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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fashion Freedom

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Some people believe in fashion freedom. Fashion freedom is a concept where people could wear whatever they want regardless of if it is "exclusively" for a certain gender. So a male could wear high heels or a skirt/dress if he chooses. It isn't crossdressing- it's fashion. A dilemma in fashion relates to how a female could get away with wearing masculine clothes on her figure; but if a male tried to wear certain feminine garments, he'd be accused of crossdressing or be labeled a crossdresser. What do I think about the concept of fashion freedom? This blog post will supply my own comments to the reading public-at-large.

About the Label: "LGBT"

Items under the "LGBT" label feature fashion topics or elements of or relating to the LGBT audience. For the uninitiated, LGBT (commonly as GLBT) stands for "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered." StyleSpace is a fashion blog, so topics regarding LGBT matters may involve or relate to the LGBT community in regards to fashion. Any topics mentioned under this category will be met with professionalism and respect. I honor all audiences that read my blog, including the LGBT community.

Before I Begin...

I am not in any way questioning or debating crossdressing as acceptable throughout this entire blog post. This post is about fashion, as are many of my other posts. I love and respect all audiences, including the LGBT community.

Please note that topics from this blog post may result in similar blog posts in the future.

--- Fashion Freedom as a Concept ---

There are females who would cringe or look at a male disdainfully if he is wearing a skirt, a dress, or heels. Fact is, before skirts and heels became staples of feminine fashion, males have worn these items. There is no other way to look and feel chic than to wear skirts/dresses and heels if you're a female. A number of males, however, feel disappointed when they can't acceptably wear certain feminine garments, as if certain garments are exclusively feminine. A lot of females have adopted boyish looks and styles into their own wardrobe and into their outfits. So when it comes to boyish styles for females or feminine-inspired pieces for males, some people feel there are double standards in regards to dressing in clothes different from one's other gender.

Fashion Freedom: Females in Masculine Clothing.

The whole boyfriend thing is just not to my liking all that much. I'm not saying this as a guy, but just that I'm just not as crazy about this thing like most others. There are even very few boyfriend jeans I've been fond of. Hardly into this thing. I'm sorry. All the best to you if you females can wear male clothing very well, but I'm just not as excited about this look and this style. Only deviation is menswear inspired pieces for females.

Here is an example of a female in masculine clothing. My blogging friend, Natalie, demonstrates what a girl wearing men's clothes is like: What it feels like for a girl to wear men's clothing (and Comme des Garcons!) (Lucy and the Runaways).

Fashion Freedom: Males in Feminine Clothing.

While a female could get away with going with boyish looks or boyish clothing, males could be seen as gay or as crossdressers just by simply wearing feminine garments. Many males who dare wear feminine clothing feels there is a double standard at work. Like, "why is it that when a male wears feminine clothing, it's crossdressing? Yet, a girl who wears men's clothing ISN'T crossdressing or isn't a crossdresser?"

Here is an example of a male in feminine clothing. A fellow from Florida who goes by the name Michael Spookshow is an advocate for fashion freedom for men. In so, he wears a number of skirt and dress outfits in his posts. One of his outfit posts can be seen here: 02/29/12 OOTD: Scorch (His Black Dress).

More Unisex Fashion Pieces?

Could it be possible that there could be more unisex garments in the future? A garment that is unisex is any fashion garment that is wearable for both males and females without compromise. A polo shirt is an example of one unisex item, as both males and females wear polo shirts.

So for many people, wanting to wear clothing from our opposite gender not only shows our own form of expression, but rather a general appreciation of fashion in general. We all want to look and feel our best in whatever we wear. That is the ultimate goal of fashion, right?

--- My Final Thoughts on Fashion Freedom ---

When it comes to fashion, anyone is free to express their style any way they choose. And if that means a male wearing a skirt/dress or feminine heels, so be it. Society will frown upon the notion of a male in feminine clothing or even a female in male clothing, but fashion is fashion. I am not excited about the whole boyfriend thing as some other girls are, but I don't reject the whole thing since some females can do the menswear and/or boyfriend look so well. I try to remain classy and professional about looks even if I don't approve of them.

--- Other Reading ---

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So what do you think about Fashion Freedom as I have described it? Are there double standards in fashion based on what you read here? Let's communicate! Thank you for reading!

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