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Monday, February 4, 2013

Printed Denim

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Denim blue can be boring to some fashionistas. So rather than go with an average pair of blue jeans, some prefer more... interesting denim. One such trend is print jeans. What makes print jeans so trendy is just that they are more fun and creative pairs of jeans. They also feature certain patterns and styles that (I will admit) make an average pair of jeans to be more creative and fun. Of course, these are comfy jeans with creative designs.

This blog post is all about printed denim. Initially, this blog post was about patterned denim, but the more common term is printed denim, so I used that here.

--- Printed Denim ---

Plain blue denim can be very old and boring, at least according to some. Some prefer to be more playful with denim. Those who prefer fun and expressive bottoms while not giving up the appeal of denim jeans will find something to love with printed denim. Prints can be subtle, like polka dots. There are also print denim with designs like various kinds of animal prints. Print denim can also relate to denim jackets. Normally when I try to make a general discussion of a certain garment, I usually try not to exclusively think about jeans if there are other items that take advantage of a certain look or style. And so, there are printed denim skirts and jackets in addition to your average print denim jeans.

Here are some samples of patterned denim:

print jeans
^ from: - This pair of patterned jeans have floral prints.

polka dot jeans
^ from: Polka dot prints adorn this pair of jeans.

print jean shorts
^ from: - Here is a pair of print jean shorts with polka dot hearts.

print denim jacket
^ from: - This cropped denim jacket is adorned with many floral prints.

The reason why any fashionable type would care for printed denim is because this is a more playful and expressive kind of denim. They are youthful and fun, and so are some of the various designs on them. One can choose to go with a comfy pair of sneakers or sandals to go with these outrageous print denim garments. Or, some may elect to go with some ballet flats or some high-heel pumps.

--- Printed Denim: Final Thoughts ---

While I do think print denim garments are different and more interesting than an average pair of blue denim, I don't necessarily like print jeans. Most print denim garments can look incredibly tacky with some patterns. Some even can look unspeakably ugly with certain designs. I would only recommend print denim if you want to wear a good pair of denim bottoms, but want to wear some unique-looking jeans with their own personality. While most print denim have their own personality with their unique designs, I am not in love with seeing such print denim to recommend them to wear with certain outfits. I am not likely to recommend a pair of print denim to compliment an outfit or to make an outfit around. But to the fashionista who dares dream, rock your printed denim style to the fullest.

--- Print Denim Online ---

Maybe you love print denim and disagree with my points. I agree or disagree with certain garments and looks with a degree of professionalism. So maybe you're interested in getting some patterned denim. If you are, I can help you by showing you the following. Feel free to add to your wardrobe by shopping online with these resources. As ever, I'd gladly appreciate your support should you decide to take part in this:


Other Sources...

More print denim online. Because this post was not supposed to be about just print jeans, I discussed "print denim." If I could find print jeans better than print denim, I'll specify. For now, check out these links:

print denim on Amazon
print denim on eBay
print denim on Shopbop
print denim on Nordstrom
print denim on Neiman Marcus

That's it. Thanks for visiting!

Let me know what you think about printed denim. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

great trousers ! :)

nice blog, i follow You :)

John Marine said...

I love printed jeans, they're fun, I don't care if they might look I'm surprised you dislike them. I have a lace printed pair, cheetah, and floral ones. I love polka dot ones too, they look so cute.


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