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Monday, October 8, 2012

Peep-Toe and Open-Toe Shoes

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Peep-toe and open-toe shoes offer the open-air comfort of sandals in a mostly-enclosed shoe. These shoes, as their name implies, offer a peek at the wearer's toes. The opening to these shoes can provide open-air comfort at the toes along with a stylish view of one's toes. No matter what you think of peep-toe shoes, these shoes are timeless in design. They exude an amount of elegance and charm that are both girly and ladylike. This blog post is my own look at peep-toe and open-toe shoes. For the most part, I'll be discussing peep-toe shoes.

--- Peep-Toe and Open-Toe Shoes at a Glance ---

How about I get you all excited about these shoes? Here is a picture of some peep-toe shoes to let you know what I am talking about here:

peep-toe pumps
^ from: - Love showing your toes? Show them off with a lovely pair of peep-toe pumps.

If you love the open-air comfort of sandals, then you'll like wearing peep-toe and open-toe shoes. These are vintage-style shoes offering such narrow openings at the toes to showcase one's toes. The opening up front allows your toes to breathe a bit. Various fashion designers have designed various shoes to have peep-toes and open-toes. These include pumps and boots. For a long while, I have hated peep-toe boots. What was the point of having fully-enclosed boots... and then have a little peep-toe design up front? Over time, however, I grown to appreciate and love peep-toe boots equally with peep-toe pumps. They still have the same peep-toe appeal as any other peep-toe shoes. Only thing is that I preferred peep-toe pumps and even peep-toe espadrilles.

Factors of Peep-Toe Shoes.

A lot of people sort of interchangeably use "peep-toes" and "open-toes" to mean the same thing. To me, I usually define "peep-toe" as a simple peek at one's toes (hence the term). So a pair of shoes that show off anything more than three toes usually is what I call "open-toe" shoes. Peep-toes showing off about two or so toes are traditional peep-toes to me.

I find two factors of these shoes that contribute to their beauty- the size of the opening at the toes and the overall style of the shoes. The loveliest of peep-toe shoes either have to have high heels or a platform base. These can range from average pumps to wedges and even platform wedges. As for the shoes themselves, I tend to favor peep-toe pumps that have nice designs along the vamp (like a bow design on the vamp) or some other adornments. I think peep-toe boots are best as booties or shooties rather than any boots that go above the ankles. Then too, cut out boots and booties with peep-toes are also very nice.

I consider peep toes and open toes to be an elegant style touch. So because of this, I think these are best suited for high-heel shoes with preferably a standard or platform base. I dislike flat peep-toe shoes and low-heel peep-toe shoes. Peep-toes and open-toes look best to me with proper high-heel shoes to me. If the peep-toe/open-toe shoes are platforms or platform wedges- even better. In fact, I consider platform peep-toes to be sexy and chic.

One other concern deal is with nail polish. Since you're showing off your toes wearing these shoes, it helps to have some nicely-styled toenails. I once seen black peep-toe shoes that were very nice, but this lady also had some sort of green or neon green toenail polish that just really took away from the beauty of the shoes. So have some nice toes to go along with some nice peep-toe or open-toe shoes for the complete package.

--- What to Wear With Peep-Toes and Open-Toes? ---

No pair of shoes mean anything if you don't have proper outfits to wear with them. Almost anything can be worn with peep-toe and open-toe shoes, but it is best to show off your peep-toe and/or open-toe shoes wearing some catchy pieces.

Casual Ideas.

Believe it or not, a simple T-shirt and jeans look with peep-toe shoes are just fine. I know there are those who think that one should NEVER pair a T-shirt and jeans look with a dressy pair of shoes. You can certainly wear peep-toe shoes with jeans. If you're into color blocking try this one: black T-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, hot pink platform peep-toe pumps.

I always considered hiding a lovely pair of shoes under long pants and skirts/dresses is always cool. Any foxy pair of peep-toe shoes under long pants or skirts/dresses is sweet to wear with peep-toe shoes. Any casual long pants or any casual long skirt/dress with peep-toe shoes will make for a nice look as well.

Dressy Ideas.

The peep-toe look is a showing of elegance, so why ruin its balance with anything other than high-heel peep-toe shoes? A pair of peep-toe shoes will go nicely with your office-appropriate wardrobe. A nice pair of dress pants to go with some peep-toe pumps is a very nice combination.

What if you're feeling sexy and want to have a night out on the town? Peep-toe pumps or peep-toe booties are the shoes for you. If a dressy night-out look for you involves wearing classy jeans, then certainly wear a sweet pair of peep-toe pumps to go with them. Dress and skirt looks go great with peep-toe pumps. If you want to be a bit more daring, rather than peep-toe pumps, go with peep-toe booties instead.

Things to Avoid.

Some wear tights or socks with peep-toe and open-toe shoes. I don't like tights or socks with peep-toe shoes. These kinds of shoes were basically made to show off your toes in an elegant way. Why ruin that balance? The only positive to socks or tights with peep-toe shoes is that your toes won't get dirty. But at the same time, you're ruining the beauty of elegantly showing off your toes. I would prefer bare toes rather than socks or tights when wearing peep-toe and open-toe shoes.

When I mean socks, ESPECIALLY avoid tube socks with peep-toes and open-toes. Those are a no-no.

--- Peep-Toes and Open-Toes Around the Internet ---

Bloggers wearing peep-toe and open-toe shoes while also wearing some great outfits. How can you show off your toes? Take some inspiration from these fashionable ladies:

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Peep-toe shoes on Lookbook

These are only so many different ways and styles of peep-toe shoes.

--- Peep-Toe and Open-Toe Shoes: Final Thoughts ---

Savor the elegance and charm of peep-toe shoes. Be willing to embrace these shoes with openings at the toes to allow for others to have a peek at your toes. There are peep-toe and open-toe shoes of many kinds with a variety of openings. However, I prefer peep-toe and open-toe shoes with high heels and/or platforms. They look so much more elegant and better than flat or low-heel peep-toe shoes. These shoes can be paired with a host of outfits ranging from certain casual looks to many dressy looks.

Choose your peep-toe and open-toe shoes wisely, and the same goes for pairing them with outfits.

--- Peep-Toe and Open-Toe Shoes Online ---

I always appreciate your business. So please feel free to shop for some peep-toe shoes if you don't mind doing any shopping online for them. Add to your already insane shoe collection. :)


Other Sources.

Here are more peep-toe shoes that may interest you from various other sources (sizes not listed)...

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Happy shopping! :)

What do think about peep-toe and open-toe shoes? Comment away and thank you for reading!

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