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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mini Skirts and Mini Dresses

John Marine | 9:15 PM | |
If you want to make a statement, a mini skirt or mini dress is a good way to do so. It takes great confidence to rock short skirts and short dresses. A mini skirt or a mini dress shouldn't be taken lightly. These daring garments can turn heads and draw attention. Are you confident enough to wear these with pride? Mini skirts and mini dresses are the name of the game here, and this guy is here to chat about mini skirts and mini dresses to all you fashionistas out there!

--- Mini Skirts and Mini Dresses ---

mini skirt
^ from: - Dare to bare? A mini skirt can do some damage and turn some heads. This is a mini skirt from GoJane.

mini dress
^ from: - Mostly meant for nights out or for the nightclub, mini dresses- such as this one from Bebe- make as much of a statement as mini skirts do.

A mini skirt or a mini dress is a huge way to make a huge statement. I define a mini as any skirt or dress that falls to about mid-thigh. Skirts/Dresses at mid-thigh or higher are minis. Whoever thought a free-hanging garment like a skirt or a dress could deliver such a message with such short hemlines? Wearing one of these allows you to show off how hot your legs are as well as being able to beat the heat. As with any skirt or dress, one needs to be careful wearing such a short free-hanging garment. Since you're not covered like you are with pants or shorts, you'll need to be mindful and careful where you go as you're rockin' your mini. You obviously aren't allowed to wear mini skirts or mini dresses in places such as school/college, the workplace, certain gatherings or occasions, etc. There are times and places where the mini skirt/dress is fair game. In addition, seeing females (especially underage females) sport mini skirts/dresses is often frowned upon or concern-raising by parents and certain other adults.

In the mid-2000s as part of another unnecessary revival of the '80s, there was the look of pairing a mini skirt with leggings. My first reaction to this look was, "why are you even wearing a mini skirt if you have to wear leggings?" I felt like leggings were only ruining what makes the minis what they were- bold and daring. In other words, these were made for females bold enough to bare their legs in a hot short skirt. Adding leggings just cheapens the appeal of a mini. On the other hand, wearing leggings under a mini skirt gives some females confidence to wear a mini.

Over time, I finally got around to accepting the leggings-under-skirt look. Only thing I'd mostly tolerate to go with wearing leggings under a mini skirt is if it is cold. Really, I wouldn't even dare wear a mini skirt on a cold day/night if I were a female. Minis are more about warm weather than trying to wear them as an all year thing.

Footwear for Mini Skirts/Dresses.

A mini denim skirt is often complimented with flip-flop/thong sandals, ballet flats, or some kind of sneakers. Some even dare wear cowboy boots or some kind of ankle boots. Some other mini skirts are often worn with pumps. What about mini dresses? Especially for nights out, mini dresses are often worn with platform pumps or platform sandals. A sexy pair of platforms paired with a hot mini dress or a hot mini skirt is surely a way to dress up for a night out.

Footwear to AVOID with mini skirts and mini dresses? I've always tended to find mini skirts with sheepskin boots to be a no-no. I complained in the past that sheepskin boots (commonly called UGGs, though UGG isn't the only maker of sheepskin boots) with mini skirts is usually a combination inconsistent with weather. Mini skirt = warm weather. Sheepskin boots = cold weather. Even if sheepskin boots are so super-comfortable, they don't make a good combination often times. However, it is said that sheepskin boots, while mostly normally worn on cold days, sheepskin boots were mostly popularized by surfers who want a comfortable pair of shoes to wear for cold days on the beach. Still- minis and sheepskin boots make little sense.

So you have a number of options to consider with regards to footwear.

Avoid the Micro-Mini.

There is a limit to how low you can go. Micro mini skirts/dresses can be sleazy and trashy. You'll want to avoid these on a fashion standpoint. These super-short skirts and dresses are more reserved for exotic dancers as well as streetwalkers/slags (or whatever similar terminology you use to describe such females).

--- Should You Dare Wear a Mini? ---

Mini skirts and mini dresses require a good deal of confidence- even if wearing them with leggings. Are you okay elegantly showing off your legs with a short skirt or a short dress? Do you feel comfortable and confident wearing such a short skirt/dress? Proudly wear a mini by all means if you answered "yes" to both questions. Be warned, though- a mini skirt/dress is sure to draw attention- both warranted and unwarranted. If heading out to a nightclub or some other hot nightlife function, surely go mini if you can proudly wear a mini skirt or a mini dress.

More importantly, be sure to know when it is and isn't right to wear a mini skirt or a mini dress. You obviously can't wear a mini in places like school/college or the workplace.

--- Mini Skirts and Dresses: Final Thoughts ---

Mini skirts and mini dresses offer and exude exceptional amounts of confidence from those who wear them. Not every female has the confidence to go with such a short skirt/dress. Those that do have the confidence feel comfortable and look hot wearing these out and about. While mini skirts and mini dresses are hot, avoid micro-minis. These are skirts and dresses you want to avoid when going out in public dressed casually or for a night out. Mini skirts and mini dresses can be complimented with various kinds of footwear depending on the mini and whatever the occasion/time is. A denim mini skirt with casual shoes or sandals are perfectly fine. Going with a mini dress for a night out usually calls for a hot pair of platform shoes or platform sandals. Be hot with minis, but be classy with them.

Mini skirts/dresses- wear with caution!

--- Mini Skirts and Mini Dresses Online ---

I thank all of you for visiting StyleSpace and reading about mini skirts and mini dresses. If you don't mind doing some shopping online for minis, I can help you. Consider this my way of thanking you for visiting and reading. Have a look around and buy anything that interests you based on the relevant material you've read here. As always, I would appreciate your business if you did find and buy something that interests you based on what you read here.

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Happy shopping (and thanks if doing so)!

--- Cross-Promotion and Other Reading ---

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