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A girl is as unique as the handbag she carries. Carrying around essential items in a stylish bag can make for a great style statement. And in some cases, may wonderfully compliment a certain outfit. Purses, clutches, crossbodies, totes, and more- this StyleSpace post is on handbags. It is a general look at handbags. And as usual, you all have a chance to get your own handbag in case you're interested in shopping online for a handbag. Hope you all are doing great today/tonight. Welcome to StyleSpace!

About the Label: "Bags and Luggage"

If you can carry them around, this blog label pertains to bags and luggage of many kinds. These can relate to handbags and other sorts of carry around material.

--- Handbags at a Glance ---

^ from: www.amazon.com - A girl loves a stylish handbag. Do you have a favorite in your collection?

Sometimes, a handbag of some sort is as much of a style statement as almost anything a female wears. As much as a girl can express her style in fashion, a handbag can be either its own style statement or an extension of one's style. A handbag can be its own style statement if it is something that stands out more than the rest of her outfit. It can be an extension of one's style and personality if it makes as much of a statement that equals or betters the female's personality. For the most part, a handbag can be a powerful fashion statement to compliment one's style. The right handbag will fit any sort of outfit nicely. However, and just like shoes- a girl can never have just one handbag. Some may have multiple handbags for multiple occasions or to compliment multiple outfits.

Many designers have various styles of handbags to offer for those who want to carry things fashionably. There are certain designs and features to handbags that make each stylish. Some handbags may have cute designs to them. Some may come in various colors. You may have those really stylish leather handbags with dozens of metallic accents to them or a catchy pattern to them. Some handbags are small, and some others are big and dramatic. Makers of handbags can range from affordable brands to high-end designers. Whatever the case, there is a handbag for every girl who wants to carry her essential items in style.

Handbag designs themselves can include your average leather handbags and even some with metallic or studded accents.

I always find it best to find a handbag that best suits you for the day ahead and to compliment your style. Or if you prefer having one handbag to suit you for various occasions and moods, try to find that all-in-one handbag to suit you in all sorts of occasions.

--- Various Handbags ---

Time for a look at a few different handbags. I will feature only so many kinds of handbags to prove the point here.

The Hobo.

hobo handbag
^ from: www.shopbop.com - Hobo handbags are basic while also being stylish. Here is a Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo handbag.

The hobo handbag is one of the most basic styles of handbags. These are spacious and stylish handbags sure to carry whatever items you need to carry with you. What I think makes the hobo handbag so nice is just how they are styled. Most hobo handbags are spacious and are designed stylishly. They are so basic in design while still being plenty capable of carrying your stuff.

The Clutch.

clutch handnag
^ from: www.amazon.com - Clutches are compact and stylish. This one is a BCBGeneration clutch handbag.

When carrying around items calls for something sleek, stylish, and compact; let a clutch be your clutch performer. These compact handbags go around nicely and make bold style statements. I usually see clutches normally paired with various semi-formal and formal outfits. Plenty of fashionable ladies handsomely hold onto these clutches.

The Satchel.

satchel handbag
^ from: www.neimanmarcus.com - A satchel handbag from Cole Haan.

Satchels are mostly compact handbags that still are more can capable of stylishly storing your stuff. Many satchels are adorned with many lovely metallic accents in a well-designed package. They are mostly compact in design and are not really overbearing.

The Shoulder Bag.

shoulder handbag
^ from: www.neimanmarcus.com - Give your shoulder a stylish bag to hang onto. This Diane Von Furstenberg handbag is an example of a shoulder bag.

As their name implies, these handbags can be comfortably carried on your shoulder. They may either hang not far under your shoulders or have long straps.

The Crossbody.

crossbody handbag
^ from: www.shopbop.com - A crossbody handbag goes across your body and looks stylish.

Crossbody handbags, as their name implies, go around your body. According to something I read in preparing this post, this is an '80s trend brought to today's culture. Holy hell... ENOUGH WITH THE '80S ALREADY!!!

The Tote.

tote handbag
^ from: www.shopbop.com - When you need something spacious and stylish to carry lots of stuff, go get yourself a tote. This tote is from Tory Burch.

Totes are stylish enough to carry around a lot of things. I've always seen totes as a stylish way to either carry multiple items or big items. You could say that totes are a happy medium between purses and luggages. Of course, you'd have to have something big to carry around in luggage. Totes usually come in different forms ranging from leather totes to more eco-friendly reusable bags.

No matter what, a girl has many different options for handbags. I featured only so many types of handbags and handbag styles. There are SO many more different styles of handbags to make most females' heads spin!

--- Handbags: Final Thoughts ---

Girls are as unique as ther handbags they carry. The best way to carry around essential items while also having something as unique as the girl who carries those items around is with a stylish handbag. It is best to find a handbag that suits your needs and expresses your personality. There are also a number of different handbags ranging from elegant leather handbags to various handbags with unique designs and styles. No matter what kind of bag interests you, always remember that a handbag can be as much of an expression of your style as anything in your wardrobe. So get yourself a handbag (or more than one) and start carrying items in style!

--- Handbags Online ---

Any of you females want to get yourself a handbag? Perhaps you want to buy a handbag for someone? Feel free to help support my work by looking around with these items. As usual- I would appreciate your business if you did buy something online based on what you have read and seen here on StyleSpace:


Other Sources...

Many of these are just general links to all handbags. Look around on these sites to see all kinds of handbags available on these sites.

• Here are a few handbags that may interest you (items may or may not be available all the time). Do any of these interest you? Buy them online if they do:

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I would appreciate your business if you did some shopping online. Add to your wardrobe and collection and help support me and my work.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about handbags. Hopefully, you will have found one that you enjoy and like. Make sure you're subscribed and/or followed to keep up with the latest StyleSpace blog posts. So until the next one... Thank you for reading!

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very detailed post as always John! some lovely handbags are featured here!



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