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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Leggings and Tights

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(UPDATED: December 29, 2017)

Almost every fashionista has love for leggings and/or tights. There is no other way to dress up the legs than with something as tight and expressive as leggings or tights. You won't find too many bloggers who don't have any sort of affinity with leggings and/or tights. Get ready for a blog post that highlights on the garments which are basically fashionista's best friend. Being the perfectionist I try to be, and since this is such a popular set of garments, I'll do my best to discuss this topic.

This "StyleSpace by JBM" post on leggings and tights is based on the popular "John's Blog Space" post of the same name. Without giving away a look ahead in this post, I'd like to introduce a new blog label which I may use in future posts:

About the Label: "Maternity"

Blog posts labeled under "Maternity" feature elements regarding fashions for pregnant women. These posts are about fashion for expecting mothers.


DEC 29 2017 - corrected a few errors and edited material; added more items (look at "Leggings and Tights Online")

Leggings and Tights

Leggings and tights are different in many ways, but both are the most stylish ways to dress up your legs. Their thinness make them wearable for many. Allow me to state this for educational purposes: I will define leggings as those without feet while tights have feet.


A pair of leggings can be very expressive. Or, they can be an alternative to wearing pants. Some leggings are thick enough to be worn as pants. Many others, however, aren't as thick. Leggings that are sheer or have sheer elements to them are mostly worn under tunics, skirts, and dresses. In addition, leggings are especially popular during cold weather times, whereas you need extra warmth for your legs. Thermal leggings will help provide this warmth.


To avoid any confusing variations in names, I will regard to tights primarily as having full legs- including feet. I will not confuse you with terms like "footless tights" or whatever.

Tights come in many patterns and styles and are worn by a number of stylish females. Tights are mostly popular in cold weather times, where certain fashionable types seek warmth wearing thick tights while wearing shorts or short skirts/dresses. A popular look with tights is where females wear denim jean short shorts with black tights underneath. Almost as if one is so reluctant to wear her denim jean short shorts even on cold days. Can't wait for warm weather times. If it offends someone, I apologize- I don't like seeing these jean short shorts paired with tights. Save them for warm weather with whatever footwear you choose. This look does look good with non-denim, non-jean shorts on the other hand. Same goes with skirts and dresses.

To be honest, I've gotten fairly tired of leggings and tights. Don't hate them or anything- just tired of seeing them. Maybe I am more attracted to bare legs than seeing tights being worn. Some aren't as confident showing bare legs with their outfits. Some others are confident baring legs but still wear leggings and tights anyways. There is a real comfort factor to leggings and tights. Part of fashion is about being comfortable. How can you be stylish if you don't feel comfortable? Or okay... let me say it like this- I am unlikely going to recommend leggings or tights for whatever outfit idea comes to mind. Like, I'm not going to say... you know- "this outfit would look better with a pair of leggings or tights." That's just me. I've been tired of leggings and tights mostly, but I don't entirely hate them or have any sort of abounding hate.


^ from: - A simple pair of leggings.

Leggings are what I will define as pant-like garments without feet. I've heard of leggings and footless tights. I'll just refer to leggings here as such to avoid confusion.

What is worn with leggings? Almost anything, to be honest. The [yet another unnecessary] '80s revival in the mid-2000s had a trend of leggings worn under mini skirts. I had detested the look in the past because mini skirts are for the daring types to wear with bare legs; NOT with leggings underneath. Even if it meant I got lukewarm reaction from (especially) a female audience, I didn't care. I hated the look with a passion while my already vicious dislike of re-hashing the '80s drove me up the wall. I eventually got over this and accepted the look. One of my friends from college once wore this cute jumper dress along with a pair of leggings underneath and some ballet flats. That was a very cute look. It was her birthday, and you know a girl's got to look good for her birthday. :)

Leggings worn with tunics often is a great combination. I made a popular post about pairing leggings with a tunic and some ballet flats. You can trade the ballet flats for some high-heel pumps. Those work too. Leggings can be great in adding confidence to one's outfit, especially those not confident enough to wear a short dress or a short skirt bare-legged. There is definitely a comfort factor in regards to leggings.

A certain contingent of people will say that leggings are not pants and shouldn't be worn as pants. The ones who would be right are those who sport some translucent leggings. Leggings with skirts are usually a common look for little girls and baby girls. Leggings usually extend anywhere from below the knees to the ankles. They also come in designs ranging from solid colors to various patterns. Some leggings may even be either opaque or sheer. Whatever the case, it's safe to say there are many kinds of leggings for many kinds of females who dare wear them.

More Legging Examples.

