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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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(UPDATED: July 16, 2017)

The rompers (or playsuits) of old were given a chic and modern touch in the mid-late 2000s. Now, rompers/playsuits are more chic than ever! These one-piece shorts have shown to be trendy whether in the daytime or even at night. They are almost the shorts alternative to mini dresses. Most people think of these one-piece shorts as being something little girls would wear, as opposed to grown- girls. While there are rompers for kids, they can also be wearable for grown-ups. And the ones for grown-ups can range from cute to chic. This blog post is about rompers/playsuits.

I will refer to these as rompers for most of this post. However, there aer some who call rompers as playsuits. That's why you see both "rompers" and "playsuits" in the same namesake. While rompers/playsuits are considered jumpsuits, this blog post does NOT concern jumpsuits. I am defining jumpsuit as one-piece PANTS, not one-piece shorts.

Having said all of this... let's begin!


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Before I begin, allow me to show you a romper to set the mood of this post:

romper playsuit
^ from: - As cute/chic as rompers (or playsuits) can be, some argue they should only be worn by children.

Rompers (they are called playsuits in some countries) are one-piece shorts worn by females. Their charm and style usually are exhibited for daytime (and even nighttime) wear. They could be worn anywhere ranging from hanging out with friends to even a night out. Rompers/Playsuits even can be worn to the beach as coverups for your swimsuit. Footwear options for rompers mostly depend on the romper itself and where you're out around. Rompers are usually worn with sandals or some pumps. However, some even dare wear ankle boots, flats, sneakers, and the like. More versatile rompers can be worn for a night out. Just trade the casual shoes for some more dressy shoes or dressy sandals. Do not be ashamed or frightened about looking hot wearing a romper for a night out. Remember earlier that I mentioned rompers as being almost the shorts alternative to a mini dress. Therefore, some rompers can be just as hot as some of the hottest short dresses!

For girls, rompers/playsuits can be just as wearable and fun. They can be very comfortable to wear for little girls as they can be for Juniors and Women. Dressing a girl in a romper dress can be just as cute as wearing a regular dress. A simple pair of flip-flop/thong sandals, other kinds of sandals, flats, or even sneakers will nicely compliment a romper for kids.

Criticisms of Rompers/Playsuits.

I mostly know of two complaints people make about rompers/playsuits. One of them is that you have to take off your romper in case you have to go to the bathroom or something. The other complaint is how some think rompers/playsuits look better on kids than for adults. Not sure of too many other complaints people have against rompers, but these two are usually two of the most common complaints I've read or heard.

Now you know about rompers/playsuits.

More Rompers/Playsuits in Pictures

Here are more pictures of rompers/playsuits:

juniors rompers
^ from: - Kouture by Kimora rompers for Juniors.

women rompers
^ from: - Rompers/Playsuits - they aren't ONLY for kids and babies! In fact, they can be sexy for women, as the beautiful lady above demonstrates.

Rompers/Playsuits Around the Blogosphere

(ADDED: July 3, 2013)

Do you want to see other bloggers wear rompers/playsuits? This part of this blog post

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"Rompered!" (Lynne Gabriel) (not a Blogger/Blogspot blog) « a bright orange silky romper.

romper/playsuit looks on LOOKBOOK
(ADDED: October 10, 2013) romper/playsuit
page on Chictopia

These are only so many different bloggers who rocked rompers. If you have a look relevant to a topic that I should check out, please be sure to contact me via E-Mail or message my Facebook fan page.

General Thoughts on Rompers/Playsuits

I generally love rompers that appear like short dresses. One of the most enticing elements of fashion (to me) is providing illusions. It can be very cool to fool people into thinking you're wearing a mini dress... when you're really wearing skirt-like shorts. Add to the fact that these are shorts with a stylish top attached to them, and you're providing the illusion of wearing a super-short dress when you're really wearing a romper dress.

So by all means, wear your rompers proudly!

Cross-Promotion and Other Reading.

Here are some other resources I'd like to share regarding this topic:

"Rompers/Playsuits" - John's Blog Space
^ This is my more in-depth post in my main blog, "John's Blog Space."

That is all. Thanks!

Rompers/Playsuits Online

Did you enjoy this blog post of mine? Would you like to shop for some rompers/playsuits online? I'd like for you to help support my work and show your respect for my work. One way is by Subscribing and Following my blog so you can see my latest posts. Another way is to do a little shopping. If you'd like to buy some rompers/playsuits online based on what you've read, I invite you to check out these offers:

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Here are a few of the many rompers/playsuits:

Amazon Shopping.

All Rompers/Playsuits on Amazon...

Other Sources...

These items will get you started if you want some rompers/playsuits. All items were meant either for US Juniors sizes or US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted:

Here are other sources that may interest you if you want to shop for some rompers/playsuits. Pick one (or more) to satisfy your love of rompers. Each one has mostly been specified for rompers for women and/or Juniors. These links may also feature jumpsuits, though I've focused on rompers (though rompers are technically jumpsuits). Various sizes besides Juniors and Women:

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rompers/playsuits on Revolve Clothing

(ADDED: May 27, 2014)
I've added some more resources for you all in case you want some more options. So please take a look at these:

rompers/playsuits on JCPenney
rompers/playsuits on Macy's
rompers/playsuits on Walmart (or Wal-Mart)
rompers/playsuits on Sears
rompers/playsuits on Wet Seal
rompers/playsuits on Delia's
rompers/playsuits on Charlotte Russe

Thanks for your continued support!

What do you think about rompers/playsuits? Let me know by posting some comments! Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this and my other posts.

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