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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dress Your Pet!

John Marine | 12:00 PM | |
Can pets be style stars? Yes! You would be surprised at the many ways you can dress up pets. Have a dog who is a prince or a princess? Have a cool cat or a cute cat? There are some designers who make trendy and stylish clothes for your pet. This blog post highlights on pet fashion. This post regards clothing made for animals. I think you will enjoy this blog post with some of the content I was able to create and find for you all. How about we give pets some fashionable love? Hey, remember- you landed on "StyleSpace by JBM," meaning you are on a blog that is about almost ANYTHING fashion-related! Welcome back to my stylish space of my blogging universe- "StyleSpace, by J.B.M."!

This post is based on a post I did on "John's Blog Space" of the same name. You are looking at a JBS post made for StyleSpace and my fashion-fixated audience. Enjoy your stay! :)

--- Pet Apparel at a Glance ---

Before I discuss clothing for cats and dogs, check out a few pictures I found online. This will give you some perspective as to what I'm about to discuss in this blog entry.

Here are some examples of clothing for animals. I am a cat lover, but I have had trouble trying to find good enough pictures of cat clothes to feature in this post. So most of what you will see here are mostly clothes for dogs.

That said, here you go:

shearling coat dog
^ from: - Keep that dog warm while also looking stylish.

novelty T-shirt dogs
^ from: - Some dogs get all the girls. ;)

girly dress dog
^ from: - Female dogs can be girly girls too! Can't a puppy be sassy if she wants to?

sexy leopard dress
^ from: - Even dogs have a kinky side...

cable sweater dog
^ from: - Here is a cable sweater for big dogs.

preppy puppy
^ from: - That's one preppy puppy!

superhero puppy
^ from: - This puppy's spider senses are tingling...

puppy princess
^ from: - Pretty puppy princess!

Some people wonder why clothes are made for pets. It's not like there's a legitimate reason; some just want their cats and/or dogs to show some style. It's unlikely Christian Louboutin will make any fierce pumps for cats, or even Oscar de la Renta making exceptional dresses for your puppy. It's... possible you could give your cat or puppy some Ed Hardy gear so your pet can look as hard as you do. It's just an interesting style to try out.

Having your pet wear these specially-made clothes gives them some unique style. These clothes for your pets will make them every bit as chic as you are. Maybe the pet(s) in question are a bit discriminating and want to stand out in style. Give them their best chance of standing out by giving them some cool clothes.

--- Should You Clothe Your Pet(s)? ---

If you want to be different or make a statement, why not go for giving your pet some nice clothes? You would be surprised what kinds of items are offered for animals to dress them up in. This speaks (again) to fashion being about making a statement without saying anything. These clothes for animals is a way to show some expression and some style. Who doesn't love to express something through the means of fashion? So go ahead- dress up that kitty or that puppy. Make a little statement! Let that pet be as fashionable as you are.

To read my original post on this topic, visit: "Dress Your Pet" (John's Blog Space).

It's stuff like this that shows that even your pets can look stylish. You have to credit the designers for coming up with fun clothing for pets, even if you don't think these items are worth anything. So all of you who have pets can find something you may like. Everything from staying warm to looking stylish are available so that your cat or dog can be clothed. Want more? These items should be of help to you.

Here are some items I've pulled up online, followed by links to other material:

pet apparel on Amazon
pet apparel on eBay
pet apparel on

Happy shopping! :) Oh, and thank you for reading!

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