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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Colored Denim

John Marine | 7:11 PM | | |
UPDATED: February 24, 2013)

The world's favorite fabric is denim. There's nothing like a pair of denim bottoms or any kind of denim garments. Some even have denim furniture. Good old blue denim is the way to go. However, what about denim of a different color? Why just traditional colors? Why not any trendy colors? Why not hot pink jeans, red jeans, aqua blue jeans, mint green jeans, or any exciting denim colors? This blog post is about various colorful denim. If you think basic denim colors are boring, perhaps this blog post will showcase some more interesting colors of denim. As part of the discussion, I will also discuss white denim as part of the discussion.


FEB 24 2013 - edited one sentence to an accompanying picture.

--- Colored Denim at a Glance ---

You can't go one day without seeing someone wearing blue jeans. Regardless of wash or style, there's nothing like good denim garments.

The most common colors for denim are these:
• (any blue denim, regardless of wash)
• beige denim
• white denim
• black denim
• dark green denim (not as common)
• burgundy denim (not as common)

Some of these colors are fairly common when seeing denim. Sometimes, you will see some designers try out boldly-colored denim. Ever seen a pair of yellow jeans? Hot pink jeans? If not... you will in this blog post!

The reason why I think colored denim is becoming so popular is because it is a fresh take on denim. Going with bold and unusual colors for denim is just a fresh take and a unique twist on denim. It's still your favorite denim- just colored. Colored denim provides expressive and fun style. Especially with some of the most trendy colors, colored denim makes a serious statement.

Colored denim in this blog post mostly pertains to feminine denim, but there is also colored denim for us males. The post mostly features colored denim for females. So I hope you enjoy this one.

--- Colored Denim: White Denim ---

This post was supposed to be about just white jeans. Then again, I don't make anything if I can't contribute a multitude of information for all of you. So let's talk white jeans.

White jeans are every bit as wearable as your average blue jeans. White jeans can be lovely for women, but white denim is also stylish for men. I am most fond of bootcut and flare white jeans for women. White bootcut and flare jeans can be beautiful. Their sophistication can make it like you can get away with wearing jeans to (at least) semi-formal outings as well as night on the town. Many females are enamored with skinny jeans, and white skinny jeans are no different.

What to Wear With White Denim?

In my view, there are a few different items to go with white jeans. Don't ask me for men's advice with white jeans because I'm not fond of or know of white jeans for men. I do think that a cute yellow blouse or shirt usually goes well with white jeans. A light brown belt with white jeans is always a nice accessory to dress up white jeans.

Bootcut and flare white jeans are stylish to me than white skinny jeans. They are also more versatile as you could dress them down for a day at the mall or school, or find some chic sandals or pumps for a night out. A basic five-pocket pair of jeans is plenty stylish. An even better pair would be some flap pocket white jeans.

What about white jean skirts? White jean shorts? White capri jeans? Just about the same recommendations for each, just that each are different in making them stylish.

--- Colored Denim Examples ---

How much of a difference can colored denim make in putting together outfits? Here are some examples of colored denim to help expand upon the points I'm trying to make in this blog post:

colored skinny jeans
^ from: - A pair of jeans.

cropped white jeans
^ from: - Cropped jeans are just as stylish as full-length jeans. Same goes for white cropped jeans.

colored denim jacket
^ from: - Here is a cute cropped denim jacket in a light pink color.

multicolored denim jacket
^ from: - This is a denim jacket is adorned ombre style.

colored flare jeans
^ from: - Here are some colored flared jeans, because even colored flares are as cool as their average denim blue counterparts.

colored flare jeans
^ from: - If you fancy white flared jeans, try high-waist flares- like these from Rag and Bone.

colored denim shorts
^ from: - If you fancy colored denim jean shorts, I am sure you can appreciate these colored shorts here.

colored denim mini skirt
^ from: - Here is a flirty denim mini skirt.

See what a difference colored denim can make? Sure you females out there are awed over these bold and vibrant colors.

