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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Florals in Fashion

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Blossom with beauty with florals. Some find floral prints to be boring for Spring/Summer, but floral designs are timeless. Time to let your style blossom and bloom with floral prints. Floral prints are the name of the game here. Lots of fashionable types have their own way of showing off floral chic no matter what garment(s) or accessories are being showcased with floral prints. All you need to know is that you can almost never go wrong with floral prints. This blog post brings floral prints to the spotlight they so deserve.


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--- Floral Prints at a Glance ---

Flowers adoring garments and accessories provide a beautiful touch. These floral prints are timeless and charming touches. One can always introduce floral chic to one's outfit with these florals. There is nothing cheap or tacky about floral prints in my view. They are only bad if you are simply someone who doesn't like anything lighthearted or subtle.

Floral prints doesn't exactly entail some random sort of flowers. They can range from various kinds of flowers to even prints of one specific flower- such as a bunch of roses or rose petals adorning a garment or accessory. Many will see floral prints as a boring trend for Spring/Summer. But really, it is one of the timeless styles that is not hard to escape for such a season. Some even take floral style into the Fall/Winter times with floral print garments for cold weather. Floral prints commonly are seen on tops and bottoms. Of course, don't rule out floral print dresses and even floral print rompers/playsuits. One of the floral trends of late have been floral jeans and floral pants. To be honest, I unfortunately don't like floral jeans/pants too much. There are exceptions, but I'm just not feeling them all that much. Floral skirts and floral dresses are perfectly fine.

There are many ways to enjoy the floral print trend. How do you sport your floral prints?

--- Floral Print Examples ---

Floral prints come in a great variety on many different fashion items and accessories. Some of the many are featured in this section. Check these out:

floral print
^ from: - Blossom like the beautiful flower you are with floral prints.

floral print jeans or pants
^ from: - Floral print jeans and pants have trended of late.

floral print jacket
^ from: - Jackets and coats can even be adorned in floral prints.

floral print bikini
^ from: - If you want to take your love of florals to the beach, you can with any kind of floral print swimwear, such as this floral print bikini.

floral print shoes
^ from: - You can even take your love of floral prints to your feet.

These are among many ways to enjoy and harness floral prints of various kinds.

--- Florals Around the Internet ---

Plenty of bloggers and others shown off their floral chic. Here are some examples from bloggers who show some floral chic:

"Floral Pants" (Burst of Color) « floral pants tucked into riding boots.
"Floral and oxblood!" (Nany's Klozet) « floral jeans.
"A Floral Dress Review" (Always Maylee) « a beautiful, mid-length floral dress.
"new look: "Vintage Flowers" (Crete, Day 2)" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « a floral blouse.
"Floral Print and Peplum" (Arum Lilea) « floral print skirt.
"Roses are Red..." (Principessa Gabriella) « rose-print floral skirt.
"Winterizing a summer skirt: Floral and Lace" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « a beautiful floral skirt.
"Watercolor Florals" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « floral pencil skirt.
"SWEET HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS - New at" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « floral-print cardigan (really, an airy shirt).
"home sweet home" (keiko lynn) « floral-print pants.
"Hawaiian Flowers" (* Petit and Sweet Couture) « floral dress.
"Floral asymmetrical dress + giveaway" (Maytedoll) « asymmetical floral-print high-low/mullet dress.
"Burgundy and Floral" (Stylish Petite) « floral blouse.
"Fabulous in Floral" (Stylish Petite) « floral coat.
"I'll Take You to the Candy Shop" (Camille Tries to Blog) « floral-print sunglasses.
"Spring + Winter" (Lynne Gabriel) « floral print tie-front top.
"Spring Teaser" (Lynne Gabriel) « floral print scarf.
"Missing Summer" (Fashion Fusion) « multiple floral prints in one outfit.

I could show you many more from many more bloggers, but this list will do.

--- Floral Prints: Final Thoughts ---

Floral prints can be charming no matter how they are portrayed on clothes or accessories. Their variety and charm are both well-expressed with the unique floral designs and patterns. The color diversity alone is enough to make floral prints charming in their own way. I don't like the notion of saying that floral prints are boring. Personally, I tend to look at floral prints as a way of those wanting to express and embrace the beauty of Spring and Summer with flowers. And in today's negative world, something like flowers surely provides something positive and peaceful rather than always be fixated on dark and evil stuff. Floral prints are not going away anytime soon. They are timeless and chic. Floral prints may also be fun when on fun clothing. No matter what, one can always let one's style blossom with wonderful floral prints.

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You can look at my original blog post on floral prints, if interested:

"Florals in Fashion" (John's Blog Space)
^ my original post regarding florals in fashion in my main blog.

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--- Floral Prints Online ---

The world of floral prints was showcased for the most part here in this blog post. If you can't get enough of floral prints or want to get some floral print items, let me help you. Please have a look at these items and links below. I would appreciate your business if you bought something from these links based on anything that interests you. This is all voluntary, of course.

POPSUGAR Shopping.

I'm actually going to experiment here. Since a lot of items are featured in this widget, I'll let you see more items. So instead of the usual 4×2 POPSUGAR Shopping (formerly ShopStyle) widget, this one is 4×3. So have a look around:

Other Sources.

All clothing floral print. Come and get 'em through any or all of these links:

floral prints on Amazon
floral prints on eBay
floral prints on Shopbop
floral prints on Neiman Marcus
floral prints on Nordstrom
floral prints on
floral prints on

Happy shopping! :D

So what do you think about floral prints? Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I like floral print pants, dresses and tops! I have a few nice pieces ready for the summer time! :)

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