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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jean Shorts With Tights

John Marine | 12:10 PM | | |
Denim jean shorts with tights- ever seen this look? This look usually consists of denim blue jean shorts paired with black tights and some black shoes or black boots. Trendy types pair tights with chic shoes. Rock/Edgy types would wear fishnet tights with combat boots. This is a trendy look for those who dare attempt it. What look am I to discuss here? Take a look at this picture, as I am bound to share my thoughts about this look (picture provided for educational purposes):

jean shorts with tights
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--- Jean Shorts With Tights: My Thoughts ---

The only reason why I think this is fashionable to some is because certain females want to wear jean shorts on cool/cold days. However, I fail to find anything fashionable or cool about this look. I tend to think that certain females are thinking, "I am not ready to give up wearing jean shorts just because it's cold." Look at it like this- you give up wearing your favorite sandals when it is cold outside. Do you wear socks or super-warm tights with your Summer sandals? Well, why pair tights with denim short shorts? Are wearing a pair of denim shorts THAT much important for a cold day, and to wear with tights no less? Two things to me about denim jean short shorts in cooler weather- (1) jean shorts are better looking to me with bare legs than with tights, and (2) while I've been tired of both denim shorts and leggings and tights, seeing these two together is not very stylish. While Winterizing your wardrobe is one thing, jean shorts with tights is like the proverbial mixing of oil and water. And to extend the analogy of oil and water, pairing denim short shorts with tights is as bad of a disaster as the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Pairing shorts with tights is not a bad look- for preppy or dressy types and with a chic pair of shorts. But if you're talking jean shorts with tights, I dislike the look. Even worse either if the tights have horrid designs; or if the jean shorts are all destroyed, ripped up, or have pockets hanging down. I think the tights themselves are the main culprit. The only positive I see to the look is simply females who want to wear their favorite denim shorts on cool or cold days. But for me (and if I were a female), I'd save the jean shorts for warm and hot days. Much like I would save my most stylish Summer sandals for warm weather times.

Final Thoughts.

To me, save the jean shorts for warm weather times, and don't even bother trying to make jean shorts "stylish" by wearing black tights and black shoes with them. Really (and there is a reason why I didn't exclusively specify black tights and black shoes), tights of any color and shoes of any color with denim jean short shorts are a no-no to me. If you want to wear tights with shorts, it's better doing so with some non jean shorts. Try wearing some linen or wool short shorts with a pair of tights and some stylish shoes. Denim jean shorts with tights just doesn't look right to me at all. It is tough for anyone to try to sell me on this look.

Of course, those are my views. You don't have to agree with me (not that I ask anyone to). I just speak/type my mind. Thank you for reading!

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