakers combine the casual appeal of sneakers with the chic appeal of wedge-heel shoes. It likely isn't recommended you use these as any kind of active/fitness shoes because these are purely fashionable sneakers. So who would wedge sneakers favor? To me, they favor the urban girl who wants to add a kick of diva to her wardrobe. They favor the urban girl who wants to stand out and stand alone while looking as cute as she wants on a lazy day.

One of the foremost leaders in these trendy sneakers is a company called Ash. One of their famous shoes is the "Thelma," a wedge sneaker secured by buckles and have a sneaker-like appearance Converse lovers can appreciate. Many other companies have made their own wedge sneakers to woo females worldwide. Other makers include the likes of Marc Jacobs, Giuseppe Zanotti, and even Skechers.

Really, there is one pair of wedge sneakers that I consider to be almost perfect as far as sneaker-like wedge shoes are concerned. These are the discontinued "Binder" shoes from Steve Madden:
Steve Madden Binder shoes
^ from: - The Steve Madden "Binder" shoes are what I consider the best-looking sneaker-inspired shoes.

Styling Wedge Sneakers.

Their styling options can vary. I've seen wedge sneakers being worn with multiple looks. You could try pairing these with a maxi dress or a high-low/mullet skirt or dress. You might even hide a pair of these wedge sneakers underneath a pair of flared jeans or pants. If feeling real casual, these wedge sneakers would be nice along with your average pair of denim jean shorts. Casual cute is the way to go with these sneakers in my view. Or if you're feeling sporty cute, why not try going with a pair of sporty wedge sneakers to wear along with a cute pair of yoga pants?

Wedge Sneakers Around the Blogosphere

Time for you to see other bloggers wearing wedge sneakers. These bloggers found ways to style these wedge sneakers in their own way. Some bloggers may appear more than once:

"Not Photoshopped" (Curvy Girl Chic) « wedge sneakers with a casual outfit as part of a campaign/promotion.
"The Sneaker Trend" (Curves Ahead) « the blogger tries out a pair of wedge sneakers.
"Varsity!!" (Nany's Klozet) « wedge sneakers compliment a varsity jacket outfit worn by the blogger.
"School on a Saturday" (Nany's Klozet) « wedge sneakers with a sporty casual outfit.
"Downtown Casual!" (Nany's Klozet) « a short dress is styled with wedge sneakers.
"Rum Pum Pum" .a little princess. « a varsity jacket and skirt outfit complimented with wedge sneakers.
"Sneaker Shoes On" (Camille Tries to Blog) « a casual outfit complimented with velcro-strap wedge sneakers.
"Hollywood Blvd." (Hapa Time) « Converse-like wedge sneakers.
"The Sound of Music" (Hapa Time) « Nike wedge sneakers.
"Hello October!" (TrueDreamcatcher) « A casual outfit with velcro wedge sneakers.

If I find more posts to feature, I will update this blog post.

Wedge Sneakers: Final Thoughts

(added/updated: December 24, 2012)
My problem with these wedge sneakers (especially the trendy hidden wedge sneakers of late) is that they are tough to tell in appearance that they're really wedge sneakers. Compare a regular high-top pair of sneakers with some of these high-heel wedge sneakers. I'm not real fond of the sporty-looking wedge sneakers. If anything, more casual-looking wedge sneakers appeal to me more than any of the more sporty wedge sneakers. So in other words, a pair of wedge sneakers which look like a classic pair of Converses would appeal to me more than a pair of wedge sneakers that look like a pair of active Nike sneakers. These wedges are catching on, though. Some of them are even growing on me.

A bigger problem I have with the hidden wedge sneakers of today is just how they look. Some of them just look like another re-hash of '80s or early-1990s sneakers. I'm just not as into sneakers as much as a lot of other people are, and I'm certainly not too fond of these sporty '80s or early 90s sneakers. They do provide a bit of height and comfort since wedges (as I am told) are more comfortable than any usual high-heel stiletto-type heels. Sneakers are about comfort to begin with. However, I can't get into these hidden wedge sneakers as easily as I could in seeing wedge pumps, boots, or sandals. It is still going to take a lot for me to finally sort of fall in love with seeing these wedge sneakers being worn by various females. I just can't really see myself being fond with many wedge sneakers popular today.

If you like these wedge sneakers (especially today's kinds), that's fine. I'm just not into (especially) the hidden wedge sneakers like a lot of females are. Just not sold on them to really recommend them.

Wedge Sneakers Online

Would you like to shop for some wedge sneakers based on what you've read here? Did you enjoy my post? Please help yourself to a pair of wedge sneakers by clicking on these items and links:


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You may also find wedge sneakers on Amazon by clicking this link: Wedge Sneakers on Amazon.

wedge sneakers on eBay
wedge sneakers on Shopbop
wedge sneakers on DSW

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What do you think about wedge sneakers? What about these trendy hidden wedge sneakers? Feel free to comment here, and thank you for reading! Please take care and be well.

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