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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hot Mama!

John Marine | 7:52 PM | | |
Maternity fashion used to involve wearing a lot of frumpy outfits. These days, there are many different maternity and nursing garments that are stylish for before and after giving birth. You may be pregnant for only once in your life- why not make the most of it and dress as one hot mama? This blog post is all about maternity fashion. Most of the post regards maternity fashion, but I also make mention to nursing fashion.

Welcome to my blogging universe and my most fashionable space- "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"


I am NOT any authority on fashion, and I am especially not an authority on maternity fashion. What you are seeing here basically is a look at maternity fashion. Resources on maternity fashion will be provided later in this post for your information.

Are You a Mom or Mom-to-Be?
I would like to congratulate those moms to be who may be reading this blog post. Be sure to keep yourself healthy and well throughout your pregnancy to successfully give birth.

--- Maternity Fashion at a Glance ---

Maternity fashion is all about looking great even while being pregnant. Moms-to-be want to look and feel great as they are preparing to deliver offspring into the world. This labor of love is a long process. As this process runs its course during pregnancy, an entire host of happenings occur- ranging from various pains to certain mental and emotional swings. From a clothing perspective, wearing clothes to adapt to a woman's changing pregnant body is just as important as dealing with pregnancy.

One may be fortunate enough to become pregnant and become a mother. Some mothers may be even more fortunate to give birth to more than one child. When you become pregnant, you begin not to fit in some of your favorite clothes. So you need some clothing to help adapt to your changing body. From casual clothing to more formal pieces, there are many options for pregnant females. Just because one female is pregnant doesn't mean one has to give up wearing stylish clothes. You won't be pregnant forever. You may or may not become pregnant more than once in your life. Even if you become pregnant only once in your life, why not make the most of it by wearing some stylish and functional maternity clothing?

Remaining Beautiful/Sexy While Pregnant.

While some pregnant females hate dealing with the pains and aches of being pregnant, it remains important to remain confident and remain feeling beautiful. Being and remaining confident and beautiful can be tough when pregnant. Some males even think that some women are hot when pregnant. I think the beauty of being pregnant is that of a woman seeking to bring offspring into the world.

--- Maternity Fashion in General ---

Maternity fashion doesn't have to be frumpy and boring. In fact, being pregnant doesn't mean you have to give up your style. Being one stylish mom-to-be isn't too hard if you know what makes you look great. There are various outfits and pieces ranging from casual outfits to formal-type outfits for pregnant women.

There are three phases of maternity fashion:
• maternity fashion - basic fashion for while you're pregnant.
• nursing fashion - fashion pieces to care for your baby after you've given birth.
• post-baby - fashion pieces to help get your body back to its original form after giving birth.

Here's a little look at each phase.

Maternity Fashion.

maternity dress
^ from: - Being pregnant doesn't mean you must sacrifice style. Evidence of this can be seen with this lovely knit maternity dress.

maternity bottoms
^ from: - Even while pregnant, you can still enjoy wearing jeans, pants, and shorts, and skirts. These bottoms have banding to help support your pregnant belly.

Many maternity fashion items have elastic waistbands and belly bands to help support and comfort the bellies of pregnant ladies. Maternity dresses are cut and designed specifically to comfort and accentuate pregnant bodies.

Nursing Fashion.

nursing top
^ from: - This is a cute wrap blouse meant for nursing.

After giving birth, you'll need to have some fashion pieces to help nurse your offspring. This is where nursing clothes come in.


You've given birth. Now it's time for you to try to regain your former body (or perhaps look better than before being pregnant!).

This was just a digest of pregnant fashion.

--- More Maternity Fashions ---

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean your style options are limited. Only thing is that most of the clothes you could fit into previously won't fit you as you're pregnant. However, being pregnant shouldn't be a deterrent to wanting to be and look stylish even as you're due to give birth. In this section, I am here to demonstrate various maternity fashions just to show that you can still wear great clothes even while pregnant.

maternity T-shirt
^ from: - This is a basic T-shirt for pregnant women.

maternity skirt
^ from: - Skirts are still fun and comfortable to wear even while pregnant.

maternity jeans
^ from: - Just because you can't comfortably fit in your regular jeans doesn't mean you can't enjoy wearing jeans while pregnant. Such maternity jeans have a belly band to help support your pregnant belly while still being able to enjoy wearing jeans.

maternity cropped jeans
^ from: - Even moms to be can still wear cute jeans!

maternity pants
^ from: - Various styles of pants can still be fashionable for pregnant women, including these comfy palazzo pants.

maternity leggings
^ from: - The girl who still wants to enjoy wearing leggings can do so with maternity leggings.

maternity tights
^ from: - There are also full tights meant to compliment pregnant women.

maternity dress casual
^ from: - You can still enjoy wearing beautiful dresses even while pregnant.

maternity dress formal
^ from: - You can still wear some maternity dresses for formal occasions.

