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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


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"One for One"

-TOMS Shoes' slogan

TOMS is famous for their Argentinian alpargata espadrilles as well as their pledge to offer shoes to children in need. This company was founded in 2006 and is based in Santa Monica, California, USA. Many know TOMS for their popular shoes. Not many, however, know them for eyewear and clothes, which they also offer. This blog post is a basic look at TOMS. I touched up on TOMS previously in my "Fashionably Benevolent" blog post, but this post here on StyleSpace is a basic look at TOMS.

To all of you visiting for the first time, welcome to the stylish space of my blogging universe- "StyleSpace!"

--- TOMS ---

Do you know what a pair of TOMS espadrilles looks like? If not, here are the familiar shoes:

TOMS Shoes
^ from: - This is a pair of TOMS' ever popular shoes. These are their ever-popular canvas espadrilles.

For some people, TOMS are only worthwhile for one reason- the fact TOMS offers their shoes for children in need. Many people see TOMS shoes as being expensive and ugly. Their popular canvas espadrilles are based on the Argentinian alpargata style. You may see them either in one solid color or in glitter varieties. Besides their espadrilles, they also have some other shoes to your liking. And as with other TOMS, each sold pair goes out to children in need. Really, if you buy anything of theirs, your purchase of their items goes towards helping people in need.

My Thoughts on TOMS.

I like to think of the TOMS espadrilles as the new casual "it" shoe. They have sort of replaced those VANS slip-on sneakers. I'd even say they are an alternative to boat/deck shoes as well. I don't think TOMS are entirely ugly. They're okay to me. Doesn't matter if they are canvas, glittery, or whatever... nothing's wrong with these TOMS shoes. If you especially believe in being benevolent, you have to love what TOMS offer outside of just buying a simple pair of shoes.

--- BONUS: Did SKECHERS Rip Off TOMS With BOBS? ---

Did you see an ad for BOBS by SKECHERS while flipping through the pages of a magazine? If so, you probably asked if SKECHERS ripped off TOMS. Skechers is doing with BOBS what TOMS is doing with their shoes- offering shoes to children in need with the sale of each BOBS. The BOBS shoe was unveiled in 2010 or so. Many people think SKECHERS blatantly ripped off TOMS by offering their similarly-styled BOBS shoes.

Do you think SKECHERS ripped off TOMS? See for yourself (in case you're interested): BOBS Shoes by SKECHERS - SKECHERS Official Site.

--- For More Information... ---

To learn more about TOMS and to shop for some TOMS items, please visit and check out their whole selection of items for men and women.

Here are some TOMS that may interest you (sizes not listed, and mostly for US men's sizes and women's sizes):

As ever, thank you for reading and happy shopping! Please help support my work in any way you can if you love my work- including shopping for these items I've featured.

What do you think about TOMS? Share your thoughts with me if you care to do so. Thank you for reading and visiting!

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