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Thursday, February 14, 2013


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(UPDATED: March 28, 2014)

Make a fashionable splash without even touching water by going with a swimsuit. A swimsuit should be comfortable to wear along with being stylish. A variety of different swimwear options will please every beach/tropical type ranging from sun bathers to surfers. Whether on the beach or for beach parties, there is a swimsuit and some style of swimsuit that best suits you. Or maybe you're one of those ladies who have been working out to get that "bikini body." No matter what the case, the appeal of swimsuits is undeniable. This post is based on my posts in my other blogs, but this is all made for "StyleSpace."

This blog post is all about swimwear. There is a LOT of material I want to discuss here, so you'll be checking out a lot of material regarding various kinds of swimwear and swimwear pieces. I do still hope you enjoy and appreciate my efforts. And as usual, all of the pictures and resources are provided for educational purposes.

About the Label: "Beach/Swim/Resort"

This blog label pertains to all items regarding beach, swim, and resort fashions. Posts under this label make mention to all sorts of fashions regarding any or all of these elements. Posts may pertain to (but not limited to) swimwear and any beach-inspired fashions.

--- Swimsuits at a Glance ---

Swimwear is great for the beach, the resort, pool parties, and more. Many swim pieces have fun and colorful patterns and styles. There are many options for both males and females heading out to the water in style. Even children heading out to the water can look cool or cute in their swimwear.

Going to the beach or to some sort of beachy occasion is a chance to be free and enjoy waterfront life. The cultures of beach life and surfing life encompass individuality (and sometimes rebellion). Just the mere thought of having waves crash at your feet along the beach are enough to get some people feeling happy and free. It is not easy to take in the appeal of a swimsuit. Especially if you're serious about enjoying a warm or hot day on the beach, you'll need to dress comfortably for these settings. Actually heading out into the sun means you'll have to get yourself a decent swimsuit that you'll enjoy wearing. You may even purchase certain coverup clothes to wear prior to heading out to the beach or a beach party.

While going to these settings can be fun, some lack the confidence to wear a swimsuit. Which brings me to these talking points regarding swimwear...

Swimwear Confidence.

bikini body
^ from: - Those with "bikini bodies" have no problem stepping out in a bikini.

plus size bikini body
^ from: - Even if you're curvy or don't exactly have a "bikini body," there is still a good bikini for you.

Much like any fashion, it takes confidence to go around in some sort of swimwear. The main point is all about being comfortable in what you wear. That even includes swimwear. Perhaps what makes most females skeptical about wearing swimwear is in not having a "bikini body." You don't have to have a supermodel body just to be confident enough to wear some sort of swimsuit. You just have to find something comfortable and fun.

What Works?

Some want to be modest when heading out to the water. Some others dare to bare their bodies. No matter what direction you take, the most important thing is looking and feeling comfortable. Not every female can comfortably head out in a bikini. Some females look and feel their best in a lovely one-piece swimsuit. Those feeling more sexy and risqué will try out any number of more provocative bikinis (such as thongs and Brazilian cut bikinis). Whatever works for you- go for it!

Swimwear for Men.

swim briefs for men
^ from: - The confident male at the beach isn't afraid to show off his body while wearing something like these swim trunks.

Even us guys want to look good on the beach. Just as much as not every female is as lustful as a supermodel, not every male is a hard-bodied hunk with bodies chiseled out of stone. Not every guy has the physique of somebody like Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte. I'm certainly FAR from being any kind of hard-bodied dude. Simply going with a pair of swim shorts is pretty fine for lot of us guys. More confident males will have no problem sporting a pair of swim trunks or any sort of proper swim bottoms.

Swimwear for Babies and Children.

SPECIAL NOTE: I am careful introducing topics regarding or mentioning children. I will not post any pictures here as I fear people will only search this post only because I mention children's swimwear.

The little ones want to look and feel good heading out to water as well. A lot of swimwear for them have fun designs and some fun characters on them. Be sure to find some cute and stylish swimwear for the little ones!

