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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Skater Dresses

John Marine | 11:14 AM | | |
The cold weather can make some people enjoy cold weather hobbies- like ice skating. Despite my memories of ice skating (including bruising my elbow falling down on the ice rink), a female can embrace ice skater chic with a skater dress. These dresses have a high-waist flared skirt in their design. The end result is a dress that is truly feminine and fluid, not to mention being gorgeous to wear. They can be very fun even when it isn't cold outside. Even if you don't ice skate, you can still feel every bit as royal and beautiful with a skater dress.

Ice princesses of the world (and those who pretend to be), unite! This blog post is all about skater dresses.

--- Skater Dresses at a Glance ---

Here are some examples of skater dresses:

skater dress
^ from: - Note the beauty and fluidity of this skater dress.

floral skater dress
^ from: - Most skater dresses don't have sleeves.

sequin skater dress
^ from: - This sequin skater dress is a nice dress to party the night away in. This specific one is for Juniors.

skater dress with sleeves
^ from: - Here is an adorable skater dress that has sleeves to it.

plus size skater dress
^ from: - If you are a curvy female and think you couldn't possibly wear a skater dress, this skater dress for plus size figures will say you absolutely can!

The design of skater dresses lie in a snug top attached to a high-waist flared skirt. These dresses are super-flattering and super-stylish. Skater dresses are inspired by dresses worn by figure skaters. Anyone who may have seen female figure skaters in these lovely dresses may be aware of the beauty these dresses provide. As with most other fashions, designers have made these designs chic and stylish for everyday wear. I would say that skater dresses are best suited for casual wear, nights out on the town, and parties. Again- just me.

Styling Skater Dresses.

If you're wearing a sleeveless skater dress and get cold, you can always reach for a jacket or a bolero. You can toughen up a girly skater dress by going with a denim vest or a denim jean jacket. A moto/motorcycle jacket will also add a bit of toughness to your skating frock. Personally, I think a cropped jacket or cropped vest will work very well with these dresses. For your legs, you can always go with some warm tights or warm leggings for when it's cold outside. Tough girls or tough-feeling females can go with some fishnet stockings instead of some cute tights.

You won't need to don your ice skates to style these dresses. Footwear options vary and depend on your own taste. Be comfy with skater dresses by going with some ballet flats or casual wedge shoes. You could always be girly with a stylish pair of pumps or a sassy pair of sandals. Don't overlook a pair of chic boots or chic booties. You may try and mix boy and girl by going with a pair of brogues or some boyish oxfords. Or if you absolutely feel the need to be tough with a skater dress, a good pair of tough combat boots will serve you well.

Those are just my own suggestions if I were trying to style one of these dresses. You're free to experiment, as always. Mix and match to your heart's content.

--- Skater Dresses: Final Thoughts ---

Skater dresses can be beautiful to wear and see. The gorgeous lines and silhouettes offered by these dresses make them every bit as stylish and chic as any sundress. One almost can't go wrong wearing and styling a skater dress. These dresses are mostly inspired in design as skating dresses most figure skaters wear. So while you may or may not be an ice princess, you can still feel like a princess wearing dresses as lovely as skater dresses.

--- Skater Dresses Online ---

I want you to get your own skater dress if you're interested (and don't mind) doing any shopping online based on what you just read. Use any or all of the items below to help find a skater dress that you'll surely love to wear. So have a look around and thanks for reading "StyleSpace!"

(NOTE: All items featured are meant for US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted on each site.)


Other Sources.

Skater dresses. You read about them. You (hopefully) enjoyed my post on them. Want more? Find a skater dress you'll love from these sources:

skater dresses on Amazon
skater dresses on eBay
skater dresses on Nordstrom

Happy shopping! I am really sorry I couldn't find any more items to feature from certain retailers, so you'll have to make due with these. Maybe I'll find more sources for you all in future edits to this post.

Comment away on what you think about skater dresses. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

The blue one and the sequin dress are my favorites! Have a great week-end! ;)

John Marine said...

I absolutely adore skater dresses! I recently got a mint one at Forever 21. Loving the red one and the blue one. This is one of my favorite posts, thanks for sharing all those cute items.

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