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Monday, January 7, 2013

Short Shorts

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Wearing short shorts takes a great degree of confidence. The real benefit to short shorts is in being able to cool off on hot days. Those who love their short shorts in colder weather often wear warm tights underneath. Short shorts can range in application from fashion to fitness. Beach-going girls may wear short shorts to cover up their bikini bottoms. A cute pair of short-shorts can easily compliment footwear like sneakers, flats, and sandals. Of course, since there are lots of denim divas out there, a pair of denim jean short shorts obviously must fit into this conversation. What about you active females out there? The sporty cute girl would wear a pair of active shorts or running shorts. No matter what, short shorts are very appealing.

If you prefer longer shorts or Bermuda shorts, PLEASE turn away from this blog post. This blog post is all about short shorts, hot pants, hot shorts, daisy dukes... whatever you want to call them.

NOTE: Some items mentioned in this blog post may find their way into future posts here in this blog in the future.

--- Short Shorts ----

short shorts
^ from: - If you like your shorts short, then you might love this blog post!

Short shorts are the covered siblings of the mini skirt or mini dress. The ridiculously short length of such shorts make them much more daring to wear than a mini skirt, but they can be worn with confidence unlike the shortest of skirts/dresses. A pair of short shorts allows one to nicely showcase their legs on a hot day while also keeping cool in the heat. Short shorts have another advantage: coverage while wearing some shirts and dresses. Wearing certain long shirts, tunics, and dresses can seem too short on most females. So some wear short shorts to feel more comfortable and be more covered. As much as mini skirts/dresses can be trashy for being too short, really short shorts run the risk of being trashy in being too cheeky. With high waists in fashion, seeing a pair of short shorts with high waists shouldn't be too uncommon.

The most common short shorts you will see are mostly either certain beach/surf inspired short shorts or active shorts. I am talking about your short shorts from the likes of Hollister or Pacsun or whatever. These are usually the shorts you will mostly see as others just try to stay cool on hot days. Of course, one shouldn't be surprised seeing lots of denim jean short shorts. Those are essentially the shorts you'll see more commonly than any non-denim short shorts.

Do you now see why short shorts are awesome? :) By the way, I am qualifying "short shorts" as shorts that are above mid-thigh don't have long legs. Even shorts that can be cuffed qualify for discussion here. By the way... there are rompers/playsuits with short legs; but I will not be discussing short rompers in this blog post. The focus is primarily on proper shorts.

--- Styling Short Shorts ---

How do you style short shorts? Or how do others style short shorts? A number of ways are discussed below.

Tops With Short Shorts.

Everything from a basic T-shirt to a tank top or a camisole are usually worn with short shorts. Long button-down shirts and certain tunics are also worn with short shorts. You could also go with a two-tone raglan T-shirt to wear with short shorts. If you have short shorts that have a high waist to them, and if you love the high-waist midriff look, don't overlook cropped tops or loose cropped tops to go with your high-waist short shorts.

Don't forget that a pair of short shorts can be an option for you to be covered when wearing long shirts or very short dresses.

Footwear With Short Shorts.

Fashionable types have paired short shorts with all kinds of footwear. The most basic footwear to pair short shorts with are your average flip-flop/thong sandals. Don't forget your favorite pair of casual sneakers to go with short shorts. Short shorts can also be styled with ankle boots (or booties). Many rather associate boots with cold weather. However, you'd be surprised how many (especially in blogging and elsewhere online) style their short shorts with booties. Some booties are so chic that they aren't exactly cold weather exclusive. If you have a little cowgirl or country girl in you, a pair of cowboy boots with some short shorts will set you straight. Tougher girls will pair these shorts with combat boots or some other kind of tough lace-up shoes.

The combination I've levitated to with short shorts is in wearing short shorts with boat/deck shoes. I would recommend boat shoes with short shorts as long as the shorts are not any kind of active shorts. What works best would be a pair of (for example) twill cuffed short shorts paired with boat shoes. Why boat shoes, though? I somehow considered boat shoes to be cute when paired with short shorts. Those shoes are kind of a happy medium between wearing sneakers and wearing ballet flats.

If you want some examples of pairing short shorts with boat shoes, here are a few outfit posts online showcasing the combination of boat shoes and short shorts:
"08072011 (lace sunnies!)" (LOOKBOOK)
"Got my Starbucks Planner 2011!" (LOOKBOOK)
"Pastels, Mints, and Dainty Florals" (LOOKBOOK)

It is just something about short shorts and boat/deck shoes that seem to be a very nice combination to me. Maybe you girls reading this post fondly wear short shorts and boat shoes.

Short Shorts With Tights.

Some who prefer wearing short shorts (especially jean short shorts) on cold days prefer wearing tights underneath to keep their legs warm while enjoying wearing their short shorts. I only like tights with short shorts only as long as they are not denim short shorts. I just don't like the look with denim jean short shorts. However, I see lots of girls showcasing this look in blog posts and in online fashion communities. Then again, I am entitled to my own opinions whether you agree with them or not.

Now what about short shorts with tights that aren't denim jean short shorts? A pair of chic or tailored short shorts with tights is pretty stylish. Try a pair of gray wool or tweed short shorts to go with some black tights to wear with some chic boots or pumps. Such a look is great for a classy outfit.

If you don't prefer tights with short shorts, try some long socks. They are just as stylish as tights.

--- Short Shorts in Pictures ---

So you want to see some short shorts? Take a look at this section, then!

Denim Jean Short Shorts.

denim jean short shorts
^ from: - Denim jean short shorts.

