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Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's Talk About Boots

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Boots are great to wear, huh? But when it comes to boots, there are a number of things to consider- heel length, boot height, and the like. I don't want my readers' heads to spin on this topic. What I WILL do, however, is provide non-professional insight on the right pair of boots for you. I have even decided to take this post a bit further and talk about certain boot styles in general. As per usual, I am mostly discussing feminine boots here. Let's talk about boots!

I would like to thank a loyal reader (who I am keeping anonymous) for presenting me this topic.

--- What Boots are Best For You? ---

Not all boots are created equal. There is no one perfect pair of boots for everyone. The best boots to wear (in my opinion) all depend on a number of factors:

• your outfit - would a pair of boots work well with your outfit? And what kind (if so)?

• your body type - some boots are not made for every body type. What a petite could pull off may not work for someone tall. What boots may work for a slender girl may not work for a curvy girl.

Considering it is Fall/Autumn, I think this is the time of year where girls (I use this term loosely) wear some of their most fabulous boots. Boots often get plenty of mileage during cold weather seasons. You need some footwear that will keep your feet and lower legs warm as the temperatures drop. Even if it isn't cold, some females wear boots anyways- even in warm weather seasons.

I always consider footwear to be the most important element of an outfit. I usually don't consider boots for certain outfits, but it doesn't mean one can still throw on a pair of boots to go with an outfit. I've seen cute sundresses toughened up a bit with some ankle boots, for example. You could wear a pair of denim jean short shorts and pair them with some flat or low-heel ankle boots. On a cold day, you may tuck in your jean legs into a pair of furry, wedge-heeled, knee-high boots. Do you prefer zip-up boots or lace-up boots? I usually don't like lace-ups all that much. They just don't appeal to me as much.

So your options are vastly varied when it comes to boots and styling them. There is still one constant- those boots. Let's talk [more] about boots!

--- Let's Talk About Boot Height ---

One of the first aspects of boots is height. Do you fancy boots with low shafts or high shafts? Are ankle boots stylish enough for you?

You can't just put together a bunch of clothes and then tack on a random pair of boots and instantly expect to look good. Of course, shoes play a huge deal of importance in putting together outfits. The wrong shoes can ruin any outfit. If you are wanting to wear boots with an outfit, maybe this section will help you in your decision of boots. Being comfortable and stylish are the primary goals of any outfit, let alone with boots.

Ankle Boots (or Booties).

ankle boots
^ from: Enjoy the appeal of boots (but without tall shafts) by going with some ankle boots (or booties).

Ankle boots are primarily made for all the chic appeal of boots, but not without having to wear boots with such tall shafts. Ankle boots are mostly tucked away under jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses. However, some choose to wear ankle boots with shorts, short skirts, and short dresses. Some even roll up jean legs or pant legs to show off their booties. I know I've seen this a lot in blog posts. Booties allow you to be a bit more versatile with your outfits. Some booties even have designs along the back sides of the boots or even some nice side details. For example, a pair of ankle boots may have a 3D flower design on the sides or some bow details at the heels. These designs can be stylish to go with booties. Since booties are so versatile, these (personally) are the best boots to wear if you prefer some sort of slingback or peep-toe style. The most popular ankle boots of late have been the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" lace-up booties, which seems to be worn by various fashion bloggers.

I've found these boots to be best for those who don't want to worry about wearing boots with such tall shafts. Some booties are adorned with accents that make them every bit as stylish as a pair of pumps or a pair of sandals. So my key word with booties is "versatility." I may even go as far as to say that ankle boots can be an all-year pair of shoes to wear. Ankle boots can be a bit tricky for petites.

Mid-Calf Boots.

mid-calf boots
^ from: - Tall, but not too tall... welcome to mid-calf boots.

Boots that extend to mid-calf are midway between the knees and the ankles. There honestly aren't too many mid-calf boots I like. I usually like either ankle boots or knee-high boots. Usually, most mid-calf boots that are common are usually lace-up boots that go to about mid-calf. Most of you may know I don't really like lace-up boots that much. Another common pair of mid-calf boots are sheepskin boots (like your beloved UGG or EMU boots).

Mid-calf boots are more like for those who adore the sleek style of tall boots, but don't want boots that are too tall. Again- I don't like these boots too much. I don't HATE them, though. There's a difference between "don't really like" and "hate."

Knee-High Boots.

knee-high boots
^ from: For their sleek appeal, nothing can be lovelier than a sweet pair of knee-high boots.

You can't go any better or any hotter than with a pair of knee-high boots. Wear a pair of knee-high boots with a skirt or a dress. Tuck them into a pair of jeans. Your possibilities are pretty endless with knee-high boots. A common look in the cold is to go with a mid-length skirt or dress and wear some knee-high boots with them. Some knee-high boots can be folded down for a unique look.

Knee-high boots are great with many different looks ranging from tucking into jeans, wearing with skirts and dresses, and things like that. My favorite knee-high boots are mostly riding boots. Riding boots are a great pair of boots to consider in regards to knee-high boots. Of course, a good pair of high-heel boots don't hurt, either. You have yourself some options.

Over-the-Knee and Thigh-High Boots.

over-the-knee boots
^ from: - The knees are not the limit! Some prefer to take their boot style above the knees.

