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Beauty on YouTube and in Blogging

In blogs and on YouTube, there are many resources devoted to beauty. It can be fairly tough to find certain ones that are among some of the better beauty resources. So what I did was compile some of the many beauty blogs and YouTube channels based on personal favorites and popular material. This blog post was only going to be about YouTube beauty, but I am also including beauty blogs online. So this is a blog showcasing beauty specialists and experts on YouTube and in blogging. Maybe I can connect you to others who specialize in or feature beauty insights.

Welcome to "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine"- the stylish space of my blogging universe!

--- Beauty on YouTube ---

The channels I am about to make mention to are either popular channels or channels I personally respect for their work. This blog post may be updated every so often to include more material for my readers if interested. Each channel featured has a header and a description. If the channel interests you, please click on the header of that specific channel to visit that YouTube channel's official profile page.

Thank you for visiting. If any of the represented channels are reading this blog post, I'd like to welcome you to "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"


One of the very first YouTube beauty channels I came across was Aubrey of "fafinettex3." Her channel consists of a combination of various beauty touches along with a few different fashion haul videos. She really covers the bases (to paraphrase baseball).


bubzbeauty is a YouTube channel with some fun beauty touches. She's a very cute girl with very cute style.


Michelle Phan is one of the most well-respected and most professional beauty Gurus on YouTube. Her videos are highly entertaining and creative.


If you prefer a beauty Guru who is candy sweet, try Kandee Johnson and her YouTube channel. She is one of the most popular beauty bloggers and vloggers online.


Speaking of being as sweet as candy... Candy of Curves Ahead Makeup is a beautiful plus size woman who is a professional makeup artist. This SoCal sweetheart is also the founder of her own shoe line, Fancy Steps. Her blog bears the same name as her makeup line. Besides her beauty insights, Candy also shares fashion hauls as well as some of her many looks.


This lady loves deco and beauty. HitomiNeko is a beautiful lady with a cute voice and a great sense of style. Most of what she focuses on is on product reviews of beauty products. She is a very beautiful lady.


Anitra is a Southern beauty hailing from Alabama. I was first drawn to her for her quirky and cute personality, which she expresses VERY well in her videos. Most of what she showcases are her various beauty touches as well as some haul videos and some reviews. Never a dull moment when this Alabama girl posts a YouTube video.


Meet Miss Kwong. She is a High School English teacher from Hong Kong who shares her fashion insight as well as her beauty insights. She mostly provides tutorial videos showcasing her beauty advice.

GregoryGORGEOUS (Honorable Mention!).

Gregory GORGEOUS is the YouTube channel of an immensely handsome Canadian male. He provides entertaining material along with a number of beauty insights.

Feel free to get your YouTube beauty insight from these channels (and more).

--- Beauty in Blogging ---

This section features certain bloggers who are adept in providing beauty advice and beauty touches. You are invited to visit these blogs if they are to your interest. Just click on the headings to visit their blogs. Some blogs may have not been updated in a long while. However, I am including them because I respect their work. They are all listed in no particular order...

Principessa Gabriella.

Principessa (Italian for "princess") Gabriella shares insights in fashion and various other items in her blog. She usually shares multiple outfits in one post. Also included in many of these posts are closeups of her beauty touches. These close-up shots allow you to see how lovely her hair, face, and makeup touches are.

The Pink Collar.

This is a fairly young blog from a beautiful lady named Shirley. This Asian beauty from the Atlanta area lends her insight on beauty and even does some outfit posts. She has more than 10 years experience as a professional cosmetologist. So it's safe to say she knows what she's doing in regards to makeup. Shirley's sweet style can be seen in her many blog posts.

Curves Ahead.

Candy is not only this blogger's name, but it is also how sweet her sense of style is. This candy-sweet Latina from California is the lady behind Curves Ahead Makeup as well as her Fancy Steps fashion store. Candy showcases some of her outfit posts as well as certain other items.

*~ HitomiNeko ~* * * Lovely Things in my life * * *.

This blogger (mentioned earlier) lends her beauty and product review insight to her blog. HitomiNeko's blog also features various other items besides fashion and beauty.

Miss Kwong.

Listen to what the Hong Kong teacher has to say. Miss Kwong is one of the most beautiful teachers in the world. She lends her insight in beauty in her posts as well as product reviews regarding beauty products.

keiko lynn.

Keiko Lynn is one of the most popular fashion bloggers online. This fabulous Floridian often shares outfit posts as well as makeup posts. She has a Makeup Monday series devoted to some of her many different makeup touches. Care to gain insight from such a lady? If so, her blog is waiting for you to visit. Or if you just want to see her makeup posts, try this: Makeup posts on "keiko lynn"

Lexi Minty Fresh.

I came along and featured this blog out of respect. Lexi is cool with my blogging work, so I will feature here here on StyleSpace in this blog post. She often features various outfit posts, but most of her work pertains more to beauty touches than outfit posts. It is still a great blog to visit if seeking insights on beauty.

Glam and Fab Chameleon.

Born in Serbia and based in Greece, Jelena is a fashionista who loves playing with color. Her outfit posts consist of a combination of well put-together outfits along with her goddess-like beauty touches. Unlike a lot of other outfit posts, Jelena focuses the attention more on colors rather than certain garments themselves. This blog has a little of everything and a lot of awesome. Her posts are available both in English and in Serbian.

Sugarry Lips Glittery Nails.

Hailing from India, Isha is a blogger who mostly does beauty product reviews as well as reviews of other things. She even has a YouTube channel that she sometimes lend her expertise to.


The "dolledupdaily" blog is a blog made by a Michigan lady named Haylee. While it hasn't been updated in a long while, Haylee is a beautiful lady with angelic curly hair and a sweet smile.

These are some of many different blogs I follow and want to share with you.

The YouTube channels and blogs are among some of many different items worldwide regarding beauty. I hope you were able to get to meet some new bloggers, especially if you all are using the Blogger/Blogspot interface. I thank all of you for reading this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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Hi John! I'm sorry I've been missing from here for a while, been busy with enjoying my time off and preparing to go back to school. Thank you for including me here, I like your new style blog if I haven't said so already. :) I follow a lot of the other people mentioned here too, great choices. :) I'll be back to read/comment on the rest of your blogs/posts soon.

♥ Principessa


Thank you so much for sharing those links dear John! I knew half of them, but the rest I'm gonna need to check for sure!
p.s. Thank you for your comment, you're always such a sweet and polite person!:)
Happy Thursday!


OMG I forgot to tell you the most important thing (my mind is a bit off today!)- THANK YOU for including me in your list, I'm more than flattered!!!



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