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Sunday, August 5, 2012

30 for 30 Fashion Challenge

John Marine | 11:23 PM |
30 garments. 30 outfits. 30 days. Can you endure this unique fashion challenge? Can you remix those 30 garments to come up with as many different outfits as possible? Oh- and you can't shop for any other garments while you're at it! For many fashion bloggers, this unique fashion challenge is a test of how much one can expand one's wardrobe without having to continually shop for clothes. Can you do it? Can you come up with 30 different garments?

Since this is officially my 30th StyleSpace post, I specifically reserved this topic for my 30th post on here. There are some other "30 for 30" challenges, so I specifically specified this be about the "30 for 30" fashion challenge.

About the Label: "Challenges"

Blog posts labeled under "Challenges" are unique challenges related to fashion. They are either just-for-fun, or they may be based on certain challenges put forth by other bloggers or other personalities. At best, this may allow my readers/visitors the opportunity to put their skills or talents to the test against others. This can help in getting more engagement from my audience.

--- 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge ---

The 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge was set up by a lady named Kendi. In her blog called "Kendi Everyday," this lady put forth a challenge many fashion bloggers have attempted. Here are the parameters for the "30 for 30 Challenge"...

• You can only use the clothes you already have, and you must choose between 30 garments you own (including shoes). Coats and accessories are excluded from the count of 30 garments.

• Remix your wardrobe to put together 30 (or more) outfits.

• You can't shop for any more clothes for the duration of the challenge.

...The exact post with the exact rules is here: "Announcing..." - Kendi Everyday. However, you have already read most of the key points already of this challenge if you did not click on the link provided earlier.

--- 30 for 30 Challenge: Blogging Influence ---

Other bloggers have taken on the 30 for 30 challenge. How did they do? I will link you to bloggers who took on the 30 for 30 challenge.

30 for 30: Sydney's Fashion Diary.

Petite fashion blogger Sydney took on the 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge for herself. How did she do? Her 30 for 30 Challenge posts can be seen below:
30 for 30 - Sydney's Fashion Diary

30 for 30: Curves Ahead.

Candy tried her luck at the 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge. This plus size lady specializes in makeup but also showcases some of her own lovely looks. They even include her own Fancy Steps line of shoes. See how this Latina hermosa did in her "30 for 30" challenge:
30 for 30 - Curves Ahead

Unfortunately, these are the only two bloggers I know of whom have taken on the 30 for 30 fashion challenge. I may add more bloggers who did the "30 for 30" challenge in future edits. Kendi's blog has a standalone page featuring MANY bloggers who took up on Kendi's challenge. Have a look at the MANY bloggers who accepted the 30 for 30 fashion challenge: Kendi Everyday: THE REMIXERS.

--- 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge: Final Thoughts ---

This challenge helps you to realize that you DO have enough clothes to wear and that you CAN find something to wear. The only thing about this challenge is that you don't have to be so concerned about not having enough clothes to wear. By simply looking through your wardrobe and remixing your outfits, you can put together new looks along without feeling like you have to buy new clothes. There are a number of fashion bloggers who impose their own shopping bans or have a set budget on clothes. If anything, this challenge will help you to accept that there are many ways to maximize your wardrobe without having to constantly spend money on clothes.

So all in all, this is a great way to manage your money while expanding and enhancing your wardrobe. Why not try this fashion challenge yourself if you're daring?

Would you try this challenge? Would you succeed at this challenge? Comment away, and thank you for reading!

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