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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flare Flair

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(UPDATED: July 26, 2017)

Tired of skinny bottoms? Go flared! Flared bottoms expand out and provide immense style. Whether flared jeans or pants, whether flared skirts or dresses; if there's flare, it's fair game here. This blog post concerns flared bottoms. Get a feel for what flared bottoms provide as well as insight on flared bottoms of various kinds. No skinny bottoms here- it's all about the flare.

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JUL 26 2017 - extensive, multiple edits

(NOTE: a lot of this material may be severely outdated as of the latest update, so many of the links may or may not work.)

Flares at a Glance

Flared bottoms have legs or portions that expand outward. Such flares are open and free. Flared jeans and pants can offer the illusion of longer legs. Almost as if seeing a pair of flared legs is like providing the illusion of having much longer legs than what the wearer's actually are. The popularity of flared jeans and pants can be traced back to about the time of hippies as well as the 1970s. The drape and flow of these pants swishing at the legs make them every bit attractive. You could go with your favorite flat shoes or sandals, but the groovy set will want to pair these funky flares with a sweet pair of platforms or platform wedges. Flares, however, can be an issue for those who are either too tall or too short. Petites' statures can be overwhelmed with flared jeans or flared pants. So finding the right pair of flared jeans/pants for petites can be somewhat of a problem.

While we normally think of flared pants and jeans, there are skirts and dresses with flare to them. Their appeal is just as enticing, though not like a pair of flared pants or jeans. Such flared skirts and dresses can be fun to wear since you can twirl around in them. They can also be quite flattering to wear as well. You don't have to worry too much about tightness and such wearing a flared skirt/dress as opposed to more slim skirts/dresses.

Celebrities like Rachel Zoe, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba, and others have made the flared jean cool and fashionable. It's safe to say that anyone bored of skinny jeans will find something to love with flared jeans or flared pants. like Rachel Zoe, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba, and others have made the flared jean cool and fashionable. It's safe to say that anyone bored of skinny jeans will find something to love with flared jeans or flared pants.

Flared Jeans and Pants

flared jeans
^ from:, by way of - Move over skinnies, flares are back!

Many people usually think of bell bottoms from the '70s when "bell bottoms" are uttered. This was surely the decade where their popularity was vastly stated. Such jeans and pants had massive flares to them. In fact, some of the ones with massive flares were known as "elephant" bell bottoms. A lot of people will trace the history of bell bottoms back to sailors of the 1940s and such, who wore bell bottom pants. The legs could easily be rolled up when at work. They became trendy as everyday wear in the 1970s and saw a resurgence in the mid-late 1990s. Today, flared bottoms are hotter than ever.

When it comes to flared denim, I am most fond of 7 for All Mankind. They make some of the sexiest flared jeans for women. Some of their loveliest flares include their Erin wide-leg trouser jeans and the Georgia high-waist flare jeans. You can do some '90s chic and go with a pair of flared low-rise jeans. Or, you can opt for some groovy '70s chic and go with a pair of high-waist flare pants or high-waist flare jeans. While it's still warm, white flared jeans or white flared pants are very much stylish. White flared jeans/pants are a great diversion from the typical blue denim flares.

The next few items are a look at some of the different kinds of flared jeans/pants.

Skinny Flare.

skinny flare
^ from: - Skinny jeans with a kick of flare. Meet the skinny flare.

In an attempt for skinny jeans/pants to be as cool as their pant counterparts, the "skinny flare" was created. These are essentially skinny jeans that have flared legs to them to offer a middle ground for those who want skinny jeans/pants while not sacrificing the appeal of flared jeans/pants.


bootcut flare
^ from: - Bootcut jeans and pants offer only a modest amount of flare.

A pair of bootcut flared jeans or pants have only a modest flare to them. The radius of the flares are rather short, so they don't have massive flares. These are a less daring style of flared bottoms.


flare pants
^ from: - Enjoy the beauty of flares, like with these flared pants from Australian designer Ellery.

Jeans and pants with wider flares are flared bottoms. Some of these flares can reach out as far as the tips of one's toes, and they have wider radius flares than their bootcut counterparts.

Bell Bottom (or Bellbottom).

bell bottom jeans
^ from: - Bell bottom jeans and pants offer copious amounts of flare. This featured picture is a gorgeous pair of bell bottom jeans from 7 for All Mankind.

The classic bell bottom jeans and pants have very wide flares. They are befitting of 1970s chic. VERY much the anti-skinny jean/pant. Most of these true bell bottom jeans and pants are usually reserved these days to costumes. However, true lovers of real bell bottoms truly dig the massive flares these pants and jeans provide.

Elephant Bell Bottoms.

If you like the widest-possible flares, then you'll love elephant bell bottoms. The elephant namesake relates to flares that are massive. You're not going to find many elephant bell bottoms unless you do some vintage shopping. And by then, you'll have to hope you can wear them well enough to rock some '70s chic.

