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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Studs and Spikes

John Marine | 7:31 PM | | |
Fierceness guaranteed when studs or spikes are added to your outfit. They instantly add character to your outfit. Studs can add some "bad girl" character to outfits. Spikes certainly add some edgy and fierce style. Spikes surely add some punk rock style for the edgy girl. This post is a digest of studs and spikes in fashion. Should you females incorporate studs and/or spikes into your wardrobe and looks? That's up to you. This StyleSpace post just takes a general look at studs and spikes.

About the Label: "Details"

The "Details" label relates to certain design touches or styling exercises in fashion. Details relate mostly to minor details in certain garments, as opposed to certain garments themselves.

--- Studs and Spikes ---

Let's get started with a brief look at each item.


fashion studded handbag
^ from: - Studs can instantly give character to any plain garment.

Garments adorned with studs offer an instant kick of character and personality. They can turn any sort of dull outfit into something with personality. Studs can even be applied in a DIY (do it yourself) manner. Metallic studs enhance any kind of clothes or shoes- tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, sandals, handbags, and the like. Embrace your rock chic with some studs.


fashion spiked pumps
^ from: - Careful- this rose has thorns. This pair of slingback peep-toe Christian Louboutin pumps are all adorned with spikes.

By now, you've probably seen some shoes that have spikes on them. The latest and riskiest styling exercise are spikes. Spikes have become trendy in two different ways- spiked garments and garments adorned with spike studs. Even certain cute headbands and shoes have been fitted with spikes. Basically, spikes are a way of being like the proverbial rose with thorns. Or for the rock star girl, spikes are a way of "don't mess with me." It likely isn't a good idea to kick someone wearing studded shoes whether intentionally or unintentionally. Also, you'll get plenty of attention with spikes... from metal detectors, of course. Some environments won't even allow you to have on spiked garments. And if you scratch your feet or ankles using the shoes you're wearing, that's... not a good idea either. So really, this is risky trend to get involved with.

To be honest, I am not crazy about these spikes and studs, especially the spiked material. No problems with studs. Studs are almost truly fine. I still irk about spiked details.

--- Spikes and Studs in Pictures and Blogging ---

The material I'm showing here are all various inspirations in regards to studs and spikes. Each blog post featured here is supplemented with a description of each item. Have a look at these to get an idea of each studded, spiked, or studded and spiked outfit.

Follow any of these other blogs if you love their work. These are bloggers from around the world- which goes to show you (1) a world of fabulous bloggers, and (2) how cool I am in finding so many blogs from around the world! :)

Stud/Spike Inspiration: .a little princess.

Indonesian fashion blogger, Veren, had two posts where she showcased spiked accessories. The usually cute Veren shown a little toughness with some spiked accessories. Both outfits are cute, but the highlights are on the spiked accessories.
"Cutely Spiked" (.a little princess.) « a spiked earcuff.
"Another Spikes" (.a little princess.) « a spiked headband

Stud/Spike Inspiration: My Silk Fairytale.

Meet Alina of "My Silk Fairytale." This Romanian fashion blogger wears a denim jacket adorned with studs. I decided to feature a post with her studded jacket since it is relevant to the content of this post.
"For the Weekend" (My Silk Fairytale) « a studded denim jacket.

Stud/Spike Inspiration: HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS.

The posts made on HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS reflect not only the style of Maria de la Cruz, but of various items available from her clothes store of the same name. This petite from Panama brings the heat with her sultry style. A big part of her outfits is in wearing bold accessories. This post I selected is not exactly a parade of studs and spikes, but more of a girly cute look that still has some personality to it.
THE BUBBLE GUM PLEATED SKIRT AND THE STUDDED FRINGE DENIM JACKET - New at (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « studded jacket, spiked bracelet, and spiked handbag.

Stud/Spike Inspiration: Maytedoll.

If you've never visited "Maytedoll" before, you're in for a treat. The lady behind this fabulous blog is a beautiful Mexican lady named Mayte. This lady's style is mostly influenced by the Kardashian sisters. In fact, her work has even been featured by the Kardashians themselves. This blog post I'm featuring is a cute peplum top that has studded details on them. The rest of her outfit is lovely as well.
"Studded peplum top." (Maytedoll) « studded top.

Stud/Spike Inspiration: Glam Kitten's Litter Box.

Bonnie is a good blogging friend of mine with a very interesting personality. This Midwestern girl shows off her studded booties to go along with an outfit of hers. They are the highlight of her blog entry I've chosen for this post.
"Whaddup, stud? - Photo Shoot" (Glam Kitten's Litter Box) « studded booties.

Stud/Spike Inspiration: Sugar and Spice.

You would think that for a blog named "Sugar and Spice," that everything is sweet and cute. Well, not this one. This post showcases the beautiful Charlotte as she transforms a pair of flatform sandals to flatform sandals with some personality.
"DIY Stud Flatforms" (Sugar and Spice) « flatforms getting a studded makeover.

Stud/Spike Inspiration: indie.electronic.alterative.

For a wild child like Danielle, there should be no problem with finding something to feature here with either spikes or studs. This one features a hot look is up next for inspiration. A pair of studded shorts are the main highlight of this post. That, and a heavy dosage of powerful accessories.
"me: candy coated stud muffin" (indie.electronic.alternative.) « studded shorts.

Stud/Spike Inspiration: Curves Ahead.

Get a taste of the candy-sweet blogger Candy of "Curves Ahead." The studded or spiked highlight of Candy's outfit are the spiked heels she wears. The spikes on these heels are fairly modest compared to some of the crazier spiked or studded heels I've seen elsewhere online. Regardless, those pumps add a certain personality to her casual outfit.
"Glam Summer Shorts" (Curves Ahead) « spiked pumps.

Stud/Spike Inspiration: miouprincess loves pink!.

Here is a spiked inspiration from my Greek blogging friend, Marina. Don't expect anything too outlandish. This is just a simple spiked bracelet she creates.
DIY spiky bracelet (miouprincess loves pink!) « spiked bracelet made by her.

Stud/Spike Inspiration: Lucky Loves.

Lucky Loves' Laiqah showcases a pair of studded loafers in one of her most recent posts. A little personality is made with these shoes as she showcases striped style. Let this little South African lady show you her style.
"Simply Striped" (Lucky Loves) « studded shoes.

Stud/Spike Inspiration: the autumn castle.

From South Africa, let's venture to "the autumn castle" and a lovely Australian named Rachel. The highlight of this post (relevant to this topic) are the spiked flats Rachel wears.
"outfit post: stripes + leather 2" (the autumn castle) « spiked flats.

Those are only a few things I decided to showcase from my international array of blogs I follow.

What do you make of studs and spikes? You are free to comment. Thank you for reading!

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