--- Colored Denim Around the Blogosphere ---

Let me share with you how some ladies wear white denim. I will share with you blog posts from fashion blogs featuring white jeans. You are free to visit any blog post I make mention to in this section. The influence provided by other fashion bloggers can help you in styling white denim.

If you are one of the ones I mention in this blog post, I just want to say hello to you! Your influence helps out my readers.

Colored Denim: White Jeans.

This section only pertains to white jeans. Meet bloggers who wear their white jeans in their posts:

"blanc" (Glisters and Blisters) « white skinny jeans.
"PFC #6: Dress Up Your Basics" (I am Khatu) « white flared jeans.
"Crop Top and Lace Up Sandals" (Maytedoll) « white skinny jeans.
"Summer Jeans" (Song of Style) « white skinny jeans.
"AG Adriano Goldschmied Stilt Optic White Roll-Up Cigarette Jeans" (Stylish Petite) « white cigarette-type jeans.
"It's Not Memorial Day Yet..." (cute and little) « white jeans with a ruffled top. (She's no longer blogging, but I'm providing this post as a tribute to her because I respect her and her work)

Colored Denim: Others.

This pertains to jeans (and other denim garments) of various colors besides white and besides most other common denim colors. Take a look:

"Weekend Girlie Look Wrap Up" (Curves Ahead) « one outfit includes mint jeans.
"Mint Condition" (Lucky Loves) « mint-colored jeans.
"BLACK AND PINK IN A ROCKER WAY" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « mint green jeans as part of an edgy outfit.
"Star Print and Yellow Jeans" (Maytedoll) « bright yellow jeans.
"REMIX: Black sheer blouse" (Nany's Klozet) « different colored jeans in four different outfits.
"Fall For Neon Pink" (She Said He Said) « neon pink jeans.
"Happy, Free, Confused, and Lonely in the Best Way" (Principessa Gabriella) « turquoise jeans.
"holiday armor" (Curvy Girl Chic) « burgundy skinny jeans.
"Cops Were Looking At Me" (Song of Style) « red jeans.

Inspired, much?

--- Colored Jeans: Final Thoughts ---

If you want to make a statement, say it with denim. If you want to make a fashion statement, say it with colored denim. Denim doesn't have to be boring old blue. If you want to stand out, try going with some unusually-colored denim. You never know what kind of power colored denim can provide for both you and your outfit. Bright-colored denim can seriously make plenty of noise. Colored denim is both youthful and expressive. You are still enjoying wearing denim jeans but with something more colorful and expressive. Rock your denim, but especially rock your colored denim if these appeal to you. Now go look fabulous!

I made special emphasis on white denim since they are perhaps the most popular non-blue denim. White jeans can be just as expressive and fun, unless you believe in the rules of "no white before Memorial Day" or "no white after Labor Day" rules. Wearing white denim is a bit tricky. However, white denim is its own style statement outside of any non-blue, non-colored denim. Proudly wear your white denim if you are fond of white denim.

--- Colored Denim Online ---

I specify "colored denim" because not all denim I try to discuss is particularly about jeans. If you want to shop for some colored denim online, let me help you with the items below. Please remember that shopping online through these links and items are voluntary. Having said that, I would appreciate your support if you enjoyed this blog post and did a little shopping here. Consider this my way of thanking you for reading this post:


I specified both colored jeans and colored denim. So please have a look around:

...and if white jeans are what you're after:

Other Sources...

Where else can you get your colored denim fix? These may help. Each featured link consists of both colored denim and white denim (including white jeans). All items featured here are meant for US Women's sizes, but there may also be colored denim for males as well in some of these links:

colored denim on Amazon and white denim on Amazon
colored denim on eBay and white denim on eBay
colored denim on Shopbop and white denim on Shopbop
colored denim on Nordstrom and white denim on Nordstrom
colored denim on and white denim on
colored denim on and white denim on

Happy shopping! :)

I approve of colored denim. Not too much to a "must try" style, but I do not have a problem with colored denim. How about you? Feel free to respond and thank you for reading!

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