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Sunday, November 25, 2012

High-Waist Bottoms

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The high-waist has become trendy the past few years, casting aside regular and (especially) low-rise bottoms. High-waist bottoms have some qualities that make them fashionable. Among others is the slimming effect of wearing high-waist bottoms. You can also show midriff without having to show off your navel or lower torso (especially if you dislike showing your navel or lower body). High waist bottoms range from intimates to swimwear to a variety of pants, shorts, and skirts. If you love the high-waist look, then welcome to my StyleSpace post on high-waist bottoms!

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--- High-Waist Bottoms ---

A number of people would easily write off the high-waist look. Many others, however, embrace the high-waist look. Those who comfortably can wear low-rise or regular waist bottoms sometimes try the high-waist look.

Outfits with High-Waist Bottoms.

One high-waist look that is common usually is with the American Apparel set. Their Disco Pants are a popular high-waist slim pair of pants that are shiny and often times worn with cropped tops. Some others usually wear faded, trashy, denim high-waist short shorts to go with a T-shirt or some kind of cropped, loose T-shirt. More sophisticated types find a stylish pair of high-waist trousers that are clean and elegant to go along with a dressy blouse.

The most popular high-waist looks these days primarily involve wearing high-waist bottoms (preferably shorts) with cropped tops. High-waist skirts are also usually worn with cropped tops. Anyone who thinks high-waist bottoms and cropped tops don't go together may want to read the rest of this paragraph. Wearing high-waist bottoms with a cropped top is almost as if a female wants to show her midriff, but either doesn't want to show too much or wants to be confident wearing cropped tops. You may even see certain bloggers try to wear high-waist bottoms to go with a bralet (or bralette) or some other cropped top. High-waist bottoms can offer some confidence to those not confident showing off their midriff. After all, not every female can confidently show off their midriff. Then too, those that are confident often just wear short midriff-baring tops to go with high-waist bottoms. There are even high-waist bottoms for swimwear and for lingerie. So their appeal can even be showcased with more intimate pieces.

Positives to High-Waist Bottoms.

What makes high-waist bottoms comfortable to wear are that they can be flattering for the lower body. Those who may not have an attractive waistline or belly can enjoy a flattering silhouette wearing high-waist bottoms, especially with high-waist pants and leggings. Another positive aspect of high-waist bottoms is in the comfort of having a covered backside. In other words, a higher waist means that you don't risk showing panties or butt crack (or both) when leaning forward or bending over backwards as you would with regular waist or low-rise bottoms. If you occasionally have muffin top- whereas your lower body fat protrudes over the top of a pair of tight low-rise or regular-rise bottoms- this can be another incentive to wear high-waist bottoms, because you can help your silhouette as you are wearing certain bottoms.

Negatives to High-Waist Bottoms.

Despite the many positives to wearing high-waist bottoms and why they are loved, a good number of people can't stand high-waist bottoms. Many people often equate to the dreaded "mom jeans" in regards to (especially) high-waist jeans. Some who dislike high-waist midriff-baring just think that wearing high-waist bottoms just looks wrong when you're flashing midriff. Most people think midriff baring should be for those who are wearing proper cropped tops with regular-rise or low-rise bottoms. Some even find high-waist bottoms with cropped tops just looks either trashy or unattractive (or both). Some others even think wearing high-waist bottoms really takes away from how hot a female's butt looks. But no matter what you think, high waist bottoms are definitely in for those who love them.

Many uses, many styles- how do you rock the high waist?

--- High-Waist Bottoms in Pictures ---

Are you into high-waisted bottoms? Here are some high-waist bottoms in pictures to show you further what I am talking about.

I usually start off with jeans since they are the most common garments. So, let's begin with some high-waist jeans.

High-Waist Jeans.

high-waist skinny jeans
^ from: - High-waist skinny jeans from American Apparel.

high-waist flare jeans
^ from: - High-waist jeans with flared legs from 7 for All Mankind.

Since my female audience will mostly be divided on high-waist jeans, I included two pictures to prove two different styles of high-waist jeans. The first picture is a pair of high-waist skinny jeans, and the other is a pair of jeans with wider legs.

