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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sneaker Obsession

John Marine | 7:00 PM | | |
Almost everyone has some kind of sneakers. From casual fashion to working out, sneakers are more than durable and wearable to take on various tasks. Some people even have pairs of sneakers that they value more than any other pair of shoes anyone can wear. Some prefer clean white sneakers to remain clean white. Some prefer marking up on and painting up their sneakers. For the more active types, some prefer a pair of active sneakers that are not only comfortable, but also as expressive as the ones wearing them. Some prefer laceless sneakers, because who wants to keep tying up sneakers every so often?

No matter who you are or what sneakers you may have, you know there is nothing more casual or more comfortable to wear than a pair of sneakers. You may be the sporty type who loves a good pair of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, ASICS, or whatever. You may even like a pair of sneakers from the likes of Converse. You probably adore certain kinds of sneaker trends (like hidden wedge sneakers and '80s style sporty sneakers). What do you wear these sneakers with? Almost anything. I've seen sneakers worn with anything ranging from casual clothes, to school uniforms, to active outfits, I've even seen sneakers worn with some girl in a bikini, and even certain formal and semi-formal outfits.

Some people have a sort of sneaker obsession. Almost as if there is no better kind of shoes to wear than sneakers. I basically have just one pair of sporty sneakers that I wear often when out and about. I am not obsessed in the least sense about a pair of sneakers. However, I know there are a number of people who have multiple pairs of sneakers. Some even collect sneakers and build a little collection of them. Some love a pair of sneakers, but want to wear a different pair of shoelaces with them.

What's the Point of All of This?

The main point of this blog post is that it is basically a celebration and appreciation of sneakers and the people who wear them. Proudly wear your sneakers with whatever you wish to wear them with.

This blog post was named after a post of mine from "John's Blog Space." If you want to read a more in-depth post of mine regarding a love of sneakers, visit my post on John's Blog Space:

"Sneaker Obsession" (John's Blog Space)
^ this post highlights on the obsession of sneakers and about those who love wearing/collecting them.

This was just a casual post showing a little appreciation for sneakers. What do you think makes sneakers so wearable and fun? I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!

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