Of late, one of the more trendy styles of boots are those that go above the knees. Some of these go just above the knees, and some others are thigh-high. A truly daring fashionista would dare try to sport a pair of over-the-knee or thigh-high boots. These would be VERY tough to pull off for petites. Some over-knee boots are a bit versatile as you can unfold the shaft to make a knee-high boot look.

I personally fail to be excited about over-the-knee boots. I don't get what makes them so liked. The only way I'd like them is if the tops of the over-knee boots were folded down for a knee-high look. Other than that, I'd stay away from these.

No matter how tall you like your boots, you know you want a pair of boots to go with your outfits and that you can style around. What works best for you depend on a vast number of variables. What do you want out of your wardrobe to go with a pair of boots?

--- Let's Talk About Boot Heel and Sole Types ---

So you know how tall you want your boots to be. What about the heels? What about maybe flat or platformed styles?

Flat Heels.

The most stylish flat heel boots to me are riding boots. Besides riding boots, most combat boots are usually flat heel boots. Go for flat boots if you prefer the comfort of flat boots.

Low Heels.

If you want to elevate your style to a degree, certainly try low heels. They can either be a low spike heel or be something like go-go boots. Tall boots with low heels don't look all that stylish to me. Riding boots and rain boots are common low-heel boots. I've even seen some cowboy-style ankle boots that can be pretty stylish.

High Heels.

Every statement-making diva knows that nothing draws attention and delivers confidence like high heels. Boots are no different. Whether as stilettos or as wedges, nothing like high heels- even with boots.

Those are the heel types. What about sole types?

Platform Boots.

The beauty of platform shoes (let alone boots) is for one to be able to elevate one's style off the ground. The feeling of being just inches/centimeters off the ground is enough to give anyone a sense of empowerment. Elevated soles provide more comfort since you don't have to worry too much about flat shoes.

Wedge Heels.

If sporting a wedge heel, we are obviously assuming anywhere between low heels to high heels. Wedges are more comfortable (I'm told) than your usual stiletto high heels. The most common wedge boots I would see are mostly wedge booties or Winter-type knee-high boots.

Platform Wedge Boots.

Combine the elevating appeal of platforms with the comfort of wedge heels, and you get platform wedge boots! Wicked style statements can be made with platform wedges. Platform wedge boots are no different.

Pick your heels wisely. You'll soon discover those dream pair of boots with nice heels to compliment your outfit. That just-right pair of boots for an outfit will be one that is both comfortable to walk in while also vastly complimenting whatever outfit you've put together.

--- Let's Talk About Boot Details ---

Equally as important as height and heels for boots are various accents and touches that make each one stylish. Allow me to share a few boot details. Some of the featured details may be featured in future posts on StyleSpace. So stay tuned if I do make individual posts on each detail.

Quilted Boots.

quilted boots
^ from: - Quilted details can be a stylish touch for a pair of boots.

I don't know about you, but I think quilting details on boots can be very stylish. Maybe the details aren't as streamlined as a sleek pair of boots, but it's a nice detail to boots.

Harness Details.

harness boots
^ from: - Harnesses add some nice detail to flat and/or low heel boots.

You normally see harness details on motorcycle boots and riding boots around the ankles. Harness some stylish chic with a pair of boots that have harness details to them. This sort of detail makes flat and low heel boots a bit more interesting.

Buckle Details.

buckle boots
^ from: - Buckle details are a good way to show some toughness.

No one set of details show toughness quite like buckles. The boots don't have to be some Goth or punk boots to be worthy of having buckles; boots with buckle details can range from a casual pair of flat boots to a chic pair of boots. Boots both tall and short benefit style-wise with buckles. If your style involves going with boots that have some character to them, go with some boots with buckle designs.

Furry Details.

furry boots
^ from: - Go furry to stay warm. Or for some others, wear fur just to look cute.

The warmth of fur will certainly do wonders for you on cold days. The amount of fur for one pair of boots can range from modest to wild. Some boots may be furry on the inside. Some others may have lots of fur. Certain boots that are furry on the inside can be folded down so you can show a little fur with your outfit.

Pom Pom Details.

pom pom boots
^ from: - Pom poms are not just for cheerleaders- they are somehow even attention-grabbing for boots.

If you see details on boots that look like a pair of fuzzy cherries dangling from the top, those are pom poms. You will usually see these on furry boots. They are just another attention-grabber for a pair of boots.

These are among the many different details that make boots chic.

--- Let's Talk About Boots: Final Thoughts ---

For the fashionista seeking a sweet pair of boots, there are many options. These are among many different things to think about:

• How high do you like your boots?
• What kind of heels are you most comfortable with for your boots?
• Are there any specific boot details that you think are the best to compliment your outfit(s)?

The beauty and appeal of boots resonate with many a fashionista. The right pair of boots coincides with whatever outfit a female is wearing. So one would want a pair that compliments both one's mood and style. My boot advice is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Picking the right pair of boots depends on your style and what you are able to pull off. Remember- don't try any trends or looks outside of your comfort zone, especially if you are not really confident in your style to pull such looks off. Just find a pair of boots to compliment your look perfectly and to express your style in your own unique way. If you want to wear boots with your outfit, find a pair to bring everything together beautifully or with a certain amount of style you want to express with your outfit.

The real final thought- rock them boots with pride! :)

What do you think about picking out a pair of boots for your outfit? Go ahead and look stylish with your boots to boot. Thank you for reading!

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