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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Define Your Fashion Style

John Marine | 2:51 PM | |
Sometimes, I get the feeling that certain females have to add something tough to avoid looking "too girly," or that some look too cute. Some people would say that cute is for kids- not teenagers or adults. This commentary piece of mine is about defining your style. Just because I mostly like cute looks and various fashionable looks doesn't mean I dislike toughness, or at least prefer someone adds something tough to offset being "too girly." No- define your own style and don't let anyone else tell you different.

--- Define Your Style: Pondering Points ---

This blog post involves two things I'd like for you to consider and think about: (1) the need to reinvent your style, and (2) do I need to be sexy and/or tough in my style of dress?

Do I Need to Reinvent Myself?

No one person in fashion should ever have to feel like constantly reinventing one's style. You are in charge of you. So you don't have to wear any kind of tough shoes or tough accessories to compliment a dainty dress (for example). Sure, it's different to wear something unexpected; but don't ever feel like you HAVE to be tough or have to wear something tough in fears of looking too soft. Fashion should embrace your personality and your charm. If part of that charm involves looking and feeling like a girly-girl, then so be it. If you love twirling around in cute skirts and dresses, don't change up your style just to meet somebody else's expectations. If you prefer strappy chic sandals over combat boots to go with a certain look, that's your call. I sometimes get sick of those who feel like you HAVE to wear something tough, as if looking too feminine or girly somehow is a reflection of one being soft, and to save face, you have to somehow incorporate something tough into your outfit.

Do I Need to Look and Be Sexy And/Or Fierce?

Not once have I ever prefer that some female wear something tough or prefer a girly look to have something tough. It makes you no less of a person to have a certain overall style that defines you and your fashion charm. It does help that you mix up your style every now and then. However, don't feel like you HAVE to get out of your fashionable comfort zone on a constant basis.

People do not need to constantly change their style just to be in good graces of somebody's sense of fashion or what someone considers acceptable in fashion.

--- Define Your Style: Case Studies ---

Here are topics to think about as you're reading this post:

• Is there a such thing as looking "too girly" or "too soft?"

• Does a female NEED to incorporate some toughness in her looks, even if she doesn't normally dress tough in any way?

• Does a female NEED to look super-sexy and slender to be worthy of any attention?

Now let's look around the blogosphere for a look at certain bloggers who have their own unique style. Since these are Blogger/Blogspot blogs, you are free to Subscribe and Follow these blogs if they interest you. Each of the featured blogs are described in a way that I perceive these blogs to be. I will feature one (or maybe more) posts just to describe their overall style.

Cupcake's Clothes

With a name like "Cupcake's Clothes," one has to imagine there is a lot of cuteness involved. And really, Georgina's blog is really one of the cutest and one of the most lighthearted online. What I love most about Georgina's blog is just how positive and creative she is. She is someone who really has fun with fashion and loves being creative. The plus size beauty has abounding amounts of cuteness with her outfits and posts. The dress Georgina wears in this post was made herself.
"Lollipops and Rainbows" (Cupcake's Clothes)

Principessa Gabriella.

Gabriella's blog introduced me to "Cupcake's Clothes" when she kindly featured 20 of her favorite blog posts (incluiding mine). Gabriella is someone else who has a very cute sense of style. She also enjoys fashion and is unafraid to mix up her style. At one point, she may be twirling in a cute skirt or a cute dress; then, she might look cute with a nice jeans look. I've chosen an old blog post of hers to showcase her lovely sense of style. These were outfits worn as Gabriella celebrated her birthday. One is a cute blue dress (some of you may know that blue is my favorite color), and another is a lovely high-low/mullet dress.
"2 Birthday Dresses! Polka-dotted and High-Low Dresses!" (Principessa Gabriella)

Always Maylee.

Yi-chia of "Always Maylee" is undoubtedly a girly-girl. Her styles are mostly cute casual looks, but she can also turn up the fashion heat with a few classy looks. I always admire the lighthearted and positive nature of Yi-chia as she showcases her style. When posting on Fridays, she comes along with her "Love-It Notes," featuring about three things she loves and loves to share with her reading audience. So be humbled to a fun experience each time a post is made on "Always Maylee."
"Peeking Dots" (Always Maylee)

Miss Kwong.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful teachers in the world, Agnes teaches High School English in her native Hong Kong. She can also teach a good deal of lessons on style. Miss Kwong is more refined and classy with her style. However, she does have some nice casual fashion insight. So I'd put her in the categories of classy and chic. The post I selected is somewhat a middle ground between her casual style and her chic style. And like me, Miss Kwong is a cat lover. So let this lovely lady meow... I mean, wow... you with her style by looking at this outfit post of hers:
"Suburban Bliss" (Miss Kwong)

the fancy teacup.

