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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sleep and Lounge Fashion

John Marine | 2:00 PM | |
If you're stylish out and about, are you equally stylish at home? What happens between waking up and going to sleep is called life. Sleepwear and lounge fashion allow you to feel fashionable with fun fashions for home. This blog post talks about sleepwear and clothes for lounging. This is dedicated to you girls out there who are sleeping beauties. This is for you guys who like looking good even in your sleep. Welcome to the realm of sleepwear and lounge fashion!

WARNING: Some of the material discussed in this blog post may not be suitable for all audiences.

About the Label: "Intimates"

Topics with the "Intimates" label contain topics relate to underwear and lingerie. Here on StyleSpace, mentioning lingerie means I may have to block out certain topics from the main page just to keep the blog as world-friendly (my term for "safe for work") as possible.

--- Sleepwear and Lounge Fashion ---

You leave the house looking fashionable, but what about being fashionable at home?

Basic Sleepwear and Loungewear.

Sleepwear allows you to comfortably and stylishly go to sleep. You may even wear certain clothes just to be comfortable and warm around the house. The most common style of sleepwear are pajamas/pyjamas. A pajama top and pajama pants are a great way to be comfortable when walking around the house or going to sleep. For both males and females, robes and kimonos are simple garments to wear to stay warm and look great. Some people even wear old clothes that they rarely wear in public anymore as sleepwear. Some of my old shirts are my sleeping shirts.

For females, some wear cute sleep shirts that are rather like long shirts. There are even short sets and pant sets meant for lounging. The shorts can either be short shorts meant for lounging or a pair of boyshorts that are sleep-appropriate.

Another aspect of sleepwear is in sleep-appropriate footwear. Most of these lounging footwear are mostly slippers worn around the house. There are some people who think that sheepskin boots should NEVER be worn outside of the house. Some people even wear old, torn shoes around the house as footwear for lounging.

Underwear and Lingerie.

Going to sleep or lounging around the house can be intimate. Some people do sleep in their boxers or briefs. Some females sleep in lingerie. The lingerie can range from intimate garments to certain comfortable bra and panty sets. Additionally, some females may wear sleeping gowns or chemises around the house. Certain pieces of lingerie or intimates are wearable enough to be part of one's casual style. For example, certain camisoles can be comfortably worn as tops to compliment a pair of jeans or a skirt. There are also looks where fashionistas have worn corsets or bralets as part of their outfits.

Some who are really daring usually wear super-appealing, super-sexy intimates to sleep or for lounging. Some of these super-sexy lingerie pieces are mostly for romantic types who want to look and feel sexy, even in their sleep, or even to sexually arouse their lovers/spouses.

Sleepwear and loungewear mean a lot to those who wear such garments. The main point is to look and feel your best- even in your sleep and even lounging around the house.

--- Sleepwear and Loungewear in Pictures ---

Let's take a look at a few samples of sleepwear. This will help you to understand the appeal provided by sleepwear and loungewear. I will be careful posting certain images. Have a look:

Basic Sleepwear.

Time to put words into pictures. Here are various examples of various kinds of sleepwear:

women's pajamas
^ from: - Here is a simple pair of pajamas for women.

fun pajamas
^ from: - This is a very girly pajama set.

men's pajamas
^ from: - Even guys can look great wearing pajamas.

camisole and shorts sleep
^ from: - A sleep shorts set complete with a camisole and boyshorts.

pajama shorts
^ from: - If you prefer lounging or sleeping in shorts, there are pajama shorts for males and females. This is a cute pajama short set for women.

^ from: - Sleep shirts are fashionable for sleep for females. Some sleepshirts are also for males.

sleeping gown
^ from: - Want to be a real sleeping beauty? Try wearing a sleeping gown, like this one.

house slippers
^ from: - Slippers can be comfy to wear around the house. They can be basic, or even whimsical- like these house slippers.

Now to spice things up with lingerie talk. I want to keep this blog as world-friendly as possible. So I am adding a Jump Break in case you're not reading the full post. If you are not reading the full blog post and if you enjoyed what you've read so far, click "Read More" to continue on.

Intimate Sleepwear.

While basic sleepwear can be fun to wear, some prefer more intimate and more enticing sleepwear options. These are garments for men and women that are not only comfortable, but sexy and appealing. I will only feature a few intimates just to keep this blog as appropriate as possible. Examples to follow...

^ from: - This is a chemise. Think of these as intimate short dresses to wear around the house.

babydoll lingerie
^ from: (as seen on "John's Blog Space") - A babydoll is almost like an intimate tunic that flows beautifully. Babydoll lingerie can be very appealing to wear. There are some babydoll tops that are perfectly fine to wear out of the house. The babydoll in this picture, however, is NOT one of them.

Whoever thought sleepwear can be so hot? As much as I'd like to continue discussion on intimates, that's as far as I'll go to keep this blog viewable for as many audiences as possible. What else I will say is that intimate sleepwear can go much deeper. Corsets, for example, are very much sexy lingerie to sleep in. Some ladies have taken corsets and tried to incorporate them into outfits. And of course, there are a handful of kinky underwear options ranging from appealing bras and panties to thongs and G-strings.

The last thing I want to do is damage the integrity of this blog or have this blog only be famous because of one topic I am not proud of discussing or featuring. So this is as far as I'll go.

--- Sleepwear and Loungewear: Final Thoughts ---

From babies to adults, males and females, sleepwear and loungewear do not have to be frumpy. In fact, there are fun options for many people. The adult set can surely take their sleepwear experience to kinky levels with appealing sleepwear and intimates. No matter what the group, sleepwear is meant to be as comfortable and as fun as those who wear them. Be and feel comfortable wearing such sleepwear or loungewear. Some people even attempt to wear certain sleeping or lounging clothes outside the house. Whatever the case, sleep tight and look good while in slumber. Good night! Don't let the bed bugs bite! :)

--- Sleepwear and Loungewear Online ---

Can I possibly help you find some sleepwear or loungewear online? I would appreciate your business if you did find and buy something that interests you. Check these items out. Be warned that some featured items may not be suitable for all audiences. So visit at your own discretion.

With the "Other Sources" section, I am using a more streamlined format to simply direct you to the specific items being showcased. That said, happy shopping!


The pajamas/pyjamas in question incorporate all possible pajama combinations, including tops, pants, shorts, and more.

Now for the more intimate types...

Other Sources...

More options for you all looking into shopping for sleepwear and loungewear online...

• pajamas (tops, bottoms, and sets; males and females)
Amazon pajamas/pyjamas | eBay Pajamas | Shopbop (all sleepwear) | Overstock pajamas | pajamas

• sleep shirts
Amazon sleepshirts | eBay sleepshirts | Overstock sleepshirts | sleep shirts

• nightgowns
Amazon sleepshirts | eBay nightgowns | Overstock nightgowns | nightgowns

• robes
Amazon robes | eBay robes | Overstock robes | robes

• slippers
Amazon house slipper | eBay house slippers | Overstock house slippers | house slippers

• chemises
Amazon chemises | eBay chemises | Overstock chemises | chemises

• babydolls
Amazon babydolls | eBay babydolls | Overstock babydolls | babydolls

Hope this helps you out.

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Thank you for reading! Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! :)

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