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Sunday, August 5, 2012

High-Low/Mullet Skirts and Dresses

John Marine | 7:20 PM | |
(UPDATED: October 10, 2012)

The high-low/mullet look has become trendy and stylish for skirts and dresses. It is flirty and feminine with such fabulous style. The look also is befitting of vintage glamour as well. No matter how you see these skirts and dresses, there is a real magic to why these garments are so gorgeous. While the high-low/mullet look also pertains to tops, this blog post only focuses on high-low/mullet skirts and dresses.


OCT 10 2012 - corrected a spelling error

--- High-Low/Mullet Skirts and Dresses ---

high-low/mullet skirt
^ from: - High-low/Mullet skirts and dresses, such as this skirt from Bebe,

High-Low skirts and dresses (also called mullet skirts and dresses) feature a high hemline up front followed by a low hemline at the rear. Not all high-low/mullet skirts and dresses are floor-length at the back, and not all high-low skirts are super-short up front. What makes the look beautiful to me is just the draping appeal of high-low/mullet skirts and dresses. I look at these as elegant garments that are immensely charming. Therefore, I don't really see such garments to be paired with sneakers or any casual sandals. Boots I'm kind of hit-or-miss on to go with high-low/mullet skirts and dresses.

Whether casually or formally, the high-low/mullet skirt or dress can make a gorgeous style statement. I don't see how anyone can dislike this look unless you prefer tough or edgy looks as opposed to ladylike, charming pieces like these skirts and dresses. Even casual high-low/mullet skirts and dresses have some sort of elegance to them.

--- High-Low Skirts/Dresses Around the Blogosphere ---

Want to see some ladies sport their high-low skirts and high-low dresses? If so, you are invited to have a look at these outfit posts from various other bloggers. You have my approval to Follow their respective blogs if you enjoy their outfit posts. These are only a few recent examples from a variety of fashion bloggers. So have a look at these to see the bloggers sport this look. I'll take you to three different parts of the world with these three inspirations:

High-Low Inspiration: Maytedoll.

Maytedoll is a blog created by the beautiful Mexican Mayte. Mayte is a beautiful lady, and she wears a beautiful high-low skirt here: "Aqua Colors." - Maytedoll.

High-Low Inspiration: Trendsurvivor How To ...

Meet Nina. This Greek fashionista has many different ways for her to showcase her style to all of you. Nina goes high-low with a floral high-low skirt in "My Lookbook : How I wore my high/low floral skirt?" - Trendsurvivor How To ....

High-Low Inspiration: .a little princess..

This Indonesian princess wears a cute black high-low skirt along with some golden sandals "under the sun" - .a little princess.. In a later post, Veren Lee went with a different style of shoes to go with a very elegant high-low skirt. See for yourself: "Another Asymmetrical & GIVEAWAY WINNER" - .a little princess..

High-Low Inspiration: HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS.

A beautiful lady named Maria de la Cruz hails from Panama. This petite Panamanian princess showcases some high-low style in one specific blog post. Here is a change of pace- a high-low dress worn by Maria. See how else she styles her high-low dress by looking at this blog post: HIGH LOW CHIFFON DRESS new at - HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS.

High-Low Inspiration: Song of Style.

Aimee (pronounced "Aw-Meeh") Song goes high-low for you with her outfit. While her denim jean jacket provides some toughness, this lady knows style like the back of her hand. See how flirty and appealing a high-low/mullet dress can be as Aimee Song walks with confidence in this blog post: "The Art of High and Low" - Song of Style.

High-Low Inspiration: keiko lynn.

Keiko Lynn may just be one of the most fabulous bloggers on the Internet. She went high-low (and a bit edgy) pairing a high-low/mullet dress with a leather jacket. How do you think Keiko Lynn showcase her high-low/mullet style in this post: "rock ballad" - keiko lynn?

High-Low Inspiration: Principessa Gabriella.

Here are two high-low garments from Principessa Gabriella. First off, Gabriella would gladly tell you that there is only one way a girl celebrates her birthday- in style! This is the kind of dress that's lovely to wear when celebrating a birthday: "2 Birthday Dresses! Polka-dotted and High-low Dresses!" - Principessa Gabriella. A recent post of hers features her in a high-low skirt. Take a look as Gabriella blossoms beautifull with this floral high-low skirt: "Casual and Party Outfits! and Haircut!" - Principessa Gabriella.

High-Low Inspiration: Little Petite.

Don't think petites can wear high-low skirts or dresses and look fabulous? Say hello to Adriana. The Californian shows you her high-low style with this beautiful high-low dress. This colorful dress she wears is complimented with a lovely pair of shoes. Adriana allures both with this dress look: Adriana allures with this look: High-Low minty dress - Little Petite, and this skirt look: "Navy and Baby Blue" - Little Petite.

High-Low Inspiration: Glam Kitten's Litter Box.

My good blogging friend Bonnie released a post showcasing a high-low/mullet skirt. The beautiful petite from the Midwest comfortably showcases her incredible style in a recent blog post. Bonnie beauty here: One Word: Mullet - Photo Shoot (Glam Kitten's Litter Box).

High-Low Inspiration: Aibina's Blog.

The beautiful Aibina from Kazakhstan shows you a rather cute outfit with a high-low/mullet skirt. Her high-low/mullet style can be seen here with this look: My inspiration is Audrey Hepburn (Aibina's Blog).

High-Low Inspiration: AMIClubWear (YouTube).

Here is a style report from YouTube featuring High-Low/Mullet skirts and dresses. Check out the YouTube video to get some video insight on the high-low/mullet look: "Hot, High and Low Hemlines" - YouTube.

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--- High-Low/Mullet Skirts and Dresses Online ---

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I also hope you like these skirts and dresses I've made mention to. I would appreciate if you were to take a look at these offers if you would like to do some shopping for high-low/mullet skirts and dresses. Help yourself to these if you don't mind doing some shopping for these lovely garments.

I would personally appreciate your business if you were to buy anything that interests you based on what you see here. I've made the effort to blog professionally about this topic; all I can hope for in return is your support of my efforts.

• High-Low Skirts (ShopStyle):

• High-Low Dresses (ShopStyle):

These links below are search results. Some of these links may include various other high-low/mullet items (besides skirts and dresses). Be mindful of this if you may visit any of these links. I try to make my material as relevant and as accurate as possible. Click on them to find relevant items based on the searches I've made for you:

High-Low/Mullet Skirts on Amazon
High-Low/Mullet Dresses on Amazon
High-Low/Mullet Skirts on eBay
High-Low/Mullet Dresses on eBay
all "high-low" on Singer22 « includes skirts, dresses, and other high-low items
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I may add more links depending on further interest from my readers.

Thank you for reading!

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