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Monday, December 17, 2012


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Sequins, glitter, metallics... oh, my! No better way to literally shine with beauty than with sparkly and shiny garments. There's no better way for a girl to glam it up than to bedazzle with sparkles, glitter, and metallics. This blog post is all about the shimmer and shine so uniquely feminine. Whether it is a casual day or some sort of night out occasion, every girl who wants to glam it up wants to shine- and sparkle. Are you excited yet? Then let's go!

--- Bedazzling Basics ---

Every girl who feels the desire to shine will look to shiny and sparkly garments. There are many ways to go with such items. Why would a girl want to wear such items? Simple- to let her style sparkle and shine. With the holiday season underway (as of this initial post) and with New Year's Eve coming, one of the most popular styles of garments for parties and other such occasions is to go with sparkly or shiny garments.

Some people will gladly say that sequins and other sparkly items should only be reserved for semi-formal and formal occasions. However, most of us already know that sequins and such are not exclusively for party time or certain other occasions. For example, you may have seen a pair of UGG-like sheepskin boots with sparkles or sequins. Satin blouses can be worn with jeans for a classy casual look for a night out. Maybe on hot days, you'll see some platform wedge metallic sandals. You may even have or have seen a pair of glittery shoes, like a pair of glitter ballet flats for instance. And of course... let's not forget seeing rhinestones on any number of garments- including a pair of flip-flop/thong sandals with rhinestones.

With so many garments that are adorned with shiny, sparkly, or glittery garments; the many ways a girl can sparkle with shiny or sparkly items are of a diverse breed.

--- Bedazzle! ---

There are many ways to shimmer and shine with sparkly and shiny garments. Here are some examples:


sequin dress
^ from: - Glam it up, girls! Sequins will ensure you shine as beautifully as the sequined outfit you've put together.

The most basic way to bedazzle is with sequins. Sequins allow one to sparkle with whatever outfit one is adorning. It used to be that sequins were mostly reserved for evening-type outfits and such. But of course, sequins can be seen on various clothes and accessories. You've probably seen various items adorned with sequins ranging from scarves to handbags to shoes. There are even sequined leggings. Some wear sequin skirts. No matter what, there is no more interesting way to sparkle and shine than with sequins.


glitter pumps
^ from: - This is a glittery pair of peep-toe pumps. Can you be any more girly-girl than glittery peep-toe pumps?

Some girls were born with glitter in their veins. Many other girls wear glittery outfits and items. There's nothing wrong with glitter, whether on clothes or as a beauty touch. There is even glittery and glossy nail polish for a little extra glittery glam. A girl who wants to sparkle can proudly wear some glittery items.


metallic ballet flats
^ from: - Metallics offer their own unique shine and luster.

The appeal of metallics lie in their natural shine and luster. I usually associate metallics with metallic sandals in the warm weather times. The range of metallic footwear doesn't just go with sandals. In fact, there are metallic sandals, boots, and even sneakers with metallic touches. Some cap-toe shoes have metallic caps to the toes. If you read my post on cap-toe shoes, you probably know I'm not very fond of these shoes.

From a clothing standpoint, perhaps the loveliest metallic fabric is lamé. The amount of shine is gorgeous with lamé. Its shine is stylish enough to where one doesn't look like one is covered in aluminum foil. In addition to metallic footwear and other garments, metallic jeans have also been trendy lately. Imagine your favorite jeans given a metallic finish for a unique jeans look. There are many ways to enjoy metallic fashions.


rhinestone flip flops
^ from: - Twinkle toes! Some people think rhinestones are extremely tacky as a way to sparkle.

An attention-grabber is in having rhinestone accents. I specifically chose rhinestone flip-flop/thong sandals to demonstrate how easily they can make any garment more interesting. A lot of girly girls are often awed by the appeal of rhinestones. Besides clothing, you may often see rhinestones adorned on all kinds of items ranging from sunglasses to smartphone covers and more.

Often times, I would see some females wear and all-dark outfit, but have one specific garment adorned with rhinestones for some bright diversity from the dark outfit. For example, think of this outfit: black T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and black flip-flop/thong sandals. The black top could have a big cross design outlined in rhinestones. Or, the sandals could have big and bold rhinestones to them.

These are among many ways to shine and sparkle.

--- How to Bedazzle ---

For any girl that wants to shine with some sparkly or metallic garments, there are a handful of ways to style such garments.

My "do" list is to never be afraid to try some sparkly or shiny garments. Adding some shine or sparkle to your outfit doesn't hurt anything. Try out certain pieces to give yourself a more glamourous appearance and to feel a bit more stylish. Do not fall under the impression of looking too cheap wearing certain sparkly garments. The right kind of sparkly detail can often times divert attention from an all-dark outfit. Balance is important with any look; but even more so when talking about sparkly, shiny, or glittery garments.

The obvious "don't" is to not overdo sparkly garments. Use sparkly garments in moderation. Some people often think of those who wear too many sparkly items as looking like a disco ball. So don't overdo the sparkles. If considering shiny or sparkly garments, just let one specific element of your outfit outshine and outsparkle the others. Don't go head-to-toe sparkly or shiny. A few pieces that shine or sparkle are good enough. Just don't go overboard with these pieces.

Those are some of my thoughts on styling such garments.

--- Bedazzling Inspirations ---

Want to see bloggers get their shine (or their sparkle) on? Here are various bloggers for you. Since these are all Blogger/Blogspot blogs, you are more than welcome to Follow/Subscribe to their blogs if you enjoy their work. So here are some who let their own personal style shine and sparkle:

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"glitz and glam." (tuolomee) « short sequin skirt.
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"SEQUIN ON SEQUIN" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « sequin jacket with sequin shorts.
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"Metallic" (.a little princess.) « metallic skirt.
"Birthday dress" (Little Petite) « a short sequined dress.

I hope these outfits give you all some insight on this topic.

--- Bedazzle! - Final Thoughts ---

Anyone who wants to shine has a variety of options to do so. The right amount of bedazzle can add stylish diversions from almost anything else. A girl's beauty really shines when confident enough she can show some glam even with the most casual of clothing. Bedazzling with sparkly, shiny, or glittery garments should be done in moderation. Don't overdo the bedazzling. Pick certain garments to be the pieces to shine or sparkle and let the rest of your outfit shine and sparkle in their own way. But more importantly- let your own personal style shine regardless of any shiny/sparkly/glittery garments you are wearing. There is where the REAL bedazzle happens!

And uh... keep calm and shine/sparkle/glitter on, ladies! ;)

What do you all think about bedazzling with shiny, sparkly, or glittery garments? Take some time and share your thoughts to this post. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Oh I'm such a girly girl when it comes to anything shiny- glitters, sequins, rhinestones/crystals, metallics...:D They just make me feel like a princess!!! :) Wonderful post dear John, and thank you for featuring me!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

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