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Friday, December 21, 2012

You Stole My Outfit!

John Marine | 10:45 AM | |
People want to stand out, so imagine what happens when one individual wears the same outfit. Think about when one girl goes to a prom in a beautiful and unique dress... then sees another girl in the same dress! A chance for one to stand out gets ruined when someone wears the same outfit. Often times, one may wear an outfit a way different from another; or one may even look better in a certain outfit as opposed to someone else trying the same outfit. Whatever the case, no two (or more) people EVER want to dress alike... that is, unless you want to say that you are a long-lost sibling of that person who you just reunited with today/tonight. Whomever would buy your argument varies.

Anyhow, this blog post is about what happens when two or more people are wearing the same outfit. How important is it to establish your own identity rather than have the same or similar outfit? These questions and more will be answered here on StyleSpace!

--- You Stole My Outfit! ---

Certain occasions usually mean people want to stand out in their own way. You want to feel like you own an occasion with your outfit. It does nothing for your confidence when you learn that someone has taken your look or your outfit. When you are among many others, you want to own your style and your swagger. You can't be yourself when there are others dressed similarly to you.

How Important is Identity to You?

How important do you think looking unique is? Do you think it is important to stand out with your own unique style? Do you prefer standing out with your style? How violated would you feel if somebody dressed somewhat or exactly the same way as you? In certain occasions, someone who wants to stand out style-wise should be able to do so without having somebody else copy your style. In hip-hop culture, we call it "biting" when you steal somebody else's music. Someone trying to steal your look is essentially biting your style.

When it comes to dressing however you choose and setting your own style, there is that small percentage of a chance that both you and somebody else somehow are wearing the same outfit; and you have absolutely no idea or no feeling that you and somebody else are wearing the same outfit. I know I want to look unique if I were at a party or something. Trouble is, I would want my own charm and style to show without anyone else trying to copy my style. A lot of people usually look to certain celebrities and runway models for inspiration for outfits. We want their style, but we also don't want to be mirror images of the ones we look to for style inspiration. So some kind of balance has to be drawn to avoid any sort of copying.

Same Outfit! Inspiration.

Here is an example of celebrities wearing the same outfit. Please click on the links below the videos if you can not view Flash, or if you want to comment on these videos on YouTube:

^ "Celebrities wearing the same clothes"

So now what do you think about wearing the same or similar clothes after seeing this video?

--- You Stole My Outfit! Final Thoughts ---

Everyone is entitled to their own style and their own charm. One cannot accomplish having a unique style if you intentionally or unintentionally copy someone else's style. People can not stand out when wearing the same clothes or similar clothes as some other person. Certain people are style stars because they define their own style and exhibit them in a way unique to them. When someone takes or tries to put a different spin on a certain look, one is either trying to copy someone's looks or try to one-up someone else's style. In the case of putting a different spin on someone else's style, you run the risk of either looking better or worse than the person whose style influences you. Try to be unique. Try to stand out. But most importantly... be confident. Others trying to jock your style just wish they looked as good as you! :)

Thank you for reading! Stay stylish, style stars! :)

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