I personally prefer high-waist jeans with flared legs. This is especially for that classic '70s diva chic. I also somewhat fancy high-waist trouser jeans for a classy denim look. But all these jeans that are... you know- boyfriend, acid-wash, ripped-up, skinny, and all that... I'm not as fond of those unlike a lot of other fashionistas out there.

High-Waist Pants and Legging Pants.

high-waist pants or leggings
^ from: - The Disco Pants from American Apparel is one of the most popular high-waist pants today among fashionable types (including bloggers).

high-waist pants
^ from: - A chic pair of high-waist pants.

High-waist pants can be a style statement whether with skinny legs or with voluminous legs. A popular example of high-waist pants these days are the Disco Pants from American Apparel. These are shiny high-waist pants that are slim and form-fitting. I've seen a few bloggers wear some of the Disco bottoms American Apparel offers.

High-Waist Shorts.

high-waist shorts
^ from: - These are a pair of printed high-waist shorts. It is also an example of high-waist midriff baring. Why do American Apparel (the company that made these specific high-waist shorts) models look so not interested often times? Show a little more enthusiasm, please!

The high-waist appeal also applies to shorts. Such shorts can range from casual to classy. Most common among high-waist shorts are usually cuffed, high-waist jean short shorts. The high waist shorts I usually see online are usually cut-off denim short shorts with high waists. They aren't the only high-waist shorts out there, however. There are some classy high-waist shorts in denim, twill, and various other fabrics that look anything but trashy or casual.

High-Waist Skirts.

high-waist skirt
^ from: - This is a high-waist pencil skirt.

Skirts can be versatile in regards to the high-waist look. Some are proper high-waist skirts. Some skirts are merely hiked up. Commonly, I see high-waist skirts paired with cropped tops and bralets. High-waist skirts combine the appeal of any average high-waist bottom with the easy and liberating feel of wearing a skirt.

No matter what high-waist bottom(s) interest you, there are many ways to enjoy the high-waist look.

--- High-Waisted Bottoms: Final Thoughts ---

I am not crazy about high-waist bottoms. There are only certain high-waist jeans and pants I like. Proudly wear your high-waist bottoms if you love them dearly.

For the more daring types, some fashionable femmes love pairing a cropped top with high-waist bottoms. The '80s/athletic types would proudly wear a loose cropped top to go with some high-waist denim short shorts. I've seen a number of bloggers wear the Disco Pants from American Apparel with either a regular top or some sort of cropped top. At least high-waist bottoms give certain females more confidence to wear cropped tops, especially for those not usually into showing skin.

High waist bottoms help the silhouettes of those who want something comfortable and stylish. No matter what you may say about high-waist bottoms in general, you at least have to commend and respect that these bottoms can do wonders for certain figures who may not otherwise have a lovely silhouette in any average waist or low-rise bottoms. You sometimes have to look at garments as complimenting the body rather so much certain garments looking either good or bad. Some garments are worn to help others look and feel better even if they seem absolutely horrible to you. High-waist bottoms are no exception.

--- High-Waisted Bottoms Online ---

High-waist bottoms online are for you to check out here. All sizes are mostly meant for US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted on other sites.


Here are many varieties of high-waist bottoms. What are you looking for?

Other Sources...

Other places to get your high-waist loving are below. I couldn't find too many quality pieces to showcase here, so the Other Sources is very limited. My apologies. Visit each link to find various high-waist bottoms for whatever kind of high-waist bottoms interest you.

• high-waist jeans
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• high-waist pants
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• high-waist shorts
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• high-waist skirts
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Happy Shopping! :) I would appreciate your business if you did find something you like from the material I've provided. That's why I put these links in my posts. I want you to be able to find items that may interest you in case you enjoyed my post.

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Rock those high-waist bottoms with pride! Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

High-waist skirts are my favorites- they're so seductive and chic, and they make your waist perfect, I really enjoy wearing them! I also love high-waist pants and jeans, especially flared ones! This was wonderful post John!! Wishing you wonderful weekend ahead!!

John Marine said...

Personally I just love high-waist! It visually makes your legs longer. and if you style it right it can look awesome!
great post John!

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