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Maxi Skirts and Maxi Dresses

It used to be that minis were the way to go. In recent times, however, maxi skirts and maxi dresses have proven to be every bit as trendy and stylish as their [much] shorter counterparts. Maxis exude floor-scraping elegance and fluidity. They are usually soft and silky in material. Some maxis (especially maxi dresses) are comfortable to wear just about all day and into the night. After throwing minis at you, it's time to talk maxis.

--- Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts ---

maxi skirt
^ from: amazon.com - Maxi skirts are just as stylish and as airy as their dress counterpart.

maxi dress
^ from: amazon.com - Maximize your beauty with a maxi dress. Some maxi dresses are so elegant and versatile that they could even be worn for nights on the town.

Elegant and charming, maxi skirts and maxi dresses offer abounding levels of chic. Most maxis are made out of soft-to-the-touch materials like jersey. Some even offer lovely patterns and designs to make them stylish. These maxis are voluminous and extend down to a floor-grazing level. There are maxi dresses that serve as nice cover-up dresses for when heading to the beach. Even if not heading to the beach, they can still be very casual dresses to wear. Some maxi dresses are so elegant that they could possibly be worn throughout the day- just trade some casual daytime shoes with some stylish nighttime shoes, and you're set! Therefore, there is little reason to pass up maxi skirts or maxi dresses, especially on warm/hot days. Or IS there a reason? Petites may get overwhelmed wearing a maxi skirt or a maxi dress.

Don't feel that maxi dresses and/or maxi skirts aren't stylish just because they are not super-short. I tend to look at these more like comfortable and elegant long skirts/dresses that are every bit as cool and as stylish as any much shorter skirt or dress. The beauty of maxis lie in their deliciously feminine and sumptuous style. Walking around in a maxi dress is almost like wearing a gorgeous gown or a princess dress. Since skirts give you some options for pairing with tops, a maxi skirt gives you a little more versatility in trying to find a top to go with your maxi skirt.

When it comes to footwear, maxi dresses and maxi skirts are usually worn with sandals from what I've seen. I would commonly see maxi dresses paired with mostly flip-flop/thong sandals or even gladiator sandals. A cute alternative would be a pair of wedge espadrilles. If you want to try something a bit different with maxis, go with a pair of casual sneakers or a hot pair of platform shoes or platform sandals. I've even seen a maxi dress paired with the ever-popular Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties. Then again, almost any pair of ankle boots or booties will do just fine with a maxi skirt or a maxi dress.

--- Maxi Skirts and Maxi Dresses: Final Thoughts ---

I have no problem whatsoever with maxi skirts and maxi dresses. No one style of skirt or dress exudes such femininity and grace as a maxi skirt/dress. Their easy and breezy style makes maxi skirts/dresses fun to wear and beautiful to look at. So what if maxis aren't as daring as minis? There was actually a point where I thought the casual dress was dead- mostly replaced by denim mini skirts. So when maxi dresses became trendy, there was hope that the casual dress wasn't dead. Lovingly embrace maxi skirts and maxi dresses, ladies. These are fabulous dresses and skirts to wear with such exceptional style. I certainly have love for these. Whether plain-colored, with patterns, or with certain designs; maxi skirts/dresses can be gorgeous to see and wear.

--- Other Reading ---

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Most of the regular material for this post is over. Now, I want to help you help yourself to some maxis if you're interested. Supporting my blogging work by doing some shopping is purely voluntary. However, I would appreciate your business if you did visit and buy something that interests you and that you want to get based on the items I'm about to present to you. So if you don't mind, take a look at these offers from various online sites:

maxi skirts on Amazon
maxi dresses on Amazon

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maxi dresses on eBay

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maxi dresses on Shopbop

maxi skirts on Overstock.com
maxi dresses on Overstock.com

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maxi dresses on Revolve

Happy shopping! :)

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I wasn't the fan of maxi skirts nor dresses before, but over the last few years I started to love them so much, especially during the summer- I think a maxi dress with some exotic print always looks stunning!!:)
Have a great weekend dearest John!!



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