After delivering birth, one will need to wear some comfortable and chic clothes for nursing purposes. Here are some examples of nursing wear:

nursing top
^ from: - Perform nursing of your baby (or babies) in a fashionable, yet functionable nursing top.

nursing dress
^ from: - Some maternity garments- such as this nursing dress- can be worn before and after giving birth.

Nursing clothes are stylish enough to wear on their own, but they serve an important purpose of taking car of your baby or babies after giving birth. Such nursing garments have detachable elements to conveniently support your new bundle(s) of joy.

--- Hot Mama: Final Thoughts ---

Being pregnant means you're not going to be able to enjoy most of your regular clothes at your pre-pregnant size. However, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you are relegated to frumpy and boring fashions. Investing in some maternity clothing will help you look and feel great while pregnant. Some maternity garments will see you through before, during, and after pregnancy. If you become pregnant only once in your life, at least make the most of experiencing pregnancy and being willing to become a dedicated and loving mother to your future child/children. The many different options and garments meant for pregnant women means you won't have to just wear frumpy, boring clothes. Don't be dull and frumpy... be one hot mama!

I want to say again- congratulations to all of you who are mothers or moms-to-be. I hope you are able to successfully give birth and that you're able to nurse your baby or babies to good health. I also hope you are able to get yourself back into shape to become fit and beautiful.

--- Should You Flaunt Your Pregnant Belly? (Bonus Section!) ---

I know I blogged about exposing midriff before on "John's Blog Space" and here on "StyleSpace by JBM." However, some people feel it's disgusting or distasteful for a female to show off her pregnant belly. Such flaunting of a pregnant belly are usually shown in a tasteful and artistic way. I've seen pictures where the dad-to-be or kids kiss a female's pregnant belly in creative photo shoots. I see this as something artistic rather than sensually showcasing the belly.

So if you were to ask me if it is fair or foul to flaunt your pregnant belly, I say fair. There is something empowering about a mom-to-be showcasing her pregnant belly as she is ready to populate the universe with her offspring. Any pregnant female willing to go through the pains and experiences of pregnancy and is willing to become a mother is free to celebrate motherhood and becoming a mother. For those who became pregnant more than once, prepare to experience all the nuances of pregnancy for yet another time.

Just remember that all the while, please remember to stay safe and healthy throughout the entirety of your pregnancy to successfully give birth and to have a healthy and happy baby or babies.

--- Maternity Fashion Online ---

The majority of this blog post is now complete. If you are interested in shopping for maternity fashions after reading this blog post, let me help you to items online that may interest you. Please take a look at these items below and feel free to shop for anything that may interest you. Remember- shopping for such items is completely voluntary. However, I would appreciate it if you bought something you like based on what you've read here.


Other Sources.

Here are more garment options for you pregnant females out there. These are general item searches, so if you want something more specific, you'll have to look around at each individual site:

all maternity clothes on Amazon
all maternity clothes on eBay
all maternity clothes on Shopbop
all maternity fashions on Nordstrom
all maternity fashions on

all maternity clothes on Walmart
all maternity clothes on Target
all maternity clothes on JCPenney
all maternity fashions on Sears

Thanks for visiting and (if you're doing any) shopping!

--- Cross-Promotion/Other Reading ---

You are into my blogging universe! Here is my original post regarding maternity fashion from my main blog:

"Hot Mama!" (John's Blog Space)
^ This is my original post regarding maternity fashion. A few extra resources for pregnant women are offered in my main blog compared to my fashion-related post regarding maternity.

I hope you've enjoyed your time here.

One last time- congratulations to all of you who are mothers or moms-to-be. Keep yourself in good health to successfully give birth, and I also hope you have yourself a happy and healthy baby or babies. Let me know what you think about maternity fashion. Thank you for reading!

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