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Monday, December 3, 2012

On My Time

John Marine | 8:58 PM | | |
Let's talk watches! Almost everyone has a watch. Why do you need a watch? To know what time it is, of course. There are many kinds of watches ranging from inexpensive to expensive, simple to luxury, children to adults, and both for males and females. This blog post is a look at watches of many kinds and of many price points. Unless you're someone who prefers using a cellular phone or a smartphone to tell what time it is, let me chat with the rest of us that want those things strapped to our wrists to tell us what time it is.

Notes About This Blog Post...

This was a post from "John's Blog Space" originally posted on February 10, 2010. It was deleted from JBS for poor viewing count as well as simply to add to the array of topics on StyleSpace. The post was then edited substantially for StyleSpace.

The original post on JBS had insight on watches for children. But for this post on SS, the focus is mainly on watches for men and women.

--- Watches at a Glance ---

From a cheap $15 USD or $20 USD watch... all the way up to watches costing $2K USD on up, there are many watches to suit multiple people and their respective needs. Some (like myself) just want a simple watch that's useful. I prefer digital watches because I don't want to spend too much time telling what time it is from an analog watch. I don't wear any analog watches unless it's a formal occasion. It's best to find a watch you're happiest with.

When "what time is it?" is the immediate question, you need a watch. You also need a watch that is stylish. There are many watches for children and for adolescents and adults. What is right for you? That depends. Do you fancy style, or just want something simple and reliable? Do you prefer a regular watch, or are you more like a James Bond type that wants a watch with a few trick gadgets and buttons? Let's try to cover all the bases.

When I look for a watch, I try to look for one that illuminates in the dark. I want to be able to clearly read everything even when it's dark. I usually look for digital watches since they are simple to detect what time it is. I want a watch to easily be able to change time without having to press every button just to simply change the time on the watch.

--- Watches in Pictures ---

Let me divide up watches by price and style.

Simple Watches.

inexpensive men's watch
^ from: - Here is an inexpensive watch. Telling time doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Then again... how can you tell time with a watch without an arm? Okay- forgive me for using that expression!

inexpensive women's watch
^ from: - The watch here is an inexpensive women's watch.

men's watch
^ from: - A more expensive men's watch at just below $100 US Dollars.

You don't need to spend a lot of money just to be able to tell time. Some of these simple watches are just inexpensive and fashionable for any sort of casual day. Nothing overly fancy- just simple and stylish watches to take on the day or night ahead.

Fashion Watches.

fashion watch
^ from: - From a fashion standpoint, nothing can be more unique than a unique-looking watch. This one is surely fashionable for females.

Fashion watches are unique and offer their own charm for males and females. Maybe one of the most popular makers of fashion watches is from Fossil. These fashion watches are almost as unique in style and charm as a girl's handbag. Some fashion watches feature unique designs or even feature certain novelty characters or designs. Wearing these watches can be as much of a style statement as the person who wears such watches.

Luxury Watches.

luxury watch men
^ from: - Tell time luxuriously with a high-end watch.

luxury watch women
^ from: - Can't a girl rock a luxury watch?

expensive watch!
^ from: - How much can watches cost? Guess how much THIS watch I found on this source? This watch featured here costs $166,320 US Dollars!

Designers like TAG Heuer, Citizen, and Rolex are among many luxury watch makers. These watches have precision and style to compliment the wrists of those who can afford luxury watches. Why would you want a super-expensive watch? Well for some people, people with money and status want to wear designer watches that reflect their high-dollar stature. Some of these watches can cost as much as houses and as much as certain high-end cars! In case you're wondering, the most expensive women's watch (the watch I featured is a men's watch) I found on Amazon in preparing this post cost $44,048 US Dollars!

So you now have a little perspective on how expensive watches can be. Who knew telling time could cost anywhere between under $20 USD to costing over six figures!? At least you know telling time can be stylish no matter who you are.

--- Watches: Final Thoughts ---

Wearing a watch is a great style statement. No matter if it is a simple-looking watch or a very expensive one, these are great accessories to adorn your wrists while also being able to tell time stylishly. Or if you simply prefer having something simple and easy for a watch, that is perfectly fine. The most important thing to remember is that you get yourself a watch that reflects your personality and style. Find a watch that you can proudly wear while also being able to nicely compliment with your outfits.

Considering I made this post during the holiday season, it is always nice to think about buying a watch (among other gifts) for someone special in your life.

--- Watches Online ---

Want to get a watch for yourself or someone else? I want to help! You made the effort to come onto "StyleSpace by JBM," so why don't I make it worth your while? Take a look at these items and help yourself (or someone else):


I have focused the array of watches primarily towards men and women.

Watches for Men (ShopStyle):

Watches for Women (ShopStyle):

Other Sources...

Items featured are for men and women. Choose a source (or sources):

Watches on Amazon « watches for everyone

men's watches on eBay
women's watches on eBay

women's watches on Shopbop

watches on Neiman Marcus (women only?)

men's watches on
women's watches on

Please be sure to look around and purchase any watch that interests you. Thanks to all of you who did some shopping. I would appreciate your business. Please help me realize that my blogging means something to you and that I did everything I could to win your respect.

The key thing to all of this is... you can be able to have a watch to tell time with and look stylish with it. What you've seen in this blog entry are lots of watches for many people of many price levels. The most important thing to note is to find watches that best suit your needs and your budget. One thing I haven't mentioned in this blog entry is water resistance. So be sure to find something suitable for water resistance if this matters to you. Find something that works and suits you.

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John Marine said...

I adore watches, and I think one really good watch is a great investment cause it can build up any look in a second! I love the second watch from your list, it reminds me on MK's one, which is my favorite!!:)
Have a great day dear John!!

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