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Friday, February 8, 2013

Galaxy Prints

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StyleSpace by JBM is my fashion space. Some stylish fashionistas take their style to the stars. Galaxy prints make this happen. As one who is fascinated about stars and space, I would be lying if I told you I wasn't at least fascinated about galaxy prints. These starry garments are the centerpiece of this blog post. I'll be sharing with you these many cosmic prints and these inspirations.

I will mostly be using "galaxy" to describe this print. Other terms used to describe this style include cosmic print and celestial print (which I wanted to use to describe this).

--- Galaxy Prints ---

Since my childhood days, I have always adored and admired stars and space. Being in a big city like Houston doesn't allow you to truly gauge the beauty of space from the naked eye on a clear night. There was one time where I got to truly enjoy the beauty of space. That was back in 1994 for me, when I looked up into the sky one night and saw thousands of stars in the sky. It was so beautiful!

So you can imagine that seeing galaxy prints on various garments really catch my eye. Most cosmic prints are mostly starry and sparkly displays across a mostly dark-colored garment. Most galaxy prints consist of many splashes of color that resembles a galaxy or any other starry display. Then, a bunch of sparkles are adorned to provide the look of brightly-twinkling stars. The end result is a beautiful and spectacular starry display adorning various garments and accessories. There may not be anything like sequins or anything to demonstrate shine and sparkle with galaxy prints, but beautiful starry displays are just as bedazzling with galaxy print.

The one credited for making such celestial designs to be chic today is a Scottish designer named Christopher Kane. Christopher Kane has created a number of collections featuring galaxy prints. Even though these prints look amazing on females, the galaxy print is NOT exclusively feminine. In fact, Christopher Kane released a collection of cosmic print garments for men as part of his Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Collection. So I'd say this bloke is trying to make galaxy print stylish for everyone (and perhaps everything).

If trying to style outfits with these galaxy prints, I certainly wouldn't wear anything to overpower the galaxy print garment(s); and I also wouldn't wear more than one galaxy print item at once. I would make the galaxy print garment the centerpiece and try not to overpower my outfit by wearing some other galaxy print item.

Up next are some picture examples of this print style.

--- Galaxy Print Examples ---

What is the big deal with galaxy prints? Take a look at the following items (and these were among some of the best examples I could find, so bear with me):

galaxy print dress
^ from: - Galaxy print tunic dress.

galaxy print leggings
^ from: - Galaxy print leggings.

galaxy print tights
^ from: - Galaxy print tights.

galaxy print skirt
^ from: - galaxy print skirt.

galaxy print cross tank top
^ from: - This tank top has a large cross that features galaxy print.

galaxy print shoes
^ from: - Some shoes, such as these Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties, are styled with galaxy print. The galaxy prints on these shoes were in collaboration between Jeffrey Campbell and Australian designer Black Milk Clothing. To read my blog post on Black Milk Clothing, visit "Black Milk Clothing" (StyleSpace by JBM).

galaxy print case
^ from: - Even accessories can have some celestial charm. Take a look at this laptop slipcase bag, for instance.

So what do you think about these cosmic/galaxy/celestial print items?

--- Cosmic Print Inspirations Online ---

A few bloggers dared take their style to the stars. Here are some celestial inspirations for you. After all- every fashionable person should take his/her style to the stars (and beyond!):

"Galactic shirt" (Aibina's Blog) « cosmic print T-shirt.
"Paint Me a Universe" (ULIMALI) « a blue galaxy print dress.
"Out of this world- galaxy legs!" (Nany's Klozet) « purple/violet galaxy-print leggings.
"(untitled post)" (NORMALNAYA) « pastel-colored galaxy-print leggings.
"It's a Mango Galaxy- and I need your help!" (Thirstythought by Kryz Uy) « galaxy-print maxi dress.

("galaxy" search results on LOOKBOOK)

--- Cosmic Prints: Final Thoughts ---

These multi-colored starry prints add some celestial charm to any number of garments. It is a combination of colorful style coupled with sparkly style. The uniqueness of these celestial designs make them every bit stylish and artistic. Even if you don't fancy starry displays or space-influenced designs, one at least has to appreciate the playful and expressive use of color. These starry displays are beautiful along with how all the designs come together. I do not find these designs to be tacky in the least sense. So never be afraid to take your style to the stars... and beyond!

--- Cosmic Print Garments Online ---

If you enjoy cosmic prints, perhaps I can help you find some cosmic print garments online. Perhaps. Just take a look at these items and feel free to shop around if you see something you like. Remember- shopping online based on material from my posts are voluntary, but would be much appreciated if you do so. Doesn't hurt to support my work if you enjoyed it.


Other Sources.

It was tough trying to compile a list of useful items to please you all who enjoyed my post on galaxy prints. These are the very best I could find and do to service all of you. Get your fill of cosmic/galaxy/celestial print garments with these items...

...and these sources:
galaxy prints on Amazon
galaxy prints on eBay

That was really the best I could do. You all will have to make due with what I was able to find for all of you online.

I'd like to thank you for entering orbit with my blogging universe. I thank you for visiting my stylish space- "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine." Come back any time for your fashion fix and fashion commentaries from me. Thank you for reading!

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