These are the shorts you may commonly see being worn. After all, who doesn't love a good pair of denim bottoms? Such shorts can have cuffed legs, can be destroyed/ripped/torn, or anything like that. Some of these denim jean short shorts can even have various designs and adornments to make them stand out. Regardless, these are your most basic short shorts.

Denim Jean Short Shorts With Visible Pockets.

short shorts hanging pockets
^ from: - Short shorts with hanging pockets.

For the longest, I've deemed these shorts to be trashy. I eased up over time on these. You either love or loathe these.

Bright Short Shorts.

bright colored short shorts
^ from: - Some short shorts come in vibrant colors, like these colored denim short shorts.

Shorts can come in bright colors to welcome warm weather. A pair of short shorts with either a fun pattern or come in bright colors can be great for warm weather times, as they can be as playful as you are. A splash of color can work wonders for you and your outfit.

Active Short Shorts.

active short shorts
^ from: - Work it out, girl! Active short shorts are completely wearable from actual physical activity to just wearing for fashion.

The active girl may wear a pair of short shorts meant for active activity. Most short shorts for activewear are usually running shorts. Most of these active shorts are truly meant for physical activity.

Chic Short Shorts.

chic short shorts
^ from: - Certain short shorts can be somewhat dressy enough to wear semi-formally to for a night out.

sequin short shorts
^ from: - Sequined short shorts are a great way to bedazzle while also showing copious amounts of leg.

Some shorts can be stylish enough to wear to parties or some other occasions. Some of these shorts can even be worn with a blazer or some other classy pieces for a playful semi-formal look. These are outfit ideas that can be good for warm weather parties. Of course, these shorts can be played down for casual days out and about.

Lace or Crochet Shorts.

lace short shorts
^ from: - Lace or crochet short shorts.

crochet short shorts
^ from: - Crochet short shorts for Juniors.

A pair of shorts I've seen certain females wear are lace shorts or crochet shorts. They are airy and lovely. They can be a bit daring to wear with the little holes and lacy details. Then again, aren't most other short shorts?

Some of these items may be discussed in future blog posts. So if you're not subscribed to StyleSpace and you like my work, make sure you're subscribed/followed to see my latest posts!

--- Short Shorts Around the Blogosphere ---

If you want to see bloggers and other fashionable types sport their short shorts, these blog posts will be to your liking. I have found a vast array of different posts to showcase the appeal of short shorts. The only way I will accept certain posts is if the people in question are actually wearing the items I make mention to. I want to be able to prove my points to all of you, but also showcase the specific persons' blogs. These posts range from recent outfits to very old pictures. Still, they are relevant to this topic being discussed. So here are some short shorts for all of you:

"I'mmmmm Back - and with my first OOTD" (dolledupdaily) « denim jean short shorts.
"Arctic Monkeys Concert: Lee shorts, check. Studs, check. Arm Candy, check, check!" (Lucy and the Runaways) « cut-off denim jean short shorts.
"Gimme Some Candy!" (Voguely Van) « denim jean dolphin short shorts.
"BLACK, WHITE, GOLD AND RIPPED SHORTS" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « ripped denim jean short shorts.
"Super Casual" (My Silk Fairytale) « distressed denim jean short shorts with hanging pockets.
"Birdie Forever" (keiko lynn) « cut-off denim jean short shorts with tights.
"Casual Linen and Stripes" (Stylish Petite) « linen short shorts.
"new look: 'Smoky Shorts'" (Glam & Fab Chameleon) « charcoal short shorts with tights.
"Life is never 'short' of colour" (Veil of Illusions) « colorful drawstring shorts paired with a beautiful blouse.
"Breaking Boundaries" (Burst of Color) « a cute outfit with tribal shorts.
"Paint Splatter" (Always Maylee) « very cute skirt-like shorts.
"we are young" (.a little princess.) « cuffed denim jean short shorts.
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"polka dottin." (tuolomee) « high-waisted lace shorts.
"sun-kissed skin, so hot...we'll melt your popsicle." (tiny sailor) « navy blue short shorts.
"The Short Suit" (Maytedoll) « short shorts as part of a shorts suit.
"Look: Beige" (Aibina's Blog) « a cute outfit with studded shorts.
"American flag shorts & giveaway" (Little Petite) « do-it-yourself (DIY) denim short shorts.

Do you bloggers have a post I should check out that is relevant to this post (or any of my others)? If so, PLEASE contact me via E-Mail or on Facebook. I may include your post in an edit if I like your post!

--- Short Shorts: Final Thoughts ---

Any girl seeking to look hot in a pair of shorts need not look further than short shorts. Their comfort and style are enough to compliment any female ranging from slim and slender types, to petite types, to even plus-size types. Short shorts can be as hot as any mini skirt or mini dress. Unlike mini skirts and mini dresses, short shorts can be worn confidently since you're covered.

Enjoying a pair of short shorts lends itself great confidence as well as confidence in showing your legs. Any girl inconfident in showing leg shouldn't be trying to work a pair of short shorts, let alone a mini skirt or a mini dress. How you style these shorts varies upon your own tastes, but many who wear short shorts often compliment them with various sandals or sneakers, and sometimes even boots and booties. A lot of types who can't wait to wear their favorite short shorts will wear their short shorts with tights on a cold day.

No matter what, short shorts take some confidence to wear. If you can proudly wear them, rock your style in a pair of sweet short shorts!

--- Short Shorts Online ---

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Interested in shopping for some short shorts? Let me help you out since you're here. NOTE: All items featured mostly are in US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted.


Other Sources...

Click on any of the links to do your shopping from any of the following:

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short shorts on Shopbop
short shorts on Nordstrom
short shorts on ModCloth

I hope you are able to find yourself some short shorts. Even if it's cold around your way, it's always nice to get ready for the next warm weather seasons.

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