Here are some more leggings for you all to focus on:

patterned leggings
^ from: - Besides plain-colored leggings, they may also come in various patterns, such as these.

liquid leggings
^ from: - Be sexy with it! Wet-look/Liquid leggings help you do just that with their shiny appearance.

sequin leggings
^ from: - Bedazzle with sequined leggings!

thermal leggings
^ from: - Thermal leggings are warm enough and thick enough to wear as pants. These can serve you well through cold weather times.

active leggings
^ from: - Leggings also make great activewear bottoms.

maternity leggings
^ from: - If you are pregnant, you can still enjoy the comfort and style leggings provide.

It's safe to say that as much as there is a perfect dress for every female, there are probably the perfect pair of leggings for a female as well.


opaque tights
^ from: - Opaque tights can come in many colors. These are tights from the very popular designer We Love Colors.

sheer tights
^ from: - Sheer tights also offer some spicy appeal as their opaque counterparts.

Tights have about the same appeal as leggings. Only thing is that unlike leggings, tights AREN'T pants. Tights either come in lengths ranging from above the knees to full tights that cover the entire lower body as well as your lower waist. Some tights offer unique designs, ranging from various patterns to various tights with artistic designs. They can be opaque or sheer. Whatever the case, a female really has a chance to express herself with a pair of tights as unique as her style. Sometimes, a pair of tights can be the real show-stopper of a certain outfit. Imagine wearing a short black dress with some black high-heel pumps. You're stylish as is, right? Well, try wearing some bold and bright colored opaque tights underneath (you choose the color). Now you're HOT! The attention of your almost all-black outfit would be your brightly-colored tights.

For some females, wearing tights offer a sense of confidence much like leggings do. Those not confident going bare-legged may wear tights to offer some confidence and comfort. Some females are confident and comfortable going bare-legged but still wear tights anyway. There is a reason why you may see tights being worn more frequently during cold weather. Tights are often worn during colder times for warmth. Especially thermal tights help to keep legs and feet warm so shorts, short skirts, and short dresses can be worn while still staying warm. I blogged in the past on StyleSpace about the look of jean short shorts worn with tights. And as some of you may have read, I've disliked this look with almost severe passion. However, there are those who insist on wearing jean short shorts with tights during the cold weather times. Some even go with some sheer tights or fishnet tights to go with denim short shorts.

Wait... fishnet tights? Yep. Fishnet tights are perhaps the most expressive tights. They can be commonplace for the grungy, rocker, Goth set. They can also commonplace for sexy outfits and sexy ladies. For the grungy types, a pair of combat boots or creepers are the most common shoes worn with fishnet tights. For the sexy types, fishnet tights are often paired with any of the following: pumps, sandals, and even certain kinds of boots. I know there are those who wear slingbacks and open-toe and peep-toe shoes with tights, but I don't really recommend them paired together. I don't really like them together. Always considered open-toes and peep-toes to be at their loveliest when NOT wearing tights. Or maybe at best- sheer tights with these shoes and sandals.

More Tights Examples.

Here are some more tights for your viewing pleasure:

basic tights
^ from: - Here is a basic pair of full tights.

knit tights
^ from: - Knit tights are warm enough to get your through cold weather. They are also warm enough to warmly wear shorts, short skirts, and short dresses in cold weather.

colorful tights
^ from: - Tights can be colorful. It can be tough to style colorful tights, so wear with caution when putting together outfits..

patterned tights
^ from: - Animal print tights.

fleece lined tights
^ from: - Fleece-lined tights are great to consider for cold weather times.

fishnet tights
^ from: - Fishnet tights work great for edgy and/or sexy types. They can be paired with combat boots for edgy/rocker types, or they can be complimented with sexy pumps or sandals for sexy types.

dance tights
^ from: - Tights can also be worn for dancing.

I hope this makes you just a bit more crazy about tights.

Leggings and Tights Around the Blogosphere

It would be pointless to say that leggings and tights are so popular without proving it. This section could realistically be its own blog post since so many wear leggings and/or tights. So who wears leggings and/or tights with outfits? Here is one of the rare times in sections like these where I separate the two. Have a look at these examples. Some bloggers here are recent blogs I've followed. All or almost all of these are Blogger/Blogspot blogs, so feel free to Follow and Subscribe to each blog if you enjoy their work (and do the same for my blog if you enjoy my own work):

Leggings Around the Blogosphere.

