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Monday, July 16, 2012

Flats or Heels?

John Marine | 9:25 AM | |
Flats or heels? The usual answer is heels just about all the time. A lot of females would even wear heeled shoes all day long if possible. However, flats usually should not be disregarded. Flats can be just as stylish as any heeled shoes. Some females who love shoes often seek the best pair of both flat shoes and heeled shoes. So it is nice to know that certain fashionistas have a go-to pair of both flats and heels. However, there are those who feel that every stylish female should be in high heels to be considered attractive. So while high heels are every bit of chic and stylish, there is still a reason why flats are stylish and wearable.

Just like confidence, comfort is equally an important element of fashion. How can you look and feel your best without being comfortable in what you wear? The common mindset among fashionable types is usually on the mindset of "the higher the heel, the hotter the girl." So let's put this to the test for a moment. Imagine an unattractive lady between the ages of 18-25. So even if this hypothetical lady isn't very appealing, is she still "hot" just because she wears a pair of high-heel shoes?

Which would appeal to you more: an unattractive female wearing high heels or an attractive female wearing flats? Which would you tolerate more: an ugly pair of high heels or a beautiful pair of flats?

Why Flats?

To some people, flats are a definite no-no. To some others, flats are more about comfort. Some females even go with a pair of tennis shoes or ballet flats to wear after going around in heels for an extended amount of time.

Many females prefer the comfort of flats because of their comfort. You sometimes feel more like wearing something flat rather than go towards heels. I've always liked ballet flats that most females like to wear with their outfits. The only flats I usually dislike are most flat gladiator sandals, peep-toe flats, and open-toe flats.

You can argue in favor of flats for one reason- riding boots. Riding boots are about the most stylish flats besides ballet flats. Riding boots tucked into jeans makes for some great equestrian chic. For some other fashionistas, rain boots are also stylish flat boots.

Why Heels?

Wearing high heels is a showing of style and empowerment. If you look at high heels from an artistic perspective, it is a way of saying that high heels shows someone confident and charming, and the wearer prefers to stand out than fit in. A pair of heels can drastically change the character of one's appearance. They can elevate one's confidence with a stylish outfit.

Going with heels is the way to feel both comfortable and hot. If it were up to most females, many could wear heels all day long if it were possible. Especially a pair of high heels exudes abounding levels of chic. To some people, wedges are fake high heels. Depending on who you ask, stiletto heels are hotter than wedge heels. I mentioned peep-toes in the previous section. As you may know, peep-toe designs are better left for non-flat shoes. I think peep-toes are a showing of elegance and are best expressed with high-heel shoes (high-heel platform peep-toe shoes are even better).

Those who really love shoes equally appreciate both flats and heels equally. Some others feel you are either into heels or flats. Don't feel ashamed if the majority of people love heels while you prefer flats. A lot of other people and bloggers will say that heels are the way to go. Me, however, think any female would look lovely either in flats OR high heels. I would prefer high heels, whether they are regular high heels or wedge high heels. That's me, regardless.

One blog that celebrates the beauty of high heels is called "Hottest Heels - Heels Are Hot! Anything Else Is Not!" If you want to see the beauty of high heels, click on this link: Hottest Heels - Heels Are Hot! Anything Else Is Not!.

Flats and heels. Where do YOU stand? Feel free to contribute to the discussion with your commentary! Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

While I too think heels are stylish,I do wear flats a lot! Heels are beautiful but unfortunately not practical! I love flat strappy sandals and even sneakers!You can run around all day and still smile! personally I find it hard to smile when I feel pain!!!! and that's what happens to me after a while of wearing heels.I choose comfort over style in my everyday life,but no argument heels are the prettiest!!! :) xo

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