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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wild Side

John Marine | 2:31 PM | | |
Animal prints allow one to show their wild side. Various animal prints offer color and pattern diversions that make them fun to wear. They also offer some wild style with their patterns. Whether clothes, shoes, or accessories; animal prints bring out the animal of those who rock them. I mentioned animal prints previously on "John's Blog Space," and I even mentioned animal designs themselves here on "StyleSpace by JBM." Now get ready for the StyleSpace version of my discussion on animal prints!

This is "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine"- the stylish space of my blogging universe! It's time to talk animal prints.

--- Animal Prints ---

Animal prints consist of certain patterns that make for a unique look. I think what makes animal prints so attractive are their pattern. The distinctive colors and patterns nicely compliment a number of outfits. If anything, I see animal prints as being so popular mostly for the patterns and colors to go with an outfit. They provide a unique twist while also making some feel a little... well, wild. "Animal print" is an umbrella term encompassing many different kinds of animal prints from different animals. The most common of which are leopard prints and cheetah prints. I am told that there is an actual difference between leopard prints and cheetah prints, but the actual difference fails me. Besides animal prints are zebra prints as well as snakeskin. Regardless of the actual animal print, their pattern and style are very much well-loved by those who wear them. Believe it or not, even some males wear some animal print items. These are still worn more by females than males.

When you think about a traditional leopard print or cheetah print garment, consider the color combination of the sort of skin-tone color along with the dark circles. Of course, certain animal prints can vary in color. You might see (for example) a white-colored garment with light pink leopard spots.

Many people see animal prints as incredibly tacky. Personally, I think animal prints are best done in moderation. Don't go crazy with animal prints unless you want to be a clashing pattern nightmare.

--- Animal Prints in Pictures ---

Time to get you into animal prints with a bunch of pictures. These items demonstrate what animal prints can provide style-wise:

Leopard Prints.

leopard print fashion
^ from: - This is a dolman sleeve top with adorned in leopard prints.

Leopard prints are perhaps the most popular and the most common sort of animal prints you will see. The individual leopard spots often make a fun and interesting display for the various garments and accessories that they are adorned with.

Cheetah Prints.

cheetah print pumps
^ from: - Be wild with a pair of animal print pumps, like with these cheetah print pumps.

I am told that there is a difference between leopard print and cheetah print. To me, they still look very similar.

Zebra Prints.

zebra prints fashion
^ from: - Black and white zebra prints with pink accents. Nothing more girly or cute than that!

Zebras are not as ferocious as leopards or cheetahs, but they are plenty wild. Zebra prints are still a good style of prints to compliment outfits and accessories. I personally tend to like zebra prints with some of sort of outlining- usually white and black zebra prints with pink outlining or pink accents.


snakeskin fashion
^ from: - Give your style some venomous kick by wearing snakeskin.

Lord knows we want to avoid being around snakes. Unless you own a snake as a pet, snakeskin garments and accessories surely offer their own unique style. A lot of snakeskin items I've seen are mostly shoes and certain accessories. They are also pretty common as jeans and pants.

No matter what the print or style, animal prints and different animal skins are a nice way to offer some wild style.

--- The Dark Side of Animal Print Fashion... ---

While animal prints can be entertaining for those who wear them, there are some who fancy actual animal skins and furs. "StyleSpace" is all about fashion, and I don't want to delve into any issues outside of fashion. However, I must bring this issue to light. Some people- especially animal rights activists- totally detest fashions featuring actual skin and actual fur of animals. There are some people who will attack others only because they are wearing and using animal print fashions. Paris Hilton was famously (or infamously) flour bombed by certain activists because of some sort of animal print or animal-derived clothing she was wearing.

--- Wild Side: Animal Prints Around the Internet ---

So who shows their wild side with their outfits? These are blog posts I've picked out that showcase animal prints in various outfits. I've had trouble being diverse with different animal prints. So therefore, here are various outfits with at least some kind of animal print:

"Kelly Green Loves Leopard" (Style 4 Curves) « leopard print peplum top.
"Stripe Top and Leopard Print Pants" (Lucky Loves) « leopard-print pants.
"Unicorns and Leopard Print" (Miss Kassandra Brooks) « leopard print leggings.
"As "purr" colors" (Veil of Illusions) « leopard prints on her dress and her tights.
"The New Black" (Curvy Girl Chic) « animal print skinny jeans.
"I'mmmm Back - and with my first OOTD" (Dolled Up Daily) « animal-print boat/deck shoes.
"J.Crew Petite Friendly Dresses & New Arrivals " (Stylish Petite) « animal print pumps, and then an an animal print jacket later in the post.
"Leopard mini" (Little Petite) « animal print mini dress.
"Snow Leopard" (Deconstruction) « leopard print scarf.
"Falling Leaves" (Burst of Color) « animal-print mid-calf, rain-type boots.
"Leopard Lust" (She Said He Said) « leopard print scarf and leopard print sneakers.
"black maxi dress with a touch of animal print" (Maytedoll) « animal print handbag.
"REMIX: white sleeveless blouse!" (Nany's Klozet) « two outfits: animal print shorts in one, and leopard print booties in another.
"Fall Wish-List Item # 3: Something Leopard" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « leopard print blouse.
"Houndstooth" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « animal-print platform pumps with ankle strap.
"Who taught you that voodoo you do?" (Principessa Gabriella) « cheetah print jeggings.
"Last Bikini Look ;)" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « multicolored leopard print bikini.

That was a lot of inspiration from the blogosphere! Telling you- girls dig animal prints.

--- Wild Side: Final Thoughts ---

No matter what the animal print, they are vastly loved for their unique pattern and colors. These animal prints come in many varieties and in many different garments. I think animal prints should be done in moderation. You know- don't try to match multiple animal print garments or accessories in one, unless you are intentionally trying to be a hot mess of animal prints. I don't find animal prints to be anything tacky. While not crazy over animal prints, I don't hate them in any way. Anyone looking to get a little wild can do so with animal prints. Everything from clothes, to lingerie/intimates, swimwear, shoes/sandals/boots/sneakers, and various accessories all adorned with some sort of animal print provide a vast array of style. Even if you think animal prints of any kind are tacky, at least regard their appeal and what they offer to fashions and accessories.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading

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This concludes the main points I've wanted to express about this topic. Thank you for reading.

--- Animal Prints Online ---

Did you know that ShopStyle has recently become POPSUGAR Shopping? Regardless, let me see if I can help you find something animal print. Please look around and buy anything that interests you if you want to do some shopping here. Shopping is voluntary, but would be appreciated to help support my work.

POPSUGAR Shopping (formerly ShopStyle).

Other Sources.

More animal print items for you! Feel free to look around. These are all meant to mostly include animal print clothing. Though, you may find some other animal print items from some of these links:

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animal prints on

Happy shopping! :)

I hope this post on animal prints will be to your liking. Rock those animal prints (whatever prints they may be) and thank you for reading!

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