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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cheongsam (or Qípáo) Dresses

John Marine | 1:57 PM | |
The cheongsam (or qípáo) is an elegant Chinese dress. These dresses accentuate one's curves and offer slits on the sides to elegantly showcase the wearer's legs. Many of these qípáo dresses are made of silk or satin, and they usually have beautiful designs on most of them. There are qípáo dresses for adults as well as little girls. There are even masculine versions of cheongsams called changshans. If you are a video game player, you may be familiar with Lei Fang of the Dead or Alive series. She wears a qípáo dress with ridiculously high slits on the sides.

I've always known them as qípáo dresses, so I'll use "qípáo" rather than cheongsam. Qípáo is the Mandarin Chinese name for a cheongsam.

A Special Hello...

Before I continue, let me extend a special welcome to my Chinese audience who may be viewing this blog post and this blog. Ni hao! ^_^

--- The Cheongsam/Qípáo Dress ---

Here is a picture of a traditional chenogsam/qípáo dress:

cheongsam or qipao dress
^ from: (best I could find) - A traditional cheongsam/qípáo dress.

This is a video featuring multiple qípáo dresses:

^ "Chinese Dress - Chinese Qipao Dresses "

What I personally find most attractive about these traditional qípáo dresses is just how silky they are as well as how elegantly designed they are. They gracefully accentuate the body while offering an elegant view of the female's legs. A dress is meant to make any female feel beautiful and graceful, and these very feminine dresses do just that. I personally love a long, red qípáo dress that has sakura (Japanese for "cherry blossoms") designs on them.

So I would say that the cheongsam/qípáo dress to China is more like the áo dài to Vietnamese women. For more information on the cheongsam/qípáo, you can look at this Wikipedia page on the cheongsam.

Anyone interested in getting a cheongsam/qípáo can look for qípáo on eBay or even qipao dresses on

Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Awesome post! I am Chinese, so it was cool to read this. I haven't worn one in years though. They're not super comfortable but they sure are pretty!

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