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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bangles and Bracelets

John Marine | 9:04 PM | | |
You have the right to bear arms! Baring your arms for warmer weather, of course! One of the best ways to dress up the arms is with bracelets. But if you want something a bit more interesting, try bangles! You can wear a few of them, or wear a lot of them. They are great for dressing the arms on warmer days. This blog post is dedicated to the females out there who'll proudly sport some bangles or bracelets around their wrists.

I intended on discussing only bangles, but I want to offer bracelets into my discussion as well.

This blog post was originally posted on "John's Blog Space" on March 11, 2010. It has since been modified for "StyleSpace" with new content and updated thoughts/commentary.

About the Label: "Jewelry"

Blog posts under the "Jewelry" label have elements relating to or featuring jewelry. These include basic accessories as well as metallic jewelry.

--- Bangles and Bracelets at a Glance ---

Bangles are essentially bracelets, only that so many of them can be worn at a time to dress up the wrists. As I've learned by looking around on the Internet, the big difference between bangles and bracelets is that bracelets are flexible, while bangles are not. Bangles are perfectly circular. Let's see a few examples of both bangles and bracelets. Here are some pictures for you all...


set of bangles
^ from: - Here is a set of bangles. They don't have to be expensive or fancy to be stylish.

mixed bangles
^ from: - Mixed bangles can be just as expressive as any average set of bangles.

When wearing bangles, a few of them or a lot of them can be worn at once. One will mostly see at least five bangles being worn around the wrist of some females who wear bangles. Bangles are normally lightweight and are usually either metallic or plastic.


Bracelets don't have to be the of the expensive variety. You have your share of plastic bracelets that can still be very fun to wear. To prove the point:

wristband bracelets
^ from: - Very casual wristband bracelet. You may even have some of these yourself.

friendship bracelet
^ from: - Several friendship bracelets around one's arm. Friendship bracelets can be fun to wear and even fun to share.

^ from: - Bracelets can be either classy or casual.

tennis bracelet women
^ from: - Here is a beautiful tennis bracelet for stylish ladies. I'm sure most of my female audience is probably doing the nudge to their boyfriend/fiancé/husband to get one of these as a gift. ;)

chunky bracelet
^ from: - A single big bracelet can make a big style statement.

Bracelets are bolder and more expressive than a set of bangles. One or more bracelets can be worn to make as much of a statement as possible. They are as great for dressing your wrists with as with any set of bangles.

No matter what, both bangles and bracelets are charming and expressive to wear around your wrists. So go ahead and find some bangles to dress up your wrists!

--- What to Wear These With? ---

Since we are talking about bangles and bracelets, this is obviously meant for warm weather times or warm days. Bangles and bracelets can mostly be worn with almost anything and with almost any outfit. Bangles are very much for casual outfits. If you want to glam things up, try wearing a lovely bracelet or several bracelets.

--- Bangles and Bracelets Around the Blogosphere ---

The following blog posts feature bloggers wearing either bangles or bracelets. The only criteria is that the featured bloggers are actually wearing the items and not just showing them off. Please contact me via E-Mail or Facebook if you think I should view one of your looks relevant to the topics of my posts. Since these are mostly old posts, Subscribe and Follow their blogs to see their latest posts.

Remember that I am featuring these posts only for bangles and/or bracelets worn by the bloggers in question.

Evening Look # "Crystal Waterfall" (Glam & Fab Chameleon) « her own jewelry worn around her wrists as well as around her neck.

"WALK INTO THE BRIGHT - IN THIS SEASONS METALLICS" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « bold and chunky bangles to go with a hot outfit (designer's own jewelry).

"HAUTE PANAMA" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « beach outfit with many bangles worn (designer's own jewelry).

"OOTD - Lolita Strawberry" (Cupcake's Clothes) « her own handmade jewelry with a cute outfit.

"Summery Sunset" (Burst of Color) « multiple inexpensive bracelets to go with two Summery outfits.

"the new black" (Curvy Girl Chic) « bangles with an edgy, yet chic outfit.

"ETERNITY" (Art In Our Blood) « golden bangles around both lower arms.

"Living Colour" (Veil of Illusions) « many bangles around her left arm.

"Life is never 'short' of colour" (Veil of Illusions) « a golden bracelet compliments this warm weather look.

"It was THAT time of the year again!" (Chappals vs. Stilltoes) « bangles with a dress, leggings, and flats.

"Outfit of the day : Durga Puja Soptomi" (Bong's Balleza) « bangles complimenting a beautiful Hindu outfit.

"'she's got legs'" (Nany's Klozet) « bracelets compliment a sexy, chic outfit.

"A first in five years!" (Shotcouture) « bangles worn with a cute casual outfit.

There are your inspirations towards bangles and bracelets.

--- Final Thoughts on Bangles and Bracelets ---

Bangles and bracelets offer immense levels of chic for both casual and even classy outfits. Never be afraid to give your wrists some "wrist candy" by dressing them up with bangles or a stylish bracelet. The right kind(s) of bangles and/or bracelets will add extra levels of appeal to your outfits. Be sure to experiment on how to jazz up your outfits by going with a nice pair of bangles or bracelets to go with your outfit. Never be afraid to experiment to your heart's delight.

--- Let's Find Some Bangles and Bracelets! ---

So, did you enjoy this blog post? Want to get yourself some bangles and/or bracelets? I can help you here! The least I can do for you is make your visit to this blog worthwhile. So take some time and have a look at these items and buy yourself some bangles and/or bracelets as my way of saying thanks to you for visiting my blog and reading this post!

Shopping is voluntary, but I would appreciate it if you did find something that interests you. I would also appreciate your support of my work.


Scroll through and find something that interests you. That simple!

Other Sources...

How about more bangles and bracelets? Visit any of the following to get your fill of bangles and bracelets:

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