Ever tasted style from the fancy teacup? Jamie has very feminine and ladylike style. How this petite shows that style varies from post to post. At one point, she may be put together with a very feminine and charming outfit- like a lovely skirt and some gorgeous pumps. At another point, she may come up with something casual, yet refined- like a pair of denim shorts paired with chic pumps or chic sandals. The following post is a sample of her refined chic style:
"french countryside." (the fancy teacup)


Karla Deras is one of the most popular fashion bloggers online. This short-haired beauty from California has refined style whether casually or with chic style. Karla is very vintage-oriented when it comes to fashion. I have great respect for Karla and all of her work. Besides fashion, she also has her own jewelry collection- Karla Deras x Roman Luxe. I chose this blog post to showcase Karla's fashion style to all of you.
"Sweet Pink" (KARLA'S CLOSET)

My Silk Fairytale.

This Romanian beauty named Alina often times post a number of outfits. Her sense of style is perhaps the most varied of any fashion blogger I follow. She can have girly style and charm in one post. In a future post, she may go with something a bit more edgy. She can be colorful or be dark. Alina can go from a T-shirt and jean shorts to a glamourous skirt or a lovely dress. She may wear some chic sandals or go with some sneakers. In other words... Alina is someone who tries to feature many different looks at a time. However, it is all done in a way to where she isn't trying to continually reinvent herself all the time. Here is one of her many styles- vintage glamour with a fabulous outfit...
"Badabing Badaboom" (My Silk Fairytale)

Glam and Fab Chameleon.

When you visit Jelena's blog, you can see the Serbian beauty showcase her style in her own ways. Everything from casual looks with jeans to glamourous ladylike outfits can be seen with this lady. So she is very diverse in her style. Jelena even has some hot swimsuit looks. For this post, however, I'm showing you a delightfully ladylike post of hers. Prepare to be awed by this lady's sense of style with this post I've chosen:
"new look: Dreaming of French Riviera" (Glam and Fab Chameleon)


Tiffany's style is somewhat a combination of chic and artistic. Rarely does she give into trends. This beautiful lady has charming style with more chic pieces. When dressed down, her casual charm comes alive about as well as she is with more chic looks. The post I've chosen showcases the American-Belizean beauty from California's style:
"leather and lace." (tuolomee)

Art in Our Blood.

This blogger named Jennifer has a mixed array of styles. Many of her styles are very artistic, but she also incorporates a good array of toughness and darkness to some of her looks. Do not be surprised if you see lots of dark and edgy looks and accessories in her outfit posts. Her styles are varied, yet artistic and expressive. One example of her styles is featured in this post I've selected:
"EXOSKELETON" (Art in Our Blood)

So now that you've seen one or multiple posts featured here, you now know that everyone has their own distinct style. You shouldn't have to emulate somebody else's style- just go with what makes you YOU.

--- Define Your Style: Final Thoughts ---

My biggest problem in fashion is that people have to think every female has to be super-sexy or super tough. They don't! It makes females no less of females to look too cute or too tough or whatever. I have no problem with cute. Thing is, most others just think cute is for kids and babies. You don't have to wear studs, spikes, skulls, or whatever if you don't like wearing them or want to wear them. Everyone is unique and have unique style. Why compromise or settle just to get in the good graces of somebody else?

Be cute. Be chic. Be sexy. Be fierce. Heck- be tough. Define your fashion style the way you want to define your style. Don't let anyone belittle you or act against you, as if every female with a fashion blog or a Chictopia (or some other fashion social media) member has to be really sexy or really tough to be worth any attention. No- be yourself. Don't change up your style unless you really want to, and unless you feel you want to take on a personality and a style different from what you are normally used to. Don't dress outside of your comfort zone. Go with what makes you look and feel good.

There lies the difference between most peoples' thinking and my own. I am accepting of others' style while some people will criticize and undermine most females just because they aren't slender and sexy. Not every female would choose a pair of spiked Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties over a pair of American Eagle ballet flats or some Converses. Not every female would pair a cute sundress with some combat boots rather than a pair of high-heel wedge sandals. Fashion is all about expressing yourself however you please with your own style. Why should you have to change your style just to meet somebody else's tastes? There are style choices I may agree or disagree with. There may be trends and looks I may love or loathe. The most important thing, however is that one person expresses style the way he/she perceives is stylish or expressive. I'm sorry that the world can't adhere to your guidelines of what qualifies as fashionable or acceptable.

It is best just to define your fashion style and stick to it without having to keep reinventing yourself constantly. Be yourself and basically have fun with fashion.

--- Cross-Promotion and Other Reading ---

I have only one thing to share for this section, and it takes you to my primary blog. Have a visit if you're interested:

"Fashion Blog Shout-Outs!" (John's Blog Space)
^ I introduced you to a few fashion blogs I follow. Want to introduce yourself to more fashion blogs I follow? Some of the many can be found in the link above.

Here is an extra resource not from me:
"How to Define Your Personal Style: A Step by Step Guide" (LOVELYiSH) « tips on how to define your own fashion style

I may keep editing it as I learn of more bloggers on here.

Do you feel like you have to keep reinventing your fashion style? Do you think there is a such thing as looking "too girly" or "too soft?" How do you feel about how certain people perceive what is stylish and what isn't? Let's try to get some conversation going. Thank you for reading!

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