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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Keds Champion

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Since 1916, the Keds Champion sneakers have long been the brand's most iconic sneakers. They are to Keds as Chuck Taylor is to Converse. Many girls wear these sneakers. Recent attention to Keds comes from recording artist Taylor Swift designing her own limited edition Keds Champion sneakers in honor of her "RED" album. In this "StyleSpace by JBM" post, I will showcase the Keds Champion sneakers mostly from the feminine side, even though there are also Keds Champion sneakers for males. I'll mostly focus on the female side of Keds. The post only concerns the Keds Champion sneakers; not the entire Keds brand.

--- Keds Champion ---

Keds Champion. Get to know it:

Keds Champion
^ from: - The Keds Champion sneakers were the shoes that put Keds on the map since back in 1916.

I remember so many girls in my grade school days wearing Keds sneakers. Maybe these sneakers aren't as counterculture as Converses, but these were surely a simple and easy pair of sneakers to wear. Wear them with your favorite T-shirt and jeans look. Wear your cutest sundress and slip on a pair of Keds Champions. They come in a variety of colors and styles. They can be plain or have various patterns to them (like polka dots). I would say that these are perhaps the most popular fashion sneakers for females besides Converses. These are fun for various girls ranging from babies to adults. They are best known as a good pair of canvas sneakers, but there are also leather versions of the Keds Champion sneakers.

In recent times, country-pop recording artist Taylor Swift has recently been the face of recent Keds ads. She is better known for rocking cute dresses and wearing cowboy boots. Taylor has now adopted the Keds Champion sneakers as part of a pair of sneakers from her "RED" album. They are a limited edition pair of Keds Champion sneakers designed by Taylor Swift herself.

Keds Champion: Blogger Examples.

Two different bloggers have featured a pair of Keds Champion sneakers in their posts. These are really the only two bloggers I've seen sport these sneakers. I will feature those two to show you what a pair of Keds Champion sneakers look like on your feet. Take a look:

"disneyland." (tuolomee)
"springy wingy!" (tiny sailor)

Those are only two examples of the style a pair of Keds Champions can provide. Here are some inspirations from LOOKBOOK:

Keds on females on LOOKBOOK

So you now have a little insight on these sneakers and who wears them.

--- Keds Champion: Love or Loathe? ---

The only way anyone can really hate these shoes is if people think they are somehow too simplistic in their design and lack anything really be anything exciting. They are simple and easy to wear. They may appear simple and basic, but they remain cool and casual enough to be wearable. So tab me for the "love" side of the "love or loathe" argument on these sneakers.

--- Keds Champion: Final Thoughts ---

If you want a fun pair of sneakers to wear with your Spring/Summer outfits, don't overlook the Keds Champion sneakers. Even knockoff varieties of the Keds Champion are plenty cute on the feet of females. These simplistic canvas sneakers are basic and fun in appearance and style. Despite being so basic, they are anything but boring. For someone who has failed to really be excited about the hidden wedge sneaker trend, these classic sneakers are truly fun. I very much respect the Keds Champion sneakers. I don't love these sneakers, but I do think they are a nice pair of sneakers for a girl to wear.

--- Keds Champion Online ---

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Want to add a pair of Keds Champion sneakers to your wardrobe? Feel free to voluntarily support my work by taking a look at these items below. I would appreciate your business if you took a look at the items below; but of course, it is voluntary/optional if you choose to do a little shopping here based on your reading here. Thanks a lot for supporting my work!

NOTE: This mostly is about the Keds Champion for females, even though there are also (apparently) the Keds Champion sneakers for males. Most items are mostly meant for US Women's sizes.


Other Sources...

Here are more places to get yourself the Keds Champion sneakers:

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Happy shopping (if doing any)! :)

Keds Champion. What do you think about these iconic sneakers? Share your thoughts here. And in the meanwhile, Thank you for reading!

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