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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hair and Hairstyles

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On "StyleSpace by JBM," I discuss fashion and beauty from my own perspective and in my own way. Part of that also includes discussing hair. Believe it or not, not many people visited or cared about "John's Blog Space" until I started talking about fashion. Its popularity increased as I discussed hair. Now here on StyleSpace, I will make this general commentary piece regarding hair. I am simply creating this blog post as a way of introducing hair discussion as part of my many topics for StyleSpace. This is not any detailed post regarding any hair or hairstyle.

About the Label: "Hair"

Topics relating to hair- including accessories and hairstyles- are discussed under this label. Or, they may be topics remotely associated with hair.

--- What Makes Hair Discussion So Important? ---

Here is the best picture I could find to set the tone of this blog post:

hair and hairstyles
^ from: - It's your hair- how will you style your hair?

Whether a full head of hair or bald (or even a shaved head), hair is great to help make a statement as well as frame our faces. What we do to our heads and our hair is merely an extension of our respective sense of style. Everything from highlights to hair accessories help to make our heads and hair look the way we want them to. In addition to having hair, even bangs can help provide a little more flavor to our faces.

Each of these talking points may have individual blog posts planned for "StyleSpace" in the future, so have a look at these and get an idea of what I may have planned for future posts here. Does your hairstyle fit any of these categories?

All images taken from Google Images search results. Let me know if I am unable to use a picture (such as for copyright issues) by contacting me via E-Mail. I will try to find alternative pictures to use instead.

Hair: By Length.

Some let their hair grow out. Others take their long hair and cut it for a shorter hairstyle. The main point of this is to let your own personal style shine however you want. Cutting your hair can provide a dramatic change to your overall looks. Just ask Rihanna. Basic discussion of hair length is in this section. Do you like it short or long?

• Long Hair
I don't have too many preferences in regards to hair; but if I did, I'd prefer longer hairstyles. In my blogging career on Blogger/Blogspot, my main blog's popularity exploded when I discussed long hair. It remains my most-viewed post of all time on "John's Blog Space."

Long hair can be gorgeous as one's hair just flows beautifully and long. I often say that females have "waterfalls of long hair" in regards to having long hair, and especially if one's long hair flows beautifully. The big negative a lot of people make about long hair is that long hair can be tough to manage. Those who are able to manage and maintain their long hair often times look lovely.

By the way... I define "long hair" as hair that extends below the shoulders.

• Short Hair
Some prefer shorter hairstyles- even wrapping up long hair for shorter hairstyles. A bob hairstyle is often times one of the most popular hairstyles for females. Short hairstyles can even compliment those who prefer more boyish cuts. For those who prefer more boyish hairstyles, a girl can do no wrong by going with an edgy short hairstyle. I usually look to ladies like Victoria Beckham and Karla of the blog "KARLA'S CLOSET" for lovely short hairstyles.

Hair: By Style.

What style of hair suits you best? Here are a number of different styles in general:

• Straight Hair
Straight is sweet! Hair that just flows straight down is stylish without needing to jazz it up in an such way.

• Wavy Hair
Wavy is wonderful! I consider wavy hair to be a happy medium between straight and curly. It is when you don't want

• Curly Hair.
Curly is cute! Curly hair is very much attention-grabbing. On females, curly hair can be either very cute or very beautiful. Some males even have curly hair. There are some females who have curly afro hairstyles. I tend to find curly afros to be very nice. When it comes to curly hair, I consider Taylor Swift (before going straight-haired) had some of the most beautiful curls of any celebrity past or present.

• Braided/Plaited Hair.
Braids of many kinds can be very expressive no matter what the style. Some prefer good old cornrow braids. Some others prefer something like French braids. Whatever the case, braids are a great way to dress up your hair. However, care is needed that braids aren't wrapped too tight to where you face some possible problems with your hair.

• Shaved Hair
For some females, shaved hair is their best way of expressing their style. It can a bit unusual to not see flowing hair from some females. I primarily expressed shaved hair here in regards to feminine hair.

• Bald
Maybe you can look great without having any hair to speak of (or very minimal). Rather than worry about hair, just go bald! You at least won't have to worry about going to the barber shop or anything. Or at least, not have to worry about the barber unless you're going for other needs (like trimming mustaches, beards, etc.).

Hair: Bangs.

Bangs can instantly frame a face. They can be subtle or overly dramatic. They can be to the side or dominate one's forehead. Whatever the case, bangs can be a statement-maker.

Hair: Wigs and Weaves.

There are some people who wear wigs and weaves. Some wear wigs mostly as costumes. Some others wear wigs after facing something like cancer. Among some people, there are those who complain over superficial beauty- including talking negative about women who have fake hair.

Hair: Extensions.

If you want to add some extra length to your hair, try hair extensions. A nicely-installed set of hair extensions can give any female lovely, longer hair.

However you like hair, I will be sure to discuss hairstyles and hair trends as best as I can and in the way I see things.

--- Hair: Final Thoughts ---

Everything about us is literally our own easels for which we paint a picture of our style and personality to the world. Hair is no different. Our hair is as much of style statements as any fashions we may wear. We all make our own unique statements with the clothes we wear. The same statements can be made with our hair and how we choose to style our hair. Even if you don't have any hair or any real hair, you still choose to and want to make a statement. How you choose to showcase your hair is up to you. Regardless, how you style your hair can be as crucial to framing your face and head as wearing a good pair of shoes with any outfit.

--- Cross-Promotion/Other Reading ---

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I will introduce more hair-related topics among my array of fashion-related topics here on StyleSpace. Some or all of the topics from above may find their way onto "StyleSpace" in the future.

What do you think about hair and hairstyles? Stay tuned to "StyleSpace" for more regarding hair and various other fashion-related topics. Thank you for reading!

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