"Always Be Bloomin'" (Always Maylee) « black leggings paired with a cute floral outfit.
"Bike Ride" (Deconstruction) « dark gray legging pants.
"The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out" (ULIMALI) « cosmic print leggings.
"Cold Shoulders" (Style 4 Curves) « leopard print leggings.
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"Twist and Tulle" (Burst of Color) « black leggings with a dress and lace-up boots.
"Faux Leather Leggings" (MayDay) « faux leather legging pants.
"OOTD: Winter Gala" (Viva Voluptuous!) « black leggings with a lovely outfit for a gala.
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"Tribal Chants" (My Own Private Xanadu) « leggings with mid-calf boots.
"OOTD: Lace Leggings" (The Pink Collar) « leggings with lace trim on the sides.
"Unicorns and Leopard Prints" (Miss Kassandra Brooks) « leopard-print leggings.
(untitled post) (NORMALNAYA) « multi-colored, pastel-colored leggings.
"When it was warmer" (I am Khatu) « plain black leggings.
"Love Ivanka Trump Coat!" ( « leggings with sequin details (WARNING: big pictures at this link, so it may take a while to load fully).

Tights Around the Blogosphere.

"Parisian" (ULIMALI) « black opaque tights with black wedge pumps.
"new look: checked or plaid" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « a classy, somewhat preppy look with black tights.
"loving Him Was Red" (Principessa Gabriella) « solid white tights.
"Childhood Days" (Always Maylee) « solid burgundy tights.
"Giveaway: The Climbing Up Tights!" (COMBO-MONSTER) « "climbing up" tights.
"Date Day, Date Night" (keiko lynn) « patterned tights (Night look).
"Kittens, Fur and Hearts" (Cupcake's Clothes) « woolen tights.
"French" (KAWAIILABO) « black tights with red kiss patterns.
"As "Purr" Colours" (Veil of Illusions) « animal-print tights.
"Red Tights" (MYOFS) « red tights.
"Color Riot" (Bong's Balleza) « warm tights with a dress.
"Sweet Pink Sweater" (Fashion) « warm white tights.
"Tiger" (Kolorowa dusza) « bright blue tights.
"Keep on Rockin'" (She Said He Said) « tights with shorts.
"Miami Design District!" (Nany's Klozet) « tights with denim shorts.

Convinced yet of their popularity?

Leggings and Tights: Final Thoughts

Among certain fashion communities, I've gotten tired and bored of leggings and tights to be honest. Like almost every girl I've seemed to come across in some communities will wonder what kind of leggings or tights to wear with an outfit.

Regardless, their appeal speaks for themselves. A word I have been using a lot of lately to describe fashion is "game-changer." For certain, leggings and tights are truly game changers in making outfits chic and fashionable. The right kinds of leggings and/or tights will add extra flavor to one's outfit. The WRONG kinds of leggings and tights will just ruin an outfit. I usually wouldn't think about wishing certain outfits would look better or worse with leggings and/or tights. Choose your leggings or tights carefully when putting looks together. Most of all- enjoy the appeal and charm leggings and tights can provide in shaping outfits. Harness their energy and let your style come alive with your outfits.

I don't hate leggings and tights... I'm just tired of them. It probably speaks most to the obsession of skinny bottoms that I've easily gotten tired of being part of some fashion communities. No matter what fashion pieces I blog about, I never said I was truly qualified to professionally discuss fashion; but I do make a professional effort to agree or disagree with certain styles.

Leggings and Tights Online

I'm sure you're interested in getting your own pair of leggings and/or tights after reading this post. Or, you may be looking for more pairs of leggings or tights. You've come to my blog and (hopefully) enjoyed my post. So why not help yourself to some leggings and/or tights? You took the time to visit my blog. Now take some time to help support my work by taking a look at these items online. Shopping online based on material you have read here is voluntary, but appreciated.

NOTE: All items featured are for US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted.


For leggings:

For tights:

Other Sources...

Leggings or tights? Here are various other sources to take a look at:

Here are a few leggings to spur your interest...

And for more leggings...
Amazon leggings (women)
eBay leggings
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And for more tights...
Amazon tights (women)
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I hope you all find something that interests you based on what you've read here. Thank you for visiting this section.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading

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Thanks for visiting my blogging universe and its spaces!

And just to stress again- I don't necessarily hate leggings and/or tights. I'm just mostly tired of them. The perfectionist in me made me want to continually edit and edit until I made the most complete post possible on this topic. I hope this post was to your liking. PLEASE remember to show your support for my work if you enjoyed your time here and considered my post worth your while. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

I adore leggings and more so tights! I have two drawers full of different pretty colors and patterns...they're so fun for girls! You'd probably just prefer to see girls with less clothes because you're a, but in the winter it gets too cold for bare legs. Nice post, John. :)

♥ : Principessa

John Marine said...

Really informative post john! I personally prefer thick tights
especially in the colder months and they too are available in many
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