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Monday, January 14, 2013

Cropped Jackets and Cropped Vests

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A jacket provides enough warmth for your body on cold days. A vest is a simple sleeveless jacket that adds a bit more style to an outfit. It used to be that I fail to understand wearing jackets that don't cover the lower body on cold days. However, cropped jackets and vests can both be every bit as stylish and functional as their longer counterparts. This blog post is all about cropped jackets and cropped vests. So if you like short jackets and short vests, this is a post I think you can appreciate.

--- Cropped Jackets and Vests ---

How about an individual look at cropped jackets and cropped vests? That's what this section is about.

Cropped Jackets.

cropped denim jacket
^ from: - A cropped denim jacket.

cropped jacket edgy
^ from: - Edgy cropped jackets like this one can be a great way to downplay girly outfits or show some toughness.

Cropped jackets are primarily designed to provide warmth without needing a full-length jacket of some kind. Let's just say that cropped jackets are a happy medium between wearing a jacket and wearing a shrug. Cropped jackets are warm enough to keep your shoulders and arms warm. Simple warmth is provided by wearing any kind of jacket. Cropped jackets differ greatly from boleros and shrugs. Unlike boleros, cropped jackets can be fastened. Cropped jackets are more proper in providing warmth than sweater-like shrugs. So if you want proper warmth for your shoulders and/or arms, a cropped jacket is better than a bolero or a shrug.

The most common cropped jackets I see are mostly denim cropped jackets, or maybe sometimes some cropped corduroy jackets. They nicely compliment a simple T-shirt and jeans look. Another cropped jacket look usually involves toughening up a girly look with a cropped leather jacket of some sort. The girl wanting to look cute can benefit from a cropped denim jacket with rolled-up sleeves either above or below the elbows.

I wouldn't recommend wearing a cropped jacket when it is very cold. You need a warmer and longer jacket (or even a coat) to be able to stay warm on colder days.

Cropped Vests.

cropped denim vest
^ from: - Cropped denim jackets can provide a bit of toughness, but not extremely tough.

cropped vest
^ from: - A cropped vest. This specific one was meant for plus size figures.

Wearing a simple vest will add a little style to an outfit. A cropped vest provides the same amount of attention and detail. I would mostly see cropped vests go with dainty sundresses- especially denim cropped vests. Non-denim cropped vests are usually worn casually or with certain chic looks. Unlike jackets, vests are a bit more versatile. Cropped vests are even more versatile. They can almost be like adding a shrug to an outfit- a cropped vest is very simple and basic.

Are you the daring type? Some cropped vests could be worn by themselves as sexy belly-baring tops. Some cropped vests can also be fairly risqué if the vest has such a deep neckline or allow too much cleavage. If you are somewhat skittish, try wearing a bra or bralet or something underneath to feel a bit more covered.

So there is your look at cropped jackets and cropped vests.

--- Cropped Jackets and Vests: Final Thoughts ---

Cropped jackets and cropped vests are simple ways to add style to any outfit without having to have full-length jackets or vests. Even though cropped jackets can be a great to wear on cold days, I would not recommend wearing cropped jackets on very cold days because you'll need a longer jacket (or a coat) to better cover your extremities on colder days. Cropped vests are almost as throw-on quality as a bolero or a shrug. They, like any other vest, can be simple and easy to wear to compliment a certain look. Some vests can be worn alone as tops; and some daring females can wear some cropped vests as sexy, belly-baring tops.

No matter what the case, a cropped jacket or a cropped vest can be every bit as stylish and wearable as their longer and warmer counterparts.

Some of the jackets I've discussed in this blog post may appear again in future posts here on StyleSpace. So be sure to stay tuned to this blog for any extra posts regarding certain kinds of jackets I made mention to here.

--- Cropped Jackets and Vests Online ---

Now, it is time I cater to you shoppers out there.


Other Sources...

More cropped jackets from various other sources are featured below. Some resources are featured for the first time or in a rare appearance. I am trying to expand upon my posts and offer more material for people to enjoy and shop for. So have a look around:

Cropped Jackets...
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Cropped Vests...
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I would appreciate your business if you did find something buy something you like. I tried to find links to items that feature as many different items. So some of the retailers I featured may or may not have had enough items for me to realistically feature them to you all. I really apologize that there aren't as many cropped vests I could find for all of you.

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Thank you for looking at my material. Hope it is all to your liking.

I hope you enjoyed this post about cropped jackets and cropped vests. What do you think about these garments? Please take care and have a great day. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I just so happen to be wearing my cropped pleather jacket today. Sometimes I feel it makes me look shorter, but they are comfortable and stylish. Vests, I have a small obsession for too! They can dress up an outfit or just as you said add a layer. Thanks for sharing the hundreds of different options there are to choose from, time to shop!


John Marine said...

Cool jackets! Really impressive blog, love your style. If you want check mine and we could follow each other:-)



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