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Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are so loved among various females. Some males who can't find a good fitting pair of jeans also wear skinny jeans. I had initially intended this to be about all skinny or slim-fitting bottoms, but this post only concerns skinny jeans. So all of you who love these jeans- this is your post. This is a chance to chat about skinny jeans to all of you. I also want all of you to share your own thoughts on skinny jeans if this blog post interests you.

--- Skinny Jeans at a Glance ---

skinny jeans
^ from: www.amazon.com - Do you like 'em skinny? Skinny jeans can be as much a style statement as their more loose counterparts.

Not everyone can look and feel good wearing jeans with loose legs or wide legs. So rather than go with a slightly loose pair of jeans, skinny jeans have become the go-to pair of jeans for people. Skinny jeans are a total favorite among females. I have seen skinny jeans paired usually with sneakers or flat sandals. However, I think pairing skinny jeans with a hot pair of high-heel platforms is a hot choice of footwear for skinny jeans. Because skinny jeans can be so leggings tight, skinny jeans can almost effortlessly be tucked into boots for those who love the jeans tucked into boots look. It is most certainly a pair of jeans and a style to express when the weather is cool or cold.

Skinny jeans, however, are not feminine exclusive. Many males who can't find a proper fitting pair of men's jeans often go with a pair of skinny jeans. Some males even wear feminine skinny jeans since there aren't enough skinny jeans for men to wear. Let's face it- some males don't have the legs or the comfort to wear certain jeans made for men. Therefore, those males who find their best fit with a pair of skinny jeans often don't have as many skinny jeans available for them to wear. It isn't really in my best interests to hate or belittle any males who can't rock a decent pair of men's jeans to where they find a better fit with skinny jeans instead. Even if at the expense of getting heckled by others, males who find a great fit with skinny jeans are no different from anyone else trying to find good-fitting clothes.


^ from: www.amazon.com - A pair of "jeggings" from Diesel.

A special kind of skinny jeans, called "jeggings," are legging-like jeans- think leggings + jeans. As I'm told, the difference between skinny jeans and "jeggings" are that jeggings aren't as thick as skinny jeans. A pair of jeggings is usually just leggings for females who still want to wear a pair of jeans.

Skinny Jeans = Unhealthy?

Reports indicate that skinny jeans could cause health concerns such as nerve damage or blood clots. If you want to learn more about some of the health risks that could be involved when wearing skinny jeans, hae a look at this article, which provides links to various resources regarding the health risks of wearing skinny jeans: Skinny jeans: the silent health hazard of fashion (seattlepi.com).

There is your look at skinny jeans.

--- Final Thoughts on Skinny Jeans ---

The only real problem is that I've just gotten sick and tired of skinny jeans. Almost every female I've sort of came across were all in love with skinny jeans. I just got tired of them and the excessive love for them. Almost like every two of out five girls are awed over skinny jeans. So I got tired of these jeans very quickly as they were trending among many females.

In recent times, I began to admit that skinny jeans can make a female's legs and backside look great. All that is needed is a hot pair of shoes or boots to go with them. I don't necessarily like torn or all ripped up skinny jeans, let alone most torn or ripped-up denim bottoms in general. There are some females who love skinny jeans as much as they do jeans with looser legs or wider legs.

Men who find their best fit through skinny jeans will feel bad knowing there aren't as many skinny jeans for men as there are for females. Don't laugh or make cruel jokes- don't you want males to find good-fitting jeans, even if the ones that fit them best are skinny jeans? It is sad that there aren't as many skinny jeans for males for those who have the best fit for skinnies.

I've been so over skinny jeans for the longest, but for those who love them, I am not hating on them. Rock those skinnies as much as you like.

--- Skinny Jeans Online ---

skinny jeans and pumps
^ from: www.winchester-ago.org - A deliciously sweet outfit as a lovely one-shoulder top and some pumps.

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