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Monday, December 31, 2012


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These days, neon has become quite the trend. I'm not talking about the Dodge Neon- I'm talking about neon colors. I regard neon as I usually do Cyndi Lauper- things that (for whatever reason) HAVE to escape the '80s time capsule just to haunt the modern world... again. You could probably blame the '80s for yet another resurgence of this trend. However, there is no denying what kind of impact neon can do for your wardrobe. The blog post here is about neon colors.

NOTE: Some things mentioned in this blog may appear again in a future post on StyleSpace.

--- Neon at a Glance ---

Such bright colors are not only exclusive to females and feminine fashion. In fact, there are some males that even wear some neon- like neon active sneakers. The one criticism about neon is that some people feel such bright colors make some people look like a highlighter. Personally, I think neon is best done in moderation. It is great to have neon colors for color blocking. Don't wear too many neon-adorned pieces at once.

--- Neon in Pictures ---

How bold can neon be? Take some inspiration from these items:

neon pumps
^ from: - A bold statement for your feet can be made with neon shoes.

neon sneakers
^ from: - Lately, neon active shoes have trended.

neon dress
^ from: - A serious pop of color can be had with neon garments. This neon mini dress, for example, is sure to turn heads.

colorblocked neon
^ from: - Color blocking with neon can be powerful. Here is a dress with neon color blocking.

Up next are [many] bloggers that showcase their neon style.

--- Neon Blogging Inspirations ---

Visit these blogs to get some neon inspiration from these bloggers (and follow their blog(s) if you enjoy their work):

"Clashing Colors" (Burst of Color) « neon laceless sneakers.
"Neon Toes" (The Belated Bloomer) « ballet flats with neon toes.
"FUSHIA LOVE - Plus Size Boutique Review (NEON FRENZY)" (Style 4 Curves) « skirt with neon accents along with a neon handbag.
"Stripes and Neon" (Curves Ahead) « neon belt with neon platform pumps.
"NEON SHORTS - Available at" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « high-waist neon shorts with sailor button detail.
"Striped Knot Pumps a& Neon Azalea Bell Skirt" (Stylish Petite) « neon skirt.
"new look: '60's don't mind the Chocolate!'" (Glam & Fab Chameleon) « neon bangles to accompany a dress outfit.
"neon tribal" (.a little princess.) « cropped neon sweater.
"Beautiful in my Eyes" (Veil of Illusions) « neon handbag and neon lipstick.
"California Girl." (tiny sailor) « neon sneakers.
"Black and Neon" (Always Maylee) « neon accessories and a neon belt.
"neon colorblock" (Curvy Girl Chic) « neon maxi skirt.
"HIGHLIGHTER!" (Nany's Klozet) « neon skirt.
"Neon Lover at Hermitage" (Miss Kwong) « neon top.
"Outfit Outtake" (IsabelleOC) « neon skirt with matching neon trainer sneakers (not a Blogger/Blogspot blog).

Finally, here is a blogger whom I will mention for the first time ever on StyleSpace:
"Cross-Training" (the Man Repeller) « neon trainer shoes.

Yes. I actually debuted mentioning of the Man Repeller.

--- Neon: Final Thoughts ---

If you want to make a statement by showing a pop of color, say it with neon. Just be careful to use neon wisely. Be bold with color, and don't fear looking like a highlighter. The right amount of neon can deliver quite a punch of style. So go ahead and rock neon if you're good at it.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. I will be looking to make more posts on many more different fashion and fashion-themed topics. What will I discuss next? You'll have to subscribe and/or follow to find out! Since this is New Year's Eve 2012 as of this post, I hope all of you have a happy and safe 2013! Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

It was crazy this last summer. This trend was everywhere in my country. I would go for the neon shoes or a statement neon necklace. Happy New Year!

John Marine said...

Aww, thanks for the mention John! Loving this post--the neon dress is cute and I love the neon running shoes. I've always wanted a pair (: You're on a roll with these awesome posts!
P.S. I will feature your latest comment in my new "fave comment of the week" post on my sidebar soon. Your comments never fail to make me smile (:

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