That's basically an at-a-glance look at swimwear. What has you feeling excited for these times?

--- Swimwear: Basic Pieces ---

This section primarily pertains to feminine swimwear. There are a number of different swimwear pieces for females, all of which to be discussed here. It is a brief look at some of the many different swimwear options. So have a look:

One-Piece Bathing Suit.

one piece swimsuit
^ from: A one-piece swimsuit is a simple swimsuit to enjoy a day on the beach.

A one-piece bathing suit is the most modest style of swimwear a female one can wear (unless it is styled in a daring way). It is an all-in-one outfit that is simple and easy to wear. No worries about having to buy separate pieces.

There is a more daring and more risqué kind of one-piece bathing suit called monokinis. A monokini is more revealing and usually not for any lady who is real brave to wear one. I will not go any further mentioning these. I just wanted to make relevant mention of monokinis as part of my swimwear discussion.

Bikini Tops and Bottoms.

^ from: - Got the body? Want to impress? Simple- rock a bikini to the beach or to a party.

Ahh... the bikini. Have you a bikini body? One advantage to bikinis as opposed to one-piece swimsuits is that you can buy a bikini top or bikini bottom as separates. Not all bikinis are built equally and for every female. Some bikinis are for certain figures and body sizes. Females ranging from XS to any variation of XL, from tall females to petite females all want to look good at the beach sporting a bikini.

Bikini Tops
bikini top
^ from: Bikini tops come in a number of varieties and styles.

Bikini tops and bottoms come in all sorts of varieties. Bikini tops can have any number of styles ranging from strappy styles to strapless styles. Some of the more popular varieties of bikini tops include bandeau bikini tops, halter bikini tops, tube bikini tops, and even tank bikini tops. These different variations in bikini tops even have coined certain names for these special bikinis. A tube bikini (or "tankini") is a variation of a bikini where instead of a short bikini top, it is a swim-appropriate tank top paired with a bikini bottom. A tube bikini (or "tubeini") has a tube top as part of its look. Bandeau bikinis (or "bandinis") have bandeau tops as the top portion. There are several others, but they are still more or less bikinis.

Bikini Bottoms: Briefs
bikini bottom
^ from: Bikini bottoms vary from various briefs to boyshorts.

Bikini bottoms can be fastened any number of ways and have varying waist styles. Bikini bottoms can range from boyshorts, side-tie bikini bottoms (which I think are hot!), to hip-hugging bikini bottoms, skirted bikini bottoms, and more. Bikini bottoms themselves can be regular rise. Or, the bikini bottoms can be high-waisted or low-rise. More revealing and much sexier kinds of bikini bottoms offer much less coverage of the backside and of the front. I am mostly talking about more risqué bikini bottoms such as thongs, G-strings, Brazilian-cut bikinis, and the like. To keep the blog post as a safe-for-work post, I will NOT post any pictures of the "more revealing" bottoms I made mention to.

Bikini Bottoms: Boyshorts
bikini bottom boyshorts
^ from: If you are not feeling cheeky, go for a modest, yet cute pair of bikini bottoms such as these boyshorts.

Boyshorts can be just as cute and fun to wear as any swim briefs. Boyshorts often are fun to wear as intimates, and the same can be said for boyshort swimwear. They are almost like short shorts for swimming. Boyshorts offer more coverage all around. If you are mixing and matching tops and bottoms for your bikini, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go with a pair of boyshorts to build your bikini.

Swim Skirts and Swim Dresses.

swim skirt
^ from: Swim skirts are flirty and fun to wear when out at the beach or to a beach party. They make great coverups.

swim dress
^ from: - Give yourself plenty of coverage by wearing a swim dress.

Swim skirts are super-short skirts meant to be worn with a beach outfit. They are mostly worn as cover-up skirts to compliment a bikini. Some swim skirts have a swim bottom attached to a skirt. So what may look like some female wearing a mini skirt on the beach is really wearing a really short skirt with an attached swim bottom. These swim skirts and swim dresses are great for offering coverage while also being very feminine.

