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Friday, February 22, 2013

Drape/Waterfall Vests and Cardigans

John Marine | 9:43 PM | |
Drape (also called waterfall) vests was something I discussed on John's Blog Space. Drapes provides beautiful and dramatic touches. Items like vests and cardigans are especially dramatic with such drapes. Here on "StyleSpace by JBM," I will expand upon my "John's Blog Space" post to include more draped vests and cardigans. So what you will get here is an expanded topic regarding drape/waterfall vests. I hope you're ready for another post!

--- Drape/Waterfall Vests and Cardigans ---

When you look at a drape/waterfall vest or cardigan, the dramatic style provided by these items can dramatically shape an outfit. Drapes can be as lovely as ruffles, and I kind of think of drape/waterfall vests and cardigans to be like ruffled garments. A female can pair a draped vest with her top and bottoms. A draped cardigan can be a stylish compliment to dress up your arms and your front.

Style can be greatly complimented wearing such warm and dramatic vests and cardigans such as draped vests and cardigans. If you have a simple T-shirt and jeans look, wearing a draped vest or a draped cardigan is a nice way to add loads of appeal to your outfit. A draped vest can serve you well for warm weather. I have seen long drape vests be paired with any number of outfits, even including outfits with short shorts. So you have some options to go along with draped vests and draped cardigans.

--- Drape/Waterfall Vests and Cardigans in Pictures ---

There are not too many good images I could find to further demonstrate these items. Here are some draped vests and cardigans to continue this discussion:

drape waterfall vest
^ from: - A draped vest.

draped waterfall cardigan
^ from: - A draped cardigan.

These are only just two examples I can share to extend this discussion.

--- Drape/Waterfall Vests and Cardigans: Final Thoughts ---

Give yourself some warmth and style by wearing a drape/waterfall vest or a drape/waterfall cardigan. The dramatic draping up front provides a stylish look to compliment a casual or dressy outfit. Drape vests are great for warm days and warm outfit. Cardigans themselves are great to wear on cool days, so imagine the feeling of wearing a draped cardigan. Put yourself together nicely with a draped vest or a draped cardigan.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading...

You can view my original post on this topic here, which was only about drape/waterfall vests, if interested:

"Drape/Waterfall Vests" (John's Blog Space)
^ my original post on this topic, and only about drape/waterfall vests.

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That concludes my post on drape/waterfall vests and cardigans. How do you feel about these? Please comment! Don't forget also to Follow and Subscribe, and also don't forget to "like" me on Facebook and Circle me on Google+. Thank you for reading!

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