Do you want to see some more denim makers who have some lovely flare jeans? Here are a few others who make some popular flares:

7 for All Mankind
Genetic Denim


Want to learn how to take a regular pair of jeans or pants and make flares out of them? Many of the tutorials I found were about how to turn flare jeans into skinny jeans- NOT what I was going for. Here are some resources to help you in turning skinny or slim jeans into flared jeans:

How to Make Bellbottom Pants (
How to Flare Jeans (eHow)

There's more to this post. Keep reading!

Flared Skirts and Dresses

flared skirt
^ from: - A flared skirt is comfortable and airy, as well as being fun and girly.

flared dress
^ from:, by way of - Can't a girl twirl in a fun fit-and-flare dress?

While flares are more common with jeans and pants, there are skirts and dresses that have flare to them. They also have the same airy appeal like with the flared legs of flared jeans and flared pants. Only that these are free-hanging garments you can twirl in. I guess the first thing I think about with flared skirts are floor-length denim skirts that have gores them or are any of those tulip or mermaid skirts.

Anyhow, such flared skirts and flared dresses can have great charm to them.

Flares Around the Blogosphere

Don't think you can look good in a pair of flares? Most of what I will feature here are flared pants and jeans. The primary criteria is that the blogger herself must be wearing the outfit. I am not just looking for outfits thrown together- they have to be actually wearing the items in a legit picture for me to feature the post. Why not take a look at these items and see how bloggers are sporting their flares? Follow and Subscribe to their blogs if you love the blogs I post here. Only the final featured post is NOT a Blogger/Blogspot blog.

NOTE: All items are either flared jeans or flared pants.

Glam and Fab Chameleon.

First off is the beautiful Jelena from Serbia. Two of her posts feature her in two different lovely flared pants. The first one is a sweet flared jeans look, and the second look features her in a sweet pair of flared pants. Double the love from one lovely blogger:
New Look: "Dark Rose" (Glam and Fab Chameleon)
"New Look: Burgundy on the Roof" (Glam and Fab Chameleon)

Curves Ahead.

Candy is not only the name of the lady behind this blog, but it also is a word to describe how sweet her flared looks are. This plus size fashion blogger doesn't have a definite post regarding flared jeans, but I did find this one showcasing the candy-sweet Candy looking... well, sweet.
The Winner (Curves Ahead)

I am Khatu.

The style shown by the petite Khatu is exaggerated with a sweet pair of flared jeans. The ones she wears are a lovely pair of white jeans. Flared pants or jeans can be a problem for petites. But if one petite was going to show petites can look hot in flares, let it be Khatu- all 4'11" of her!
"I love you, but" on i am Khatu


If you've never met Danielle, let me introduce you to her. She's a wild child who has a great sense of style. Her style shows in her many fashion posts. From time to time, Danielle also posts about music from independent (I try to use "independent" rather than "indie" because I always think of India when I hear/see "indie.") artists and groups. The reason why I'm including her in this blog post is to show off some flared bottoms she wore in a blog post. Danielle rocks some flares in this blog post along with showing off her amazing body. Danielle dishes delicious flared style along with a cropped tank top with the post I've chosen here:
"she's got flare" (indie.electronic.alternative.)

Lucky Loves.

Laiqah (nicknamed "Lucky") is a South African lady who is very cute and with a great sense of style. She is a petite, but the blog is not in any way exclusively about petite fashion. What is now "Lucky Loves" used to be known as "Lucky Packet." This lady sports flared jeans in a number of her posts. So one of them I will feature is this really cute look she put together with a jacket and a cool hat.
"Stone Camel" (Lucky Loves)

zarna's runway (WordPress).

So, do you want to see a pair of elephant bell bottoms? You're in luck if your answer is yes! Meet Zarna. This young lady wears a pair of lovely bell bottom jeans. They don't look that significant in the first picture, but wait until you see some of the others. It's flared beauty when you check out "casual flare." on zarna's runway.

So are you excited about flares? If you have a flared jeans, pants, skirt, or dress look that I should take a look at, contact me via E-mail with a relevant link to your outfit post. If I like it, you might see your post featured in my blog posts!

Flared Bottoms: Final Thoughts

We get so caught up in '80s style that we often forget (or disregard) other styles. The groovy appeal of flared jeans and pants provide a great deal of nostalgia along with modern retro. These pants offer the illusion of longer legs. With these pants and jeans swishing around as you walk around in them, these flared jeans and pants allow your legs to breathe as opposed to the tight skinny jeans so many more people are fond of. The airy feel even applies to flared skirts and flared dresses. Perhaps the most fun aspect of flared skirts and flared dresses are the ability to twirl in them and just feel great. As skinny jeans have become mostly boring to most people, something like flared bottoms are a welcome and refreshing change of pace. The extreme set would be awed over elephant bell bottoms.

Flares Online

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I also hope you maybe want to do some shopping if you enjoyed this post. This is your section if you want to do some shopping. If not, you may skip ahead to the conclusion of this post.

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Rock them flares! Give your legs some breathing room with a sweet pair of flares, flared skirts, or flared dresses. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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