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False Eyelashes

Would you dress up your eyelashes? I was semi-inspired to blog about this topic from my blogging friend Sonakshi, of "Veil of Illusions." One of the first posts of hers I've seen was called "Beautiful in My Eyes," where she wore some fashion eyelashes to go with a beautiful outfit. If you fancy creative eyelashes, then I hope my blog post on false eyelashes will be to your liking.

--- Fake Eyelashes ---

Let me show you a few pictures to show you how creative false eyelashes can look on those who wear them:

creative flower eyelashes
^ from: luuux.com - Give your eyelashes some style with a pair of creative eyelashes.

sparkly eyelashes
^ from: worthstar.com - False eyelashes with sparkly eyeshadow and colorful lipstick. What girly girl wouldn't want her beauty to sparkle like this?

flower petal
^ from: www.kanitha.info (links to post) - This pair of false eyelashes resemble flower petals or eyelashes on fire.

Creative eyelashes allow someone to express their style in special ways. They can frame a face nicely, or (to be honest) freak you out. Fun and beautiful looks can be put together with the right kind of creative eyelashes. Most of their popularity I mostly see these being stylish for photo shoots and models- not for any day-to-day fashions. You can buy false eyelashes from various designers like SEPHORA and Revlon.

Depending on who you ask, creative eyelashes can either be stylish or horrible. Whether or not certain creative eyelashes are stylish enough mostly depend on the eyelashes themselves and all the other touches to compliment an outfit. I will tell you that creative eyelashes with a look can be a great touch as long as everything is done right. Some others would give an immediate "(screw) you" to wearing any kind of creative eyelashes.

Creative Eyelashes: Influence.

I mentioned creative eyelashes from Sonakshi's "Veil of Illusions" blog. Sonakshi, who is already a beautiful lady, is even more so when the Indian fashionista applied her creative eyelashes to compliment her face and her outfit. The creative eyelashes she wears are kind of like twinkling stars, which is fitting because her beauty sparkles like stars in a clear night's sky and shines like the moon on a clear night's sky. Her "Beautiful in my Eyes" blog post I've made mention to in this post features Sonakshi in a beautiful outfit only made better with her creative eyelashes. Nicely-designed hair and a lovely lipstick color help make the entire outfit amazing.

Here is the blog post where you can get a little insight on Sonakshi's lovely outfit and those creative eyelashes: "Beautiful in my Eyes" (Veil of Illusions). And in case you're interested, she posted another post specifically regarding creative eyelashes. That post is here: "Creative Eyelashes" (Veil of Illusions).

If Sonakshi herself is reading this, I'd like to say hello to you and show my appreciation for your wonderful blog. You helped inspire me to blog about this topic to my audience.

--- Creative Eyelashes: Final Thoughts ---

I can't really see creative eyelashes being worn unless doing so for photo shoots or whatever. It would be something models would have no problem wearing. Some creative eyelashes can provide dramatic effects and even compliment an outfit. Some other creative eyelashes, however... may either freak people out or make people wonder what they were thinking wearing those false eyelashes (or both). So wear those creative eyelashes carefully and... be creative with them!

--- Creative Eyelashes: Resources ---

I hope you enjoyed my blog post on creative eyelashes. If you want to learn how to apply false eyelashes, I have found these items for you. Please click on these links for more insight on how to apply false eyelashes:

False Lashes -- How to Appl Them Correctly (beauty.about.com)
How to Apply False Eyelashes: 7 Steps (with pictures) - (WikiHow)
Best Way To Apply False Lashes (Beautylish)
How to Put Fake Eyelashes on in Less Than 5 Minutes (Lovelyish)

And if you want to buy some false eyelashes, please use this below:

Thank you all so much for visiting "StyleSpace" and this blog post!

What do you think about creative eyelashes after reading this post? Pass along some comments (spam and attacks not allowed, of course)! Thank you for reading!

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