Cover Ups.

cover up romper playsuit
^ from: - This romper/playsuit is great for covering up.

cover up dress
^ from: Dresses also make great coverups.

Cover up items can include dresses, skirts, shorts (including rompers/playsuits), and pants (including jumpsuits). They are basically comfortable clothes to wear as you're ready to undress and show off your swimsuit. Many of these coverups are comfortable enough to wear when heading out to the beach or at a resort.


^ from: - Wrap a sarong around your lower body as a coverup for your bikini bottom.

These are wrap skirts meant to be worn as a cover-up for your bikini bottoms. In some cultures and nations (such as some South Pacific nations), they are regular bottoms to wear. Even some men wear these.

Men's Swim Briefs.

men's swim briefs
^ from: - [Really] Confident males aren't afraid to wear some swim briefs.

For the confident male on the beach or at the resort, try wearing one of these swim briefs. Let the ladies see your lovely physique as you go down the beach enjoying a sunny day. Not every guy is confident showing off themselves with swim briefs. But for the guys who ARE confident to wear one of these, go rock your swag like a boss! :)

These are some of the many swimwear pieces in general.

--- Swimwear: Special Considerations ---

Here are a few individual talking points regarding swimwear. Resources are included for some items.

Plus Size Swimwear.

In mainstream society, many people would cringe at the notion of seeing a plus-sized female in any sort of swimsuit, because many of us are obviously attracted at slim and slender females in appealing swimsuits. Swimsuits designed for larger-size females show that even curvy females can look as great as their slimmer counterparts.

Resource: Bathing Suit Tips for Plus-Size Women (eHow)

Petite Swimwear.

Petites who want to wear stylish swimsuits have some issues of their own. Petite beauties such as Eva Longoria let you know that even petite ladies can look fabulous in a bikini. The resource I've provided may help my petite female audience seeking a charming bikini...

Resource: How to Find the Right Swimsuit for Petite Frames (eHow)

Maternity Swimwear.

Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you can't enjoy wearing swimsuits any less. Like I said in my "Hot Mama!" blog post, you may be pregnant for only once in your life- why not look stylish in all you wear while pregnant... even including swimwear? You can still enjoy being pregnant while also looking (and feeling) great.

Resource: Choosing a Swimsuit for Pregnancy (Squidoo)

Mixing and Matching Bikini Separates.

Why be matchy-matchy with your bikini? Why get matching pieces when you could try to build your own dream bikini look? Try putting together different separates to make your own unique bikini outfit for the beach. Seek separates offering differing levels of coverage while also infusing your own unique style.

Resource: 6 Tips for Mixing and Matching Your Bathing Suits (LOVELYiSH)

High-Waist Bikinis: Hot or Not?

high waist bikini
^ from: - What do you think about high-waist bikinis?

In today's love affair with vintage styles, there are those females into high-waist bikini bottoms. While there are those who dislike high-waist bikinis, the positive to high-waist bikinis is in their slimming effect. Also, can you really hate a girl tapping into her vintage style? Most people who dislike high waist bikinis usually disregard the slimming silhouette such bikinis provide. And also, some just think high-waist bikinis look terrible opposed to your average bikinis with regular or low-rise bikini bottoms.

Those are just among a few different items regarding swimsuits that I wanted to bring up.

--- Swimwear Around the Internet ---

Why don't I show you how some online are sporting their swimwear? Meet these individuals as they sport their own swimwear:

"Corfu mix No2: Leopard on the cliff" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « leopard print bikini.
"7th and last day at the beach. (and baby sea-turtles!)" (tiny sailor) « a bikini consisting of a strapless bikini top and side-tie bikini bottom.
"jarritos shoot." (Tuolomee) « high-waisted bikini.
"Floral and Flared" (Nany's Klozet) « a cute floral bikini.
"Catamaran!" (Nany's Klozet) « a bikini along with a coverup dress.
"Song of Style on Instagram : Aruba Edition" (Song of Style) « various swimsuits worn by Aimee Song.
"HAUTE PANAMA" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « a colorful coverup top/dress.
"Fatkini 2012" (GABIFRESH) « plus size woman in a bikini.
"Online Boutique: Maggie May Swimwear" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « a petite in a bikini.
"Summer in Sydney, Summer at Bondi Beach, Summer in Max Azria!" (Lucy and the Runaways) « a halter bikini.
"Island in the Sun" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « a leopard print bikini and a bandeau top.
(ADDED: March 28, 2014) "Rainy Paradise" (REINVENT YOURSELF) « a one-piece swimsuit coupled with a skirt.

In case you wonder about my posts where I feature other blogs and bloggers, I specifically choose certain ones that I think would best suit the topic at hand. The best ones relevant to the topic are chosen. I don't usually care about posting the latest posts from the bloggers. I just care about explaining and expressing things as best as I can to all of you. With this said, do you want be featured? Contact me online via E-Mail or on my Facebook page if so. I will be sure to edit these posts with your material if I like what I see.

--- Swimwear: Final Thoughts ---

When going to the beach or to some sort of beachy function, wearing clothing best made for taking a swim or bathing in the sun is a must. Swimwear should be fun and expressive, and there are many different swimwear options for both males and females. Most people have different takes on what is stylish for swimwear. Most others have their own qualms and fears in not being confident in their appearance on the beach or at some beach function- mostly in wearing such clothing revealing so much. Some people even have differing levels of confidence wearing certain swimsuits and swim pieces. The main point of swimwear is to look and feel confident as you step onto the beach. Don't worry too much about trying to be the most handsome male or the most appealing female on the beach- swimwear should be about having fun while wearing fun swimwear. Whether you're a casual beach goer, a sun bather, or a surfer; make sure to look for a swimsuit (or a mix-and-match swimsuit) to compliment your style. It doesn't matter whether your tastes in swimwear involve cute and comfy or daring and sexy, everyone deserves to look and feel their best when out on the beach or at beach parties. Find and put together swimsuits to match you and your style.

Let me provide some other final thoughts in relation to swimwear. When heading out for such occasions, make sure to protect yourself as you're out in these beachy environments and functions. Wear a hat to shield yourself from the sun. Protect your eyes with a functional pair of sunglasses. Be sure to wear sunscreen to properly protect yourself from damaging sun rays. While wearing some sort of swimwear is great, be mindful of staying protected when dealing with hot days on the beach.

--- Swimwear Online ---

The majority of this post is now complete. How about I interest you in some items online? Feel free to look around online for relevant material based on this blog post you just read. Shopping online for material is voluntary, but I would gladly appreciate your business if you did buy something you like based on material you've read here. Have a look around and thank you for visiting "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"


I've included a number of items here. The first one includes all swimwear. If shopping for separates for bikinis, I have two individual ones set up for you here. Men's swimwear is the final one.

Moving on...

Other Sources.

Here are more sources for which to do your swimsuit shopping. The bikini material is mostly meant for US Women's sizes:

Amazon Swim Shop

All Swimsuits
Amazon swimwear
eBay swimwear
Shopbop swimsuits
Neiman Marcus swimsuits
Nordstrom swimsuits swimsuits swimsuits

All Bikinis
Amazon bikinis
eBay bikinis
Shopbop bikinis
Neiman Marcus bikinis
Nordstrom bikinis bikinis bikinis

I hope you were able to find what you were looking for.

--- Cross-Promotion/Other Reading ---

My main post on "John's Blog Space" offers more in regards to swimwear. Check it out if interested:

"Swimsuits" (John's Blog Space)
^ my original post concerning swimwear.

Thank you for reading.

What are your thoughts regarding swimwear? I'm always interested in your opinions after I've posted my own opinions. So feel free to comment (no spam please!